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    newly single against my wishes
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    whittling, yodeling, wearing a suit of human skin
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    being "the bar" for machismo
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    Mayberry-esque, but with more meth
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  1. Happy 43rd Birthday plain!

  2. Happy 42nd Birthday plain!

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  4. Hi LA. I just read your blog. Well written, madam......well written

  5. 2 years has passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary plain!

  6. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    Sorry to quote you. Suze. I just tried to reply to this thread and this is what it gave me. I know I'm late to the party on this new layout, but CRAP! This is horrible. It took me 30 minutes to even find the thread....then it didn't "remember" where I left off reading, so when I clicked on "last unread post", or whatever, it took me all the way to Tracy's post #1. Ugh. I think I'm out on this!! Please feel free to contact me on fb, though!
  7. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    I do try and keep up with what is happening to everybody!!
  8. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    Maybe a sleep study. Of course, I am a little biased. Don't you roll your eyes at me, young lady!! You're allowed!! Peer pressure gotcha, eh? Hi Suze.
  9. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    Hmmmm....that's kinda profound. Well of course that's what she should have done. But....if Lee really is a manipulator, then he might have been subtly prepping Jacque for awhile now ("Aw, don't bother her, call me instead. I live closer, I can handle trouble better, I can be there way before the police respond", etc). Of course, this is all speculation, but, you know....manipulative people can be persuasive. Probably Lee has the best of intentions in all of this, BUT ....bottom line is, it's not his business and he should butt out. I know I have a lot of emotional baggage concerning marriage, but (just my own shaded opinion here) I think that if you're fighting for your marriage, then fight. Sometimes there is no room for "family friends".......sometimes there isn't room for family. Personally, I would suck it up and tell Lee that you're working on your marriage and to give y'all some room. Then I'd tell my mom that you're working on your marriage and right now it's too fragile to have Lee or his family anywhere near it. If she insists on having Lee over for Thanksgiving, maybe you and Jason could come over a day later and share leftovers or something? But my gut says at some point, you can't make everybody in this conflict happy, and at some point you're going to have to have priorities. !! You have my attention now !! I agree. Way to metaphorically kick his ass, Deb! What? That's the first time a lady has told me that since December '09 :thumbup::biggrin:
  10. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    When I get off from working days, I will PM you the story. It's a doozie:rolleyes2:
  11. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    Hush that kind of talk woman!! That slap threat-thing is still on the table, ya know.... Suze, that me LOL @ work!! Good that she can see his behaviour for what it really is. It's true. And keep riding that wave, Tracy. I have a hilarious / sad story about a "no-pressure" date. Hope yours works out better!! Me too, Shar. There are LOTS of coyotes, though. Makes for a cool Halloween vibe. That sounds like an AWESOME reunion, then!! Kind of. Except now that the holiday is over, they call it "begging" again. Stoopid court injunction. That is the only decent passage out o' Houston. Is the small town near my neck o' the woods? If so, I just might know him. That would be a weird small-world event. I already found out once that I was mutual friends with somebody from this board. Weird.
  12. Ok....I haven't been on here in prob 9 or 10 months?? Slacker, I know....just can't seem to keep up with you... ;)

  13. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    *wipes tear* :thumbup: Yeah, That's why I have to content myself with half of a sleeve. I have to keep things hidden in a scrub top Angela, are you implying y'all only have sex during cold weather? LOL Dude, that is an understatement!!! :thumbup::biggrin: That made me laugh too....how "sleeve" always comes up as a hyperlink... Shhhhh....don't spread this around, but I'm a bit of a teddy bear. I wouldn't want my rep as a badass to suffer. I would beg off the party with the "leave early for Dollywood" explanation.
  14. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    Thanks. Mah new stylist is expensive, but well worth the cost. My hair has never looked better. Thanks. I'm proud of it. I'm seriously thinking of getting a half-sleeve done. I'm a little worried about coming off as "Mr. Midlife Crisis", though...:sneaky: Deb, what a nice sentiment! I like that...
  15. plain

    Home Thread...for the thread homeless :)

    Not sad at all. I think it's cute.