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  1. My journey began when I met Stacey Yanez threw a friend of mine. I had been researching surgery in Mexico because my insurance would not pay in the states. Not only did her and her husband Bill work for a medical tourism company.... They lived in Mexico. They drive, eat, work, sleep and experience life in Mexico. They know the doctors and hospitals. They see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. Nothing is word of mouth! So when Stacy said she lived in Arkansas at one point in her life I knew that was the sign I needed to trust this lady. Then she recommended a doctor. She didn't recommend this doctor just for sales and marketing she recommended the doctor because Bill, her husband, has chosen this doctor for his gastric sleeve! If she could trust this doctor with her husband that was good enough for me. I booked my surgery and then my flight. Three week of preop diet and I was on a plane to TJ Mexico. I thought OMG I am really doing this!!! Stacey picked my husband and I up at the air port and from that point on I was fine. All worries vanished and all fears melted away. I knew I would be fine because Stacey and Bill said I would be. The next day I went to hospital Florence for preop and met the internal medicine doctor and Dr. Illan. They did blood work, X-rays, and an EKG. Everything rolled smooth and I was in surgery at 12 noon. Surgery lasted 45 min to an hour and I was awake fully by 2pm. The nurses were wonderful! Rosa was over the nurses and she was amazing! She was just sweet as pie! They all spoke enough English that they could communicate. Ross spoke English extremely well. They kept nausea and pain meds coming. I was never doped up so much I couldn't walk. I walked and walked the halls trying to get rid of the gas. My biggest problem! Never felt sick to my stomach or threw up (my worst fear). A swallow test was done the next and that was the worst to me. I hate that Barium liquid. GROSS! The hospital beds were so much more comfortable than the US. Usually after a hospital stay I need back surgery lol but these were nice. Oh and a bed was provided for my husband too. Two days in the hospital and then to the recovery house. I had heard nasty remarks about recovery houses...... Let me say this Bariatric Pal has top of the line Recovery houses! I would much rather be in a recovery house than the hotel! It was like a condo! We had a fridge, microwave, stove, water cooler, new furniture, soft beds, a billion channels on TV, and wifi. I forgot to say that 24 hours a day during this trip you had someone available to you and when I say available I mean the were in the waiting room at the end of the hall at the hospital or in another condo at the recovery house. They would go get you and your companion anything you wanted! From Coke and food to shampoo and soap. These guys were top notch! There was another gentleman that had surgery the same day as me. My husband and his wife were treated like royalty by Bariatric pal. Bill and Stacey went out of their way to make us feel like family. I am forever grateful for their kindness. Dr Illan and Palola, the nutritionist, came to the recovery house to speak with us and gave us the opportunity to ask questions that we may not have thought of in the hospital. Dr. Illan was available to us at any time. I don't know of any doctor in the United States that will give you that kind of attention and bed side manor! I am currently seven days post op and I spoke to Dr. Illan yesterday! He called me! I have NEVER had a doctor call me. Nurses call me but not the doctor themselves. Best doctor ever! The owner of Bariatric Pal team MX David Lopez personally made sure our stay at the recovery house was perfect. He sat down with us and listen to our reviews and any constructive criticism we had which wasn't much lol. Mexico was a wonderful experience! I can't wait to go back on vacation! Oh and we had a super early flight back home and Stacey personally made sure we were there in plenty of time! I have nothing but waves of great reviews for this company and Doctor. If anyone has any questions please please ask! If you need numbers to speak to someone to schedule your new journey let me know! Tell them you read Chasity's review! And no I don't gain money from sending them people. I value their service and attention to every little detail and I want you to have the same great experience too! I have had no complications. No pain meds since I left the hospital. No vomiting or severe nausea. I had the perfect sleeve experience. I owe that wonderful experience to a great company, Bariatric Pal Team MX and a stupendous Dr. Jalil Illan!!!!
  2. moejoe27

    Mexico Bariatric Services?

    Dr Illan all the way! Bariatric Pal team MX! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App My experience is on the page too. Chasity Lane Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. No I used Bariatric Pal Team MX Dr. Illan Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. moejoe27

    ALM or Mexico Bariatric Center?

    I choose Bariatric Pal Team MX and Dr. Illan. I can only recommend them because that is who I used and all my friends used. Please talk to Bill before you book and give them a chance. I loved everything about them. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. @@Moorefamily0214, I have been in your shoes and let me just say it was the best decision I have ever made. TJ Mexico is safer than any large Us city I have ever been in. It is more like an extension of CA than some foreign country. Please email me at chasitylane34@yahoo.com. I will give you my number and you can call me. I would hate for you to miss out on what I have experienced. Please contact me! Sincerely, Sleeved 3/8 and 80 lbs down!!!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    Choosing a Surgeon

    I chose Dr. Illan and was sleeved on 3/8. I can not recommend anyone but him. I had a ton of preop and post op support. My friend was sleeved in the US and doesn't have access to her doctor directly. I have access to my doctor and my nutritionist at anytime, by phone, email, or Skype. My friend also didn't have any post op with her nutritionist. She was sleeved at Baptist hospital in Little Rock, AR and comes to me for help. I highly recommend my doctor in TJ Mexico. It was the easiest recovery time of any surgery I have ever had. I too had a problem with carbs but now... I just can't eat them. They make me overly full and my weight loss stops. I had a sweet tooth but now I can't take more than one small spoonful of anything sweet because it makes me feel awful. Please please please talk to Bill at Bariatric Pal. You will not be disappointed. I also had a friend that used Dr. Q. She had a good experience but she now wished she would have went with me. Her post op support has stopped and she has to research for answers. I know nothing personally about Dr. Q just a friends experience. Please feel free to email me with questions. I would love to help. chasitylane34@yahoo.com Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  7. Just wanted to take a moment and share a little bit of my journey with everyone. I was sleeved in TJ Mexico by Dr. Illan on 03/08/016. I loved everything about choosing my surgery in Mexico. It was more like a vacation! I am 79 lbs down! Went from a 26/28 pants that where tight down to a 20 that is falling off of me. My shirts were a 4X and now they are a XL. Sometimes I find myself not doing what I should and the scale stops moving. It is just a reminder to get back on track. Everyone told me not to do the surgery because it was the "easy way out". If this is easy I hate to see what they called hard! You have to want a change to see a change. You have to work for every pound and hold yourself accountable for every bite that enters your body. I love my online support and knowing my doctor is just a phone call away. Thank you Dr. Illan for giving me this tool and thanks to Stacy at Bariatric Pal for helping me make it work for me. Got 77 more lbs to go but it's all down hill from here! Best decision I have ever made. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    Loving my sleeve!

    Honestly it is the easiest process. I went threw Bariatric Pal Team MX. If you will email me I will send you a contact number for my friend Bill that they can talk to. Or they can email me either way. All paperwork is done up front. Medical history etc. They determine if your a good candidate. You pay your deposit and book your flight. They take care of your lodging, transportation, surgery, etc! You do all your blood work and speak to the internal med. doctor before your surgery. They do X-rays etc. just like they do in the US. I actually have friends that had the surgery in the US and didn't have as good of an experience as I did. My incisions are super small and I was on my feet that afternoon. No groggy meds! I loved everything about it. It was the easiest surgery I have ever had. Your companion is also taken care of while your in the hospital. Bariatric Pal makes sure both of you have what you need during your 4 night 5 day stay. I went the day before my surgery and I have to say that was a super smart decision on my part. Anyway.. If you or your friends have specific questions please email me at chasitylane34@yahoo.com. I can give contact information for Bariatric Pal team MX. It's a lot to type in one small space but I love my sleeve and it's the best decision I have ever made Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. moejoe27

    B1 (Thiamine) Deficiencies

    B1 shots right here!!! Lord have mercy! I lost feeling in my arms and my legs. I didn't know what what going on. I could eat Protein but I couldn't eat carbs. Nothing with any carbs would stay down. Made me so sick. My eyes started acting funny kinda like the muscles wouldn't move fast enough. I went in the hospital a month ago today. My blood work came back good last week but looks like shots once a month. It was soooo scary Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  10. moejoe27

    Loving my sleeve!

    That's wonderful! I can't believe I didn't make the decision earlier in my life. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  11. I am so excited for you!!!! If you have any questions please ask. My name is Chasity Lane and I am in the groups that Bill has added you to on FB Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  12. Hey Jdubwife! I would love to speak to you about our experience in TJ win Dr Illan and Bariatric Pal team MX! My husband went with me. He would be willing to speak to your husband as well. We had a wonderful experience. Like a vacation. I would love to answer both of your questions. It was the best experience ever. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  13. Way cheaper than the US and better care! I loved my doctor (Dr. Illan) and Bariatric Pal staff. It was like a mini vacation!
  14. That is who mine was with Sherry! Dr. Illan but I went threw Bariatric Pal team MX. They had a few more perks
  15. There are companies that you can finance threw. Everything has to be paid up front, either with a credit card or cash.
  16. I worried about that too. I worried about if that person had gotten paid to say those things about the company. LOL I wanted to know if it was honestly the truth. I took a chance and it was the truth! I didn't wanna leave Mexico
  17. I was in the same place as you are now. That's when I met Stacy with Bariatric Pal team MX. She talked to me about surgery in Mexico and let me know that the stigma that is attached is not true. I loved that Stacy and Bill lived there and knew the doctor's and hospitals. I knew they had actually lied eyes on things and could tell me the ends and outs of the Mexico medical tourism. I paid less than$5000.00 including my plane tickets. Best decision I have ever made! The support system is awesome! The preop and post op care is amazing! I couldn't believe that the whole experience was so great! You will know when the time is right for you. Do your research. Talk to different people about their experiences. Know what your getting into. It's not easy. Food is no longer comfort. I eat to live not live to eat. I was sleeved 3/8. If you have any questions just message me.
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    Dr. Illan for my VSG

    Wow that was an expensive surgery! I didn't even pay $5000 for mine. We received counseling up front from the doctor and the Bariatric team. If your looking at plastics I would suggest calling Stacy or Bill with Bariatric Team MX. Stacy knows all about it. She has done it herself.
  19. moejoe27

    Packing List for Mexico VSG

    I was given house shoes by the hospital. They were nice. I used Dr. Illan at Florance hospital. I wore my running shoes because we went on walks after we were discharged to the recovery house. We walked to the grocery store and to eat lunch. Wasn't far! Loved seeing Mexico. Bring some adhesive wipes or something to remove adhesive with. The tape got all over my belly and was very sticky! I was given the compression socks but I didn't leave Mexico until the 5th day after surgery. As long as you move your legs on the plane everything should be fine. I brought my DVD player to catch up on some HBO stuff. I didn't need an eye mask or ear plugs. My room was quiet and dark. The hospital gave me as many pillows as I wanted. I was given wet wipes and tissue at the hospital. Gas X strips made me sick as a dog!!! Lip balm was great!
  20. I brought gas X strips but didn't use them cause they made me sick to my stomach. The other gentleman use them with no problem. I brought loose fitting cloths, extension cord (I watched movies in the hospital room cause only a few channels are in English), I brought a DVD player and my 3 season of my HBO show, chap stick, and comfortable shoes. Other than that i really didn't need anything. A good thing to bring is some adhesive remover wipes... If you can't find them then bring some baby oil or coconut oil. The tape they use leaves adhesive on your belly and its sticky!
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    I had a sweet craving yesterday so I took a small bite of my sons snicker bar Easter bunny! WRONG! That small bite made me so dang sick but I couldn't throw it up! Omg never again!!!
  22. I used Dr. Illan with Bariatric Pal Team MX and I can't express how happy I am that I did. The experience was wonderful! Sleeved 3/8 and 38 lbs down!
  23. moejoe27

    Dr. Illan for my VSG

    Liposuction68 have you got a date yet?