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  1. I DID IT!!! Scale finally hit 198! Under 200 for the first time in 12+ years!!!!!!!
  2. @@ShelterDog64 Yes I have the Mirena, just got a brand new one last year---my third and likely last.
  3. I am having an odd issue and am wondering if anyone else is: I am 2 months post op, recovery has been as expected, no issues. At my 6 week appt, my doc said to start incorporating foods as tolerated (except raw veggies and pasta). So I have been doing that----which was helpful since I was traveling a lot and did not have access to Protein shakes etc. What I have tolerated is pretty much what we are supposed to be eating---I.e. Heavy protein---meats, Beans, etc., some veggies. My new stomach is not a fan of carbs so I have kept that intake to a bare minimum. However, for the past week or so, I cannot eat anything without getting nauseous or gagging. I am basically living off Protein Shakes right now. Even one bite makes me ill. I am not having any other symptoms physically so I am wondering if this is all in my head----has anyone else experienced this?
  4. OMG, I thought I was the only one. TMI (especially for you guys) but I have an IUD so no periods. Since surgery on 28 June, I have had 3 very heavy, very long periods. So three periods in 8 weeks, which is not normal. I am making an appt today with my gyn.
  5. Hello you crazy people! You are all doing so well. I haven't checked in as I still am not myself and not even back to work yet! I thought after all this time I would be feeling better but still can only stomach a few bites at a time and feel awful for hours after. Don't want to discourage anyone as my situation is unusual and not what most people will be experiencing. Waiting to feel good again so I can add something constructive too! Glad you all are doing so well and I'm proud to see all of you progressing like rock stars! Keep up the good work and sending me those positive vibes xo Hope you are feeling better soon.
  6. I saw my doctor on Monday and am 5 weeks post op. I have only lost 18 pounds since surgery (41 overall). He told me that some people lose very slowly, some lose quickly but at the 8 month mark, everyone is generally the same so don't stress about it.
  7. I have not! Thanks for the tip. I am a tonic snob and generally use Fever Tree----but I have never been able to quite replicate the perfect Hendricks & tonics I had when I was working in the UK last year----and the secret is the tonic. I am going to try this.
  8. Oh, summer just isn't the same without a nice Hendricks and tonic on the patio :-) I have a little taster glass that I fill halfway with beer and sip on it...I usually end up pouring out half of that because it gets warm. I think right now I like the idea more than the beer! YES! I have a full bottle of Hendricks on my counter. Nothing better. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. Thanks for the feedback. My preferred poison is gin and tonic but I suppose I will stick to one glass of wine and sip on it.
  10. Next week will be my first real social test; I will be 4 weeks post op and am attending an industry conference. I will be around buffets, Snacks, diet cokes etc. Every evening will also have cocktail parties/dinners. Have any of you tried alcohol yet? I am planning to take Protein shakes with me and am not overly concerned about the food---I am worried about being tired mid day and drawn to the diet coke (kryptonite for me) but am wondering if I can have a cocktail.
  11. susie66

    114 lbs GONE for good!

  12. susie66

    Which Food Did (Or Will) You Miss the Most?

    Cherry Coke Zero. sigh.
  13. #3 definitely. It is like a loss of power-----even though eating a giant bowl of pasta is a bad choice, we no longer can make that bad choice.
  14. susie66

    First NSV

    3 weeks post op and yesterday I mailed a large stack of "fat pants" to Thred Up----pants that were too tight a couple of months ago and now are too big!
  15. I am still stalled but I did go through my closet and was able to accumulate a substantial pile of clothes for consignment as they are too big! That'll make a girl feel good.
  16. I am getting so frustrated----I hit the first stall about 10 days post op and my scale hasn't moved in a week. Anyone else stalling this early in the process?
  17. My scale went up by a pound today. I know it isn't because of me overeating----I just have to quit obsessing over the scale and stop stepping on it 10 times a day.
  18. susie66

    Should I?

    @@madadams Boots is the best pharmacy on the planet! I go there every time I am in the UK.
  19. All I have wanted since surgery is a grilled cheese sandwich---which is odd because I rarely ate them pre-op. I have not eaten one and have no plans to in the near future, however, one day I will have a grilled cheese sandwich---in moderation as part of an overall healthy eating plan. I don't think that is "stupid" or "peasant food". I think it is unrealistic to tell people that they can never, ever have "mom's brownies" or other favorites. Will I have ever eat a giant slice of cake again? Probably not, but I do hope to enjoy a small portion of cake every now and then eventually. There is nothing wrong with that. All things in moderation.
  20. You can get B12 injections at a lot of weight loss centers---Precision is one in Atlanta. They are about $10 a shot
  21. OMG, Laughing Cow cheese is the perfect mini meal for soft food phase! That is all, carry on.
  22. Hope you feel better and it is nothing serious.
  23. I'm 9 days out and had my first BM today. Also cleared for soft foods and exercise. At 6 days I was still very gassy and not feeling good. Feeling much better 3 days on.
  24. I felt the same way last week after my op too. I feel 1000 times better a week later. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  25. Follow up. I'm down 9 pounds since surgery and got clearance from doc for soft foods!! Yay! Before I could even ask the doctor suggested deli meats wrapped around cheese---so from his perspective deli meats are a soft food. It's crazy that every doctor seems to have a different philosophy regarding post op diets. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App

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