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  1. First off you have to get approved with your insurance then they will send you the information on what you need to do next. See your PCP first and let him know what you are wanting to do.
  2. Im having mine done in around Dec too in Seattle. I may need some advice and help
  3. Belviq is great. I don't know if you have seen the commercials on TV. I did loose a lot of weight on it. About 20 lbs in 2 months. Then I couldnt afford it anymore. My insurance wouldn't pay for it.
  4. My diets were Atkins x 2 HGC and the dr prescribed belviq for me once. all failed since 2012. I was approved.
  5. I've heard some conflicting info and would like to hear from some people who have maybe gone through this. I know that some (most?) insurances require a medically supervised diet before surgery, usually about 6 months. I know mine does. The conflicting info I've heard though is regarding losing or gaining weight during that time. Some people I've heard from said they were told they couldn't get the surgery unless they lost weight on the diet, but I've also heard that if you gained weight on the diet it would make it more likely to get the surgery approved since it shows that regular diets don't work. I can see it both ways... one way they want to see proof that you can make changes and losing weight shows that, but the other way proves that regular diets don't work and the surgery is your best option. Maybe it depends on the insurance? I'm just concerned because I don't know what kind of diet the nutritionist is going to want to put me on. My primary is a strong advocate for going vegetarian but that makes me gain weight. The only way I've ever had luck losing weight is when I followed very strict low carb but I don't know if the nutritionist will agree to a low carb diet for me. Last time I saw a nutritionist was, oh god, almost 20 years ago and of course low fat low calorie was the suggestion. I've tried so many diets over the years, I gain weight on nearly all of them, even when following perfectly. Needless to say, I'm nervous about this. I talk to my primary tomorrow to start the ball rolling so I haven't seen a surgeon or nutritionist yet. Just was thinking about that tonight and figured I'd ask.
  6. I wonder if since you lost so much weight they wont approve you for stage 3 they may say you are doing well on your own. . I know you only have to lose 5 percent to qualify.
  7. Wow that is awesome. I havent been to an appt yet. My first appt since getting approved is next tuesday. Do you have any suggestions. I would love to finish everything up in 3 months! Kim
  8. Cool.. mind if I kinda keep in touch with you.. my primary care physician is new to this.. I've kinda been keeping him up on what I know about it which isnt much! Where are you at? Im in West Richland and my Dr is in Benton City.
  9. Yes, here too. Thing is I wonder how close together we can get them scheduled. They may be booked up.. lots of people on medicaid are doing this now. Im worst worry is not being able to get in as often as I would like. 1 a week for each one would do it IF we can do them all at the same time. That's like 3 appts a week for 3 months.
  10. Yayyyy! Good for you! FINALLYYYYY I start in June too.. getting all my appts made! Have you read about the woman who got approved for the next stage in 3 months? Im wondering if I can get all the steps done that quick too.
  11. Yayyyy! Good for you! FINALLYYYYY I start in June too.. getting all my appts made!
  12. I did the same thing under my Drs advice. I had 5 dr supervised diets.. atkins 2 times.. hgc.. all in 6 years. I wrote them a 2 page letter. Let's just hope for the best. Good Luck! I know I'll get approved but it's the wait! Im on everything as soon as I get the approval! Don't DO anything until you get the approval.. it wont count! I read it in the rules!
  13. Oh I see Apples Medicaid, when I went in for my appointment my doctor did the blood tests and had me schedule the seminar while at the appointment. His insurance biller knows how to ride the insurance companies for quick replies Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  14. What insurance do you have? I have been waiting for almost 2 months and still no approval.
  15. Hi I am new here. I am waiting on medicaid to approve me. It's been almost a month. Any idea how long it takes?
  16. So how are things going on this?