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  1. Tijuana, MX. He is great! Highly highly recommend.
  2. I had a revision from my crapband to MGB in 09/17. I went the Bariatric Pal Hospital in Tijuana and Dr Illan was my surgeon. My experience was wonderful. Better care than I ever got in the US. My weightloss has stalled some the last few months but that is because I have been slacking on making good food choices and exercising. I haven't gained, but I am on a plateau. I lost just over 100 lbs the first year. It is soooo much better than the crapband. I suffered constantly before. Getting stuck, unable to eat healthy, fills and unfills. What a nightmare! The MGB is exactly what I was hoping the crapband was going to be. I can no longer eat ice cream. It makes me nauseous. And I can eat healthy proteins in moderation. My hunger is pretty much nonexistent. Just that pesky head hunger! Always a work in progress. :)
  3. adorkbl

    Day two after my MGB

    Hi all, I had my MGB on Sept 7. I feel great and so far no issues. I am almost worried because so far nothing has triggered a negative reaction. I almost feel like nothing was done. I am down 34 pounds. My issue is protein shakes, they run right through me now.
  4. adorkbl

    Trouble with Eggs

    I have had eggs a few times. Scrambled with salsa for added moisture. No problem. Maybe add something for more moisture?
  5. I saw someone post about freezing their protein drink and eating it like ice cream. I was thinking of trying it... but I didn't want to ruin one. haha. I am going to mix it with ice for now. Just curious. Anyone?
  6. My band was removed 2 years ago after 7 years of issues and complications. I always planned on revising to VSG at some point. Now that the time has come, I am not sure if that is the right choice. Several of my band friends have revised to VSG and the feedback has been less that stellar, with one friend actually telling me she wouldn't do it. I have two friends that have had the RNY and have had good success. But neither of them are a revision. I have a sweet tooth. I have PCOS. I developed GERD with the band. I have 230 pounds to lose. All reasons to lean towards RNY. I am just more comfortable with VSG for some reason. RNY still scares the bejeezes out of me. But I don't want to make another colossal mistake like I did with the band. I am concerned that the scarring from the band will affect results with the VSG. My surgeon recommends RNY for me. Anyway, long post to basically ask: Do you regret revising to VSG and wish you had done RNY? Your reasons? If you are happy with your revision to VSG, did scarring from the band affect your new journey? Sent from my Samsung S6 using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. Oops. Was trying to edit original. Ignore.
  8. I am finally getting my band removed in June. I have had year after year of issues and am VERY happy to be DONE with the band. I want to revise to the sleeve... but my surgeon is not in favor of that. He recommends RNY. He said the success rate with the sleeve after banding is not as high as with revision to RNY. He cites scar tissue as the main reason... with RNY the portion of the stomach with scar tissue is removed. He also thinks the added tool of malabsorption is a big plus. I have decided to wait 6 months after removal before revising to another surgery. That is the length of time he recommended before he would consider a sleeve revision. I was positive I wanted the sleeve... now I am not so sure. Was anyone else pressured to choose RNY and still went forward with the sleeve and are happy they stuck with their gut? I initially lost 100 pounds with the band... regained because of complications. Then lost the 100 again after band re-positioning... regained because of complications again. I have been without fill now since Jan 2014 and am back to my pre surgery weight. I feel like the sleeve will work for me. I was able to work my tool... when IT wasn't malfunctioning. RNY scares the crap out of me. I have no major medical issues other than PCOS and sleep apnea. I have a 20 month old son and I need to be here for him.
  9. adorkbl

    Why Do I Need So Many Unfills?

    I think you need some testing done. I had those issue and had a hiatal hernia that needed to be fixed. There are multiple different things that could be causing your symptoms. I would not keep treating the symptoms... find out the cause. Good luck. Upper GI or an endoscopy... ask about it.
  10. adorkbl

    Couch To 5K Anyone?

    I am so jealous. I WISH I could run with my dog. I have tried. It doesn't work. I have been doing Ease into 5K sine 7/22/12. I repeated some weeks... and am starting week 6 next week. I am up to 2 miles in the morning. I went from not being able to run the 3 seconds to running 15 minute stretches. I am slow. But getting faster as time goes on. LOVE love LOVE running.
  11. adorkbl

    I Ran A 5K!!!

    Congrats!! How exciting.
  12. adorkbl

    Please Advice

    I would start exercising. Unles there is a physical reason you can't. Experiment until you find an activity you like. That will help you continue with it if it is enjoyable.
  13. I use a straw all the time. No problems. I drink more fluid when I use a straw.
  14. I am sorry about the relationship issues. That is a separate issue in my opinion. Obviously something deeper is going on there. I wish you peace with whatever happens. As for the surgery. Follow up care is essential with the band. And on going. I would not recommend surgery in one location if you are moving somewhere else. I would look for a surgeon where you are moving. If you don't have solid follow up in place, the band is almost worthless.
  15. adorkbl

    Omg Down 140Lbs In 13 Months!

    Awesome!! Way to go.
  16. If you can't drink water without burping... you sound tight. You should be able to drink more than three sips of water.
  17. I am looking for ways to encorperate more vegetables into my diet. I just recently recommitted myself and had a great week food wise. Looking back I noticed a serious lack of veggies. Any ideas? I am thinking of adding a low sodium V8 into my daily diet. I should mention I am pretty full usually and can't see adding more volume to my diet. A lot of veggies simply don't get along with my band. I love love broccoli but sadly can no longer eat it. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  18. I burp a lot more now than I did preband. I am just used to it now.
  19. adorkbl

    Completely Devastated :-(

    I just had my hiatal hernia fixed and my band repositioned on July 9th. I would get another opinion. Unless there is something else going on?? Sorry about all your bumps. What a trooper you are!!
  20. Tried Yoga today for the second time. And while I liked this instructor better... I still was not really feeling it. Does Yoga have to grow on you? Or do you love it from day one? Honestly I would rather be doing Zumba!! Lol. It was a great stretch after my 1.5 miles of intervals... which was the main reason for trying it. Just not sure if it is worth it? Thought?
  21. adorkbl

    August Summer Challenge

    A little late in joining this month. Been busy!! Name: adorkbl Goal weight for August 31st: 289 Weight on August 1st: 297 Exercise goal for August: continue C25K training and to attend 4 classes a week at the gym. Personal goal for August: not let the number on the scale alter my mood Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet: 88 What is your favorite place to travel: Anywhere.. love to travel.
  22. adorkbl

    Unfill For Surgery?

    I had my gallbladder removed and did not need to have my fill removed.
  23. adorkbl

    Favorite Exercise? :)

    Zumba and Aqua Fit. I love classes. They go fast and are fun. I dont see myself getting bored with them.
  24. adorkbl

    Couch 2 5K

    I use Ease into 5k. I like the intervals better than C25k. I love that I can listen to my own music! Great ap.