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  1. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Brand spankin new - SIPS surgery March 10 2016

    Oh my gosh, that is so nice! Thank you for the love, support and well wishes! I hope everything goes well with your surgery prep, and of course, the surgery itself. Keep me in the loop! xoxo
  2. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Brand spankin new - SIPS surgery March 10 2016

    That's great! I'm 4.5 months postop now, and I'm halfway to my goal weight. I'm down 115lbs now, and about a month ago I got on a plane and did NOT need an extender. I won't lie - I cried. Very emotional and a proud NSV, for sure. You'll get there soon enough and it will be fabulous, just like you!
  3. Oh, and I store my daily vita,ins in a little vitamin weekly tray - 7 daily trays in a weeks supply. And I refill them once a week. I set alarms on my phone to remind me to take them throughout the day (I take them 3 separate times per day).
  4. Thank you! No, I don't find it difficult to track my macros. I use "MyFitnessPal" to track my food and exercise (so, that takes care of tracking protein, carbs, fats, calories, sugars, fiber, etc). I'd HIGHLY recommend it (it's free), and it really helps! You can use it preop too - helps give you an idea of where you're at. I use "WaterMinder" to track my hydration. It's second nature for me to track those things now, so it's not really cumbersome once you develop a routine.
  5. I'm 4.5 months post-SIPS surgery. Since my highest weight (which was the day that I started my pre-op diet), I've lost nearly 112 lbs. I am approximately halfway to my goal weight. I know the last 112 lbs won't come off nearly as fast as the first half did. But I'm very encouraged my progress in such a short time. I typically hit between 90-110gms of Protein each day, I limit my carbs to less than 75gms/day and I avoid any foods that have more than 10gms of sugar per serving. I get a minimum of 70oz of Water per day. I'm 35 years old, in Raleigh NC area. HW: 401 (BMI 59) SW: 379 CW: 289.4 BMI 42.7) If you have any questions, hit me up. Good luck along your journey!
  6. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Brand spankin new - SIPS surgery March 10 2016

    Hi there! I am just over two weeks postop. Recovery is going great. I've been able to tolerate everything that I've consumed (drinks & food). I had a slight complication during surgery (a leak in my small intestine), but he fixed me up in surgery and I haven't had a problem at all. Im getting around really well, too - I just get fatigued quickly. So far, so good! Good luck along your journey, and if you have any questions, I'd be glad to help. xo
  7. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Brand spankin new - SIPS surgery March 10 2016

    The official term is "biliopancreatic diversion w/ duodenal switch". It's a hybrid. I only have one anastomosis (instead of two in the standard DS), and my common channel is 250 cms.
  8. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Brand spankin new - SIPS surgery March 10 2016

    Hi Princess. I too am BRAND NEW. Surgery date scheduled for April 5, 2016. PSYCHED!! I can not wait to start this new journey of LIVING. My goal is to feel comfortable in my skin. Getting on a plane and not needing an EXTRA strap will probably make me cry..but they will be tears of JOY! Chat more later. hi Joyce! Welcome to the group! I had my surgery on March 10 (today is day 11 post-op). I am recovering well, and I'm super excited about the potential of my future. Like you, I am also really looking forward to some NSVs like not using a seatbelt extender on a plane, as well as sitting in booths comfortably, crossing my legs and no longer being burdened by medics, issues (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) good luck on your journey, and keep in touch!
  9. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Brand spankin new - SIPS surgery March 10 2016

    wow - thank you for asking! That made my day! Yes, surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I should be in the OR in less than 12 hours. I am stoked - can't wait to join the losers bench! xoxo
  10. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Raleigh-Durham Area (RDU, North Carolina) Sleevers?

    I'm having the SIPS procedure (hybrid of sleeve/DS) at REX in Raleigh, but I live in the Apex/Cary area. My surgery day is tomorrow (3/10)!!! Good luck to you at Duke!
  11. PrincessMonsterTruck

    post op work lunches

    Good call - I was ~just~ going to suggest this!
  12. PrincessMonsterTruck

    Anyone in north carolina

    I'm in Apex - have SIPS scheduled at REX in Raleigh on 3/10/16 (in 2 weeks)
  13. PrincessMonsterTruck


    I'm March 10th too! In Raleigh, NC.
  14. PrincessMonsterTruck

    March 1st Scheduled

    March 10 in Raleigh!
  15. PrincessMonsterTruck


    If they aren't natural, we are all screwed! You aren't alone, friend! You're in good company.