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  1. biglady904


    What’s the name of these soups ? I tried zooming in but it’s to blurry for me to see
  2. biglady904

    Down to 248

    Looking good !! Keep it up
  3. I'm over a year out and doing great and fizzy drinks still make me burp A LOT ! No soda like I had a smirnoff ice andnit makes me burp like crazy I had emergen c makes me burp like crazy I'm sure I have to stop those things I'm just curious if anyone that far out burp a lot wit certain things
  4. I'm curious since dropping 167 pounds over the last month I've notched that I bruise easily has this happened to anyone else ?
  5. On July 13th it will officially be 1 year since my surgery I went from 432lbs to 266lbs but lately I've been craving food not necessarily bad food but I've been unusually hungry and idk why and I'm terrified and I mean terrified! That's I'll mess up and gain everything I lost so does anyone have any tips or tricks for me ? Please.
  6. biglady904

    I have fallen down a slippery slope :(

    I'm in the same boat it will be a year July 13th but for some reason I haven't been craving junk food but things like French fries, and fried chicken, also pasta I'm down 162 pounds.
  7. I'm 11 months out and I feel like I'm falling off the wagon a bit for some reason some days I feel can eat more and some days I'm no t so hungry I'm down 167 pounds so far but one thing I notice is I'm always wanting something to drink and I'm just tired of water so any suggestions? Please.
  8. I'm 7 months out and down 132 pounds and I'm so itch from my back to my stomach is this normal I'm a little worried.
  9. biglady904

    How are you eating at 7 months out ?

    I'm down over 130 lbs
  10. Because I have no idea I feel like I'm messing up, because my nutritionist just tells me I can eat what I want as long as it's low in carbs and fat, but if I find something low in carbs it's high in fat and vice versa Like today I have a strong craving for tacos and I know I can't have it So please can I have some advice ? Or am I overthinking it ?
  11. I had my surgery July 13th 2016 and everything is going great, I'm down 132 pounds which is AMAZING, but some days I feel like I can eat more than other does this happen to anyone ? And how do I fix it ? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  12. biglady904

    I had a piece of pie

    Was it yummy? Was it a one (or two) time thing just for the holidays? Can you go take a long walk to work it off? No biggie! Let go of the guilt. You enjoyed it, your stomach is healed, you took a controlled piece. Much better than you would have done in previous years, right? Yeah this was my only time and i cant assure it was the last for a long while. Sent from my LGMS330 using the BariatricPal App
  13. Merry Christmas everyone. Im 5 months out and today i had a tiny piece of sweet potato pie i feel fine but i do feel guilty and right after i ate it told my mom i dont plan to eat anything like that for a long time. Because i just hate the guilt i felt after eating it even though it was such a small piece Sent from my LGMS330 using the BariatricPal App

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