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    Hannah83 reacted to Alex Brecher for a magazine article, Premier Protein – Not Premier for Bariatric Patients!   
    Legal Trouble for Premier Protein

    Premier Protein sells all kinds of protein shakes. The ones whose labels state that they have 30 grams of protein per serving are the ones in the settlement. Analysis has found that they have 26 to 29 grams. The flavors that are in the settlement are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Banana & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Mixed Berry, Organic Chocolate, Organic Vanilla, and Caramel.

    While the company is not admitting wrongdoing or ceasing the sale of these products, there is a class action settlement. You may be eligible for a cash payout if you purchased any of the misleading shakes in the past 7 years, since 2011. Pre-op or post-op, you need to know how much protein is in your shakes.

    Not Best for Bariatric Patients

    Every gram of protein counts, but the deception in amount of protein per serving is not the only problem. Even if you are willing to overlook the shortfall in the amount of protein, Premier Protein has a problem with type of protein.

    Read the ingredients carefully, and you will see that less than 1% of the product is “whey protein concentrate.” Whey protein is the type of protein that you should be looking for because it absorbs more quickly than casein. Whey protein has been shown to increase weight loss and body fat loss in bariatric surgery patients.

    Another glance at the list of ingredients of Premier Protein shows that “milk protein concentrate” and “casein” are the major sources of protein. Casein is slow-acting. If you had a bariatric surgery type, such as gastric bypass, that interferes with absorption, you may not get all the benefits from casein.

    What’s Better?

    We know that you need a protein supplement, so what can you find that has the amount and type of protein you need and the great taste that will encourage you to take care of your needs? BariatricPal Protein One gets our vote.
    27 grams of whey protein. 28 vitamins and minerals. Great-tasting French Vanilla, Cinnamon Swirl, and Double Chocolate Fudge. It has a few more advantages over Premier Protein.
    Over twice as much dietary fiber for fullness and digestive health. Choose from convenient single-serving packets or multi-serving tubs. Comes in powder so you can add water or your favorite beverage. Has an “unflavored” option so you can add it to anything, from soup to smoothies. When it comes to bariatric products, quality counts. Any purchase you make should be from a trusted source because there are a lot of poor-quality or misleading products out there. The few grams of difference between Premier Protein’s claims and reality may not be a lot, but along with the poor choice of casein instead of whey as the main protein source, you might want to seek another source for your protein. Look for a trusted vendor and name brand as you make your choice. What you put in your body really does matter.
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    Hannah83 reacted to Bariatric Surgery Nutrition for a magazine article, Have you reached your "best weight"?   
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    Hannah83 reacted to Alex Brecher for a magazine article, Dear Lap-Band: A Fond Farewell   
    Love at First Sight
    I was enthusiastic about the promise of the lap-band from the moment I first heard about you. Could you be the tool that could end my struggles with weight? Could it be possible that there could be an end to my unhealthy relationship with food? Could I say goodbye to the liquid diets, the low-carb diets, the fat-free diets, and all the other fad diets I had tried?
    You had worked for my friend; could you work magic for me, too? I dared to hope. I got surgery in July of 2003.
    Honeymoon and Beyond
    Surgery went as expected, and you lived up to your promise. I lost weight – nearly 100 lbs. – and hit a healthy BMI. I felt better than I ever had. Sure, you made me work hard for every pound, but each victory was so sweet that there was no question that I would not follow your guidance.
    In so many ways, the honeymoon period did not seem to end. Life has gotten better and better as I have gained confidence that I can maintain goal weight and prevent regain. Not once did I look back with regret.
    A Helping Hand for a New Lease on Life
    With the lap-band, I was able to gain control of myself and my life. I enjoy life’s events for themselves, and not for the food that comes with or after them. I am able to keep up with my children, who are my greatest joys. I have energy and confidence.
    You have made my relationship with food better, and that is liberating. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I give in to my cravings and become satisfied with only a reasonable amount of the food I craved. There have been bumps along the way, but you have been my dependable gauge and silent cheerleader throughout.
    My Life and My Livelihood
    Along with my health, you also gave me my career. Out of necessity, I started LapBandTalk.com as soon as I came home from the hospital after surgery because I needed the help of other patients. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that impromptu discussion forum would become my career.
    To LapBandTalk, I added other boards for the other weight loss surgery types, and they eventually became BariatricPal to recognize that we are all in this together. I am now honored and grateful to be able to call my life’s work my true passion – helping people through weight loss surgery. Nearly 15 years after I started a discussion board to help myself, BariatricPal now includes the forums, the store with protein products and bariatric vitamins, and even a full-service program for weight loss surgery in Mexico – at BariatricPal’s own hospital. I have gotten to meet and work with all kinds of wonderful patients, surgeons, and others in the weight loss surgery community.
    Time to Part Ways
    It is on a bittersweet note that I bid you, my lap-band, farewell. I have no real choice; multiple medical professionals agree that the safest decision is for us to part ways. I have been struggling with acid reflux (GERD) for a few years, and symptoms are getting worse, especially after my Lap-Band slipped. I also have been diagnosed with pre-Barrett’s esophagus and severe erosive gastritis, most likely caused by my lap-band. I will get my lap-band removed and opt for gastric bypass to help me maintain my goal weight.
    The lap-band may not last forever, as it was meant to. I know the I will succeed with the Gastric Bypass because I already have the skills I need to eat right. Of course, I am a little worried. How could I not be, after having been so successful with you as my partner for 15 years?
    But as is necessary with anything in life, I will do my best. I will take what I have gained from you, my lap-band, and carry it forward. Thank you, and farewell.

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