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  1. I went into the hospital to get my lap band out on Feb 26 and get sleeved. I woke up from surgery with my surgeon telling me he could not do the sleeve due to thick scar tissue from the band and 2 hernias. I now have to wait 3 months to have my sleeve surgery. Which is scheduled for the end of May. I am finding the healing from the lap band removal quite difficult. I have swelling above the incision where the port was and find that that's where I experience the most pain. I have heard that getting the band out is worst than getting the lap band in and getting the sleeve. How long did it take for you to fully heal from the lap band removal surgery? If you have to have the lap band removed and the sleeve done in 2 separate surgeries, how was the sleeve surgery recovery vs lap band removal recovery? I am so nervous to have another stomach surgery due to this current healing process. Please share your experiences ..
  2. Hi everyone. I just had part 2 of my lap band to sleeve revision surgery on May 17th. I am actually very happy that my surgeon decided to do the surgery in two procedures. Both surgeries had sources of pain for me. With the lapband remove and hernia repair I was extremely sore and bloated. My tummy poked out. It took me about 2-3 weeks to feel closer to normal. With my sleeve procedure I experienced pain from the stomach spasms but very little bloating or incision pain. I could imagine experiencing the pain of both procedures at once. I will admit after the sleeve I thought why did I do this to myself because at times the pain was quite intense however I'm feeling much better day by day and loving how I feel inside. I have already lost 6 pounds and it's been 4 days out!!
  3. I agree just get through the process. You ultimately want what's best and healthy for your situation. My doctor could have very well sleeved me after my lap band removal in the same surgery but he chose to be safe and reduce any chances of a negative outcome. Your health is just that serious and if it takes a few months of healing the time flys fast. I am now 4 weeks away to my sleeve procedure and I am grateful I am in a much better condition now to receive it.
  4. That's so awesome and with your encouragement I just scheduled my therapy session for the last week in May. I scheduled it for after the surgery because I went to this therapist for a psych evaluation for my ins approval and I don't want any issues when I reveal my true concerns with weight. I am actually keeping very busy which made the 2 months since my lap band removal fly by. I am in the process of putting my home on the market which is not exactly stress free but it has kept my quite busy. I am so excited for my actual sleeve surgery and to realize my weight loss goals. I want to be back at 140 again which I know is attainable and that keeps me pushing forward. I am going to start my reduction in carbs on Monday which gives me a month to try to make some progress. I feel like I need some help like a weight loss supplement or appetite suppressant.
  5. I am also an emotional eater but I have to mentally agree to not eat junk foods. After going on a very restrictive diet for 6 months I either choose to be strict or not at the end so now it take real mental effort to get into that mindset again. I am going to reduce carbs starting on Monday the 18th my surgery is scheduled on May 17th. It was emotionally hard to wake up from the surgery to remove the lap band and convert to the sleeve and not have the sleeve done. I have some many activities I wanted to be small for coming up and I feel like I would have been so much smaller if I had the surgery in Feburary. Better safe than sorry and with a ton of complications so I am happy with my surgeons decision to wait it's just very hard waiting!
  6. Does the sleeve not keep you full? I am scheduled for my surgery May 17th and I never want to be where I am now again in life ever which is 210. I was hoping that the sleeve will be a tool that suppresses appetite so that I could make better decisions. Can I ask you what has been your experience with your appetite?
  7. thanks its forever for responding, i have been on computer first day back to work just researching all kinds of things. im very comfortable with my doctors orders just wanted to know others experiences. i read that some people do better with waiting as far as more wieght loss ...do you think thats true. ? How much weight have you lost since March 2016.? Did you gain any weight while waiting for your sleeve surgery? well i have gained about 30lbs since January 11 my first day of consultation for revision. i feel absolutely great without the band. but eating is a problem so i decided today to lose at least 13lbs by May 24th (my surgery date).. At least that would give me a headstart to losing what i originally wanted to lose by Memorial Weekend, Fourth of July, and goal hopefully by my birthday in September. Im considered a lightweight and BMI. What i did read and have already found one is getting a therapist this time around., i found a psychologist who has experience with eating disorders, and WLS.. my first appointment is May 4 so im excited about that. Thanks again wow this is exactly my experience but I had scar tissue where the band was. I am reschedule for May 17th for the sleeve surgery. I am also trying to loose some weight before the procedure but it's so hard! I am also going to work with a WLS and eating disorder therapist once I get the procedure done. I think that's so important. I am currently at 210 however I did a diet 2 years ago and got down to 140 but I still felt fat mentally. I would give to be back at 140 but I know I will with the sleeve I just want to realize it mentally.
  8. That is excellent thank you for sharing your experience
  9. Oh wow so can you compare your recovery? How was the lap band removal vs the sleeve procedure?
  10. I went to see my surgeon yesterday and he explained that he put stitches in them muscle where the port was so that is why it is sore. He actually said that people are usually much more swollen then me where the port was. I am healing it's just a slower process. I was told that the sleeve surgery is not as difficult to heal from. I was concerned with malabsorption issues with the bypass.
  11. Oh wow why did you choose the bypass? When is your surgery scheduled? Thanks so much for writing me back
  12. I agree.. I would certainly be on board!!
  13. Number 1. Don't be ashamed. Your doctor and NUT are all apart of a support system who understands that this is a real struggle. You need to identify your habits. Is it a certain time of the month that you like certain foods or are you eating poorly every day? Identify the cycle and don't hide from the truth. Understanding what is happening is the first step and your doctor can help you with that. They have seen it all and this included situations much worst off than yours. Don't feel judged just attack this situation. It's the hiding from reality of the situation that will make things feel much worst then they really are. You can do this just like you did it before! The first thing to inspect is your mind. Make that appt!
  14. skinny06

    Iron constipation!

    I would also ask your doctor if you can take a probiotic. That will help get your digestive track filled with good bacteria to help get things moving and flowing.
  15. skinny06

    Iron constipation!

    Try to keep it with you at all times. Add crystal light to give you some flavor. Add a timer to your phone it take sips if you need to. You need water to help push everything out!! Are you feeling any better?
  16. skinny06

    Iron constipation!

    Try Miralex or citric magnesium. It can take a while for your system to get back on track. Be patient with yourself and make sure you are getting all of your fluids in ...drink drink drink. Have fiber rich foods or drinks.
  17. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I found that the lap band removal is actually a difficult healing process. I pray getting the sleeve is much less difficult and I bounce back quickly. It's been alittle over a week and I still don't feel 100%.
  18. I went in last Friday to have a band to sleeve conversion. To my dismay I woke up to the surgeon telling me I had 2 hernias and they band slipped and formed thick scar tissue. I had been waiting for this day only to find out that the sleeve had be preformed in a separate surgery 3 months from now. After all the waiting and prepping I did for my sleeve it was such a blow. I am hoping that I can have the sleeve the week of May 9th instead of the end of May I just can't wait any longer. I never lost a pound with my lap band. I suffered from pain when eating and vomiting until the surgeon just removed all the fluid. This has been such a long process and I pray that I am nearing the end! I find out tomorrow if my doc will accept my request of May 9th being my week. I am staying prayerful! This is mentally draining
  19. I am scheduled to have surgery on Feb 26th. If you are having surgery around that date or have already had your procedure I would love to have a buddy to talk to about our experiences. I am currently doing my pre-op diet. Right now I am 218 5'4 and I am hoping to loose another 5-10 pounds before my procedure. I would love to get some advice on the liquid diet after the procedure and what protein drinks are good. I hope someone reaches out..starting to get nervous.. But oh so excited at the same time!! [emoji3]
  20. I intended to have a band to sleeve conversion on Feb 26 and woke up to my surgeon explaining that I had 2 hernias and thick scar tissue around the band. He fixed the hernias and cleaned up the scar tissue and I have to wait 3 months before I can have the sleeve done. This has been a hard recovery. I ended up getting hives due to the antibiotic they used during the procedure and I haven't been really able to go to the bathroom. I am now on prednisone trying to recover from the extreme hives and I'm praying I don't gain weight. I am strongly thinking about phentermine until then. I am not sure how I can go through this all over again but this time not being able to really eat or feel like drinking in recovery... I'm just nervous and extremely frustrated but grateful that the surgeon didn't proceed because I would have had a ton of complications possibly but now back to counting down the months/ days..
  21. The lap band left me with 2 hernias and a ton of scar tissue. I am now having to revise to the sleeve after the doc took my band out and couldn't revise same surgery due to the amount of thick scaring that the band created. Why do you regret your sleeve?
  22. Jasb88 congratulations! Take it one day at a time. Although I wasn't able to get my sleeve the same day they took my lap band out recovery has been hard for me also. One thing I do know is that every day you will start to feel alittle better. Take it easy on yourself and give yourself what you need to feel better.. Sip pedialyte and other drinks all throughout the day. What you experience during your healing will become a memory soon. I do understand your pain. I am day 4 from post-op and have horrible hives and haven't been able to go to the bathroom yet.
  23. Of course we all need buddies! I am feeling a bit discouraged and frustrated about waking up with my sleeve. Seriously to have to start the count down all over has me mentally drained. I want to enjoy every day until the end of May but damn it if that's not the biggest thing on my mind!! On top of having to recover and go through this recovering process 2 times is hell. The lap band is horrible and I discourage people against. No losses just a major pain in the you know what
  24. So I had lap band to sleeve conversion surgery on this past Friday. Well I woke up with just a lap band out and no sleeve. My dr said I had 2 hernias and my band slipped which created a lot of scar tissue. I now have to wake 3 months to have my sleeve.
  25. Does anyone know how to post a picture in this app?

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