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  1. *waves to Bariatric Pal Folks* I'm in the final stretch of the pre op six month trial period! Just had my pre surgery appointments (breast exam, GI exam, Psyche etc.) scheduled this June and I'm very excited! I liked having the time before hand as I've gotten to know the weight loss staff very well from January of this year to now. I've been focusing on getting as fit as I can before surgery so the healing will be that much better. I've gone from a 49 inch waist in January 2016 to now a 43 inch waist! Gained lean mussel mass and trimmed up all over. One thing i look forward to is not feeling so tired after workouts. Lord you should see my sweaty mug after walking out yawing. :-/ I mean I feel better, but yea I won't miss the post workout ZZzz. I've been in the 200's for almost 12 years now and almost got to 199 but shot back up due to medications. Been preparing for surgery for ten months now and I'm very excited. Here is my workout regimen I currently am on: I typically will spend 12 minutes on the stair stepper and 15 speed walking at 3.5 mph or on an elliptical stair stepper for 30 minutes or 30 on the treadmill speed-walking. I try to mix up the cardio as much as I can, same for the weights. The machines I'm on are hammer strength MAS incline press 1 set of 15 with at 30 pounds and I rest for 120 seconds (yes I count) The the ISO Lateral Low Row 2 sets of 8 reps with 25 pounds on both ends again I rest for 120 seconds The ISO Lateral Front Military Press (I love this machine ) 2 sets of 8 with 25 pounds on both ends rest for 120 seconds Lateral Bench Press again 25 on each end and 2 sets of 8 reps sometimes 25 reps depending again 120 second rest between each set Squat Machine 8 reps at 80 pounds and sometimes another 4 reps. I take this machine slow and controlled to avoid injury and because my coordination is not that great. On the other days I use the leg press machine in place of the squat machine 3 sets of 8 reps rest of 60 seconds between each. I use the abductor machine (looks weird but works) 3 sets of 8 at 60 pounds. (I switch up the days for this machine too.) And every time I go to the gym I finish off the weights with the pull up/dip machine I am in lust with this thing! My goal is to be able to do a pull up one day without any counterweights! Then it's ab work for about 10 minutes to finish up with stretching for 15 minutes. I get to the gym about 3 to 4 times a week, but this is usually what I do while there.
  2. Hannah83

    New Puppy (Help)

    Hey all, I've recently bought a new puppy and my depression and suicidal thoughts are gone! I love Bella so very much. When I wake I take care to watch her every move first thing is breakfast 1 tablespoon, and water 1 tablespoon. Then right away I gently coax her outside on our back deck she's pooped a couple of times out on the deck I've left the poops and point to them in an upbeat voice with 'poop outside' when she makes a mess inside poop or pee I don't yell at her I just clean it up without preamble. She knows that I'm not pleased. My question is how do I get her to use the bathroom outside when it's cold? She shivers and comes back to me, so I hold her and coax her gently say 'poop outside Bella' I am truly trying my best she eats on a schedule 4 times a day right now because she is so small and it's just a tablespoon of water and food. I then will right away take up her food and water when she is done eating. I will have a job soon, and will have her in a crate in the kitchen I'm not trying to force her into the crate but explore it. Long process, (I don't mind) I might just get baby gates and put them in the kitchen I don't want her to mess inside but will have little choice once I start working. It's not a crazy shift but 7:30 am to 3:30 pm M-F right away coming home and walking her feeding her etc. same as now just with me around less during the day. Any tips and advice would be great, she'll get it and is getting it. It's just staying consistent and I'm doing all I know to do. 😟
  3. Hannah83

    I'm Proud of You All

    Often the support we need is limited, I am six-plus months out and am almost out of the 200's but have been finding my 'inner critic' being loud. Enough with that, I am here to say those of you taking the steps for wellness however far you are in it I am proud of you, I don't know your story or struggle but I say 'keep going' the best way to beat depression, is to help others. The surgery is a kick start in a good direction, we still often kick ourselves instead of being kind and finding new ways of calming ourselves. Surgery isn't the easy way out, heck losing weight, in general, is difficult and the surgery won't mean a damn if we don't stick to it. Huge investment in ourselves and we've come too far to backslide. I've been thinking days now about posting this but was not sure how. I have high functioning autism, am a female 34 years of age and feel this year is my 'coming of age' year. It's been long coming and I've been healed of cutting myself for five years now and walking out daily life new job etc. Now the outside is just matching what was on the inside. Be yourself, be OK with your 'other' and stay the healthy course get back up even when you fall because plenty are in the same boat. Keep going You're stronger then you know.
  4. Hannah83


    I didn't have a 'honeymoon' year one, in all honesty, it's been fighting tooth and nail in this first year. My weight has been in the low 190's high 180s for a long time, 6 months too long. But, we can be our own worst enemy or best ally. I think we are doing a bang up job! Some lose weight quicker than others, I look at it this way. We are slower yes, but it further solidifies good habits in place. I have been moving in a smaller size but same weight direction. Inch loss, so heck to the yes we rock! I rock! If anyone would like accountability please PM me or let's perhaps start a thread or something. I've not been in this size and weight range for 12 years!
  5. Hannah83

    Hannah's Sleeve Journey

    So I didn't have a honeymoon year one, everyone is different. I've been in the 190's for a long ass time. I've been staying in my calories and getting enough protein and fluids water. It's honestly been a hell of a year. I will eventually hit the 180's at some point. I walk a lot outside workout DVD's inside when it is rainy outside. Good news to report: I start working at my new job on Monday the 12th! I have orientation for the first day, I'm an image generalist (I'll fill you guys in on what it is when I get there) My shift is a good one from 7 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Starting pay is 12 an hour and has growth opportunities. Once they see how diligent and hardworking I am they will (computers I'm in IT, there are no IT desktop support jobs close by) they will move me into other areas I'm sure. It's secure work, based on the fact that I have a disability (High Functioning Autism) I am mood wise struggling to stay afloat, been getting back into journaling and painting. When I workout I try so hard to reach the 'high' or the 'zen' that comes after a hard as hell workout. Nadda, nill nothing just sweaty Hannah with a meh ok that's done. 🤔 Might have to do with hormones I'm looking at getting off of the bc I've been on since I was 25 years of age an entire decade of low dose bc isn't good. It's kept my PCOS at bay but I need to visit my OBGYN and come up with a game plan with her. I want to par down my meds too, but the first on the list is the bc. I'd just like to be down to two or three meds, not 6 and above. 🤨
  6. Well tomorrow morning at 5:30 am on the 31st of Oct. is my big day! I've bought all the vitamins I'll need for the next 3 weeks and shakes. Propel water etc all is ready, and I'm excited! I'm currently 5'8" and 258 pounds. My goal is 160 or 170 range. I'm a follower of Jesus, live my love for God very loudly. I am four years healed of self-injury, thanks to God and a supportive family. My mom and grandmother are very supportive of my choice, my father is not. He is worried about 'head hunger' and this not working out at all. I can understand his concern, but at the end of the day, it is my body and myself I have to contend with. I believe that a huge componate will continue to be my faith, and family. I will also be attending support group meetings at the hospital that I'm being sleeved at. I've been soaking in faith-based music today, and am mentally preparing for the big day tomorrow. I'll probably update this thread when I am back home. It's only a one night stay and then I'm released back home. I do believe that those who are worried will be surprised by joy when they see me push through. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!
  7. Hannah83

    Hannah's Sleeve Journey

    Actually, I do try to stay positive but my wick is burned out on both ends and the candle is gone. Just resting and recouping from my loss recently.
  8. newport news virginia
  9. Hannah83

    Hannah's Sleeve Journey

    I had my one-year appointment on the 24th of October. I'm down 71 pounds from 261 to low 190s high 180s. It's been a gradual loss which is ok with me, slower the better as far as adjusting goes further planting into place good habits. I'll be honest the hardest part has been my mental health, not the weight loss, my medications took some tweaking for long months before they were 'just right' I think another reason the weight loss has been slower is that of hormones PCOS etc. Recently I adopted a nine-week-old puppy, only to have Bella pass away in my arms from chocking on her own food. I am a mess emotionally. I cry myself to sleep more often than not, and I'm truly trying hard to fight my grief on top of depression that has been in the toilet lately. I do workout at least 4 times a week tae bo DVD's and walking some weight lifting but I feel meh afterward I don't get the 'ok I just worked out yey' feeling anymore. In fact, sometimes I find myself sobbing after a workout a sweaty snotty mess. But I still press on and workout because it's good for me. I take walks outside and cry when I pass a dog an owner. 😢 Many days I want to sleep the days away and pull the covers over my head or pray for someone to smother me in my sleep. I'm already smothered by my own dunghill of issues one more makes no difference. 💔
  10. Hannah83

    New Puppy (Help)

    Bella passed away this past Friday afternoon at 1:30 PM. She choked on her puppy food as I was watching her eat, I frantically drove to the closest animal hospital and she was limp when I rushed in and asked for help. They did CPR 4 times and a shot of adrenaline to her heart but was gone. I was and still am a wreck. She was only 10 weeks old, should have probably stayed with her mom for 3 months looking back. I did all I could do, and my mental health has taken a nose dive. I'm not sure why things like this happen, but they do. I did all I possibly could. (I just said that) Ironically I'm not hungry or even thinking about food at all. I just want Bella back in my arms poop breath and all. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful responses I appreciate it. 😢
  11. Hannah83

    New Puppy (Help)

    she is a cockapoo.
  12. Hannah83

    New Puppy (Help)

    Yup, I lead her when I am outside with her, a vest is a good idea. Thanks.
  13. Hannah83

    Rny vs sleeve

    Very much a case by case basis do your homework as others have mentioned. Take your time deciding, get more than one opinion from a doctor. I had the sleeve done on the 31st of October 2017. It'll be one year this 31st. Go to some support groups in your area if you can, talk to others. Take care.
  14. Hannah83

    Out-of-the-blue disaster

    (soft hug) I don't have words to offer and I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you tightly, be kind to yourself indeed as others have said. Take time for you, if you can. I myself have been in a dip of depression recently and old habits of spitting out food after chewing it have crept back, working out at 2 am etc. Disordered things I thought long buried have become zombies now that the chips are down mentally so I understand being frustrated with yourself. Hell, I've even had ice cream swallowed it only for it to come back up in the trash can. It worries me because of the purging aspect of it, and another unhealthy coping thing. End my own rant to say I in some way understand.
  15. Hannah83

    It's not fun anymore

    Thanks so much for your reply! Yea it's a contract job and will be wrapping up on the 21st of September. I already have a facetime phone interview this coming Monday fingers crossed I get it. It's an in-house IT help desk job that I am interviewing for, I do believe I just might get it! The experience at Riverside helping them has been awesome and I'm looking forward to a new IT job. The second half of my A-plus test I'll be taking in October before it expires at the end of 2018. I'm a strong believer in things happening for a reason, and 'for such a time as this' as we rise to each occasion usually, people will come alongside us and assist us when they see a genuine effort being put forth.
  16. Hannah83

    It's not fun anymore

    Well, I keep my options open, and I've been doing different things for activity. I go to the gym about 2 times a week, workout in my room once a week walk in my room or outside when it's not humid as hell. I've started lifting weights, I can see the gradual progress and I'm just blah about it. The post-workout high point isn't there anymore, I am guessing it's from the depression that I struggle with and my body trying to find it's new normal like a leveler bubble all over the place. I love being active, and really have not ever felt this way about it, I still like it when I am active but I'm just not getting what I used to out of it. I try classes, I might start those up again once I start working (thank God I have a job now) I think a lot of this is from not having a job that pays perhaps, I recently became employed and have had a lot of hoops to jump through this week but all my I's are dotted and T's are crossed. I'm just eh, turning inward. Working out inside has advantages but downsides too, I'm not around people it just becomes destructive over time not getting my sweat on around other humans. I have liked keeping a lot of options open so that I don't have an excuse, and many days I just push myself. I need to be kinder to myself but I wonder when this will pass it if will.
  17. Hannah83

    It's not fun anymore

    wjgo yea I am thinking weights might not be a 'thing' I like to do ither...meh, I do workouts at home now let my gym membership go, but before I crash land from after work I do pop in a DVD and workout that way I've gotten it in...again I think it's just my body finding it's 'new normal', working has actually helped a lot of things, purpose for one...two I like the 9 to five routine and I'm sleeping better then I have in a long time...so my body just might need some extra time catching up I do lift weights at home, and calisthenics are my own body weight so I've got body definition, on the whole, I feel better now that I am working along with the workouts
  18. Hannah83

    It's not fun anymore

    thanks, guys for your replies, I've been in a contract job and love it! It should lead to another Info Tech job within the system I am working for now. I get about 7000 steps a day and when I have the energy I lift weights, usually, it's eh. But you know what I mean. My mood has improved thanks to the full-time work that is engaging, challenging, active and pays decently.
  19. Hannah83


    I've never had excessive hair, probably being Nordic in nature I guess...I have PCOS and for the last 10 years I've been on low dose birth control, that's a long rear time to be without a period. My hormones have been wonky regarding my mood and related to PCOS, I've not had to take metformin anymore, never noted a difference that medication made anyway. My body 10 months out is still trying to find the new normal, I lift weights and have always been active even 60 plus pounds heavier I think the last 30 some odd pounds are being stubborn because of my meds and PCOS or all of the above. I do need to start having periods again normal ones...I also had heavy periods constantly from 13 on. As I got heavier I had worse symptoms. At some point in the near future, I'd like to be off birth control, I'm single and not sexually active so why bother?
  20. Hannah83

    Losing weight but not seeing it

    (soft hug) I can say the same, I see flab when other's don't. As someone who was body dysmorphic and borderline anorexic and binged it does play with your head...Be kind to yourself, I know it's hard but as some soul on the other end who knows that struggle I reach out to you...find a support group or talk therapist if you can, or just talk to someone you trust and is a safe person. Don't leave this unchecked (I'm speaking to myself too) "if you see something say something" also applies to us individually when something is 'off' talk to someone say something, you are not alone in this sug...
  21. Hannah83

    Appetite back with a vengance!

    Great job! Keep up the good hard work! I'm proud of you.
  22. Hannah83

    It's not fun anymore

    thanks wjgo that's what I'm working on. trying different classes, I might take up swimming just to see how I like it.
  23. Hannah83


    common sense is a superpower or some such ...the key is to stick with it, hell I'm losing slowly probably because my hormones are all out of wack etc. I'm on low dose bc to keep PCOS at bay and would like to slowly wean off of a lot of pills I'm on, think of a leveler and the bubble it's all over the place right now, I've not had a honeymoon period but I keep trucking through because the sun will come up tomorrow bet my bottom dollar that tomorrow they'll be sun...
  24. Hannah83

    Appetite back with a vengance!

    good job for looking up youtube videos!!!! I do that a lot to mix things up! and (soft hug) I relate a lot to the PCOS (I have it) and hormones all over the place. I have high functioning autism and for a long time used food as my means of escape. before that, it was borderline anorexia all related to social things and trying to 'fit-in' now I don't have the energy to fit in, I just accept my autieness and continue to dance through life. I used to cut myself again related to the social stress and eat my issues. or not eat them. Recently I've been struggling with chewing food up and spitting it out...it's a big fat mess. I'm so tired of the cycle. It's more than reaching a goal weight and size, it's about health. I'm ranting now but I've been a ball of nerves on a wire with my antidepressants. I'm over the worst of it, I was crying myself cationic to sleep until I reached month 4 and that has subsided. I want freedom from this cycle, of shame related to food. I'm done with this. I need help. I do have talk therapy that I attend by weekly but it's one thing to have the session and quite another to live with me for a 24-hour observation.
  25. Hannah83

    Appetite back with a vengance!

    no idea needed the laugh though thanks

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