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  1. So just wondering if anyone has the rabbit vibrator and if it is really worth it? Anything you can tell me I would really appreciate.
  2. cobrien78

    Weight Gain

    Well, when I was pregnant with my second I wasn't banded and weighed more than I did when I had my first I gained 35 lbs! I lost it ALL within 1-2 months of having him. I wouldn't worry it could all even out, you just never know. Everyone is different. Good luck and keep up the good eating habits and exercise!
  3. So the hubs and I are TTC#3! I'm really hoping for a BFP the end of this month but we shall see. My question for all you banders who got pregnant is did you get unfilled all at once in the beginning or was it gradual and how much did you get unfilled at a time. I'm at my sweet spot right now 7.5cc in a 10cc band. I can get stuck if I'm not careful and I really don't want to deal with that if I am pregnant so was wondering whether I should get unfilled all at once or little by little. Just want other experiences to help make an informed decision should I have to(Hopefully I will have to soon!) Thanks!
  4. Hi I'm wanting to have lap band done and was referred to Dr. Dale Mortensen by my insurance company. Has anyone had a lap band done by him? Just wanting to know how his staff is and how he is as a dr.? Thanks for any info!
  5. cobrien78

    Has anyone tried the 5 day pouch test?

    I'm starting it today actually and we shall see how far I get. I think I can make it the whole 5 days, let's hope! I'll report back with my results!
  6. I haven't been on here in a long time. My current weight is 215.
  7. cobrien78

    What do you all do?

    I am currently a SAHM for a 2 year old and 8 year old. This fall I will be starting school for Health Information Technology. I then plan to get my bachelor's in HIM through KU's program as well! What a coincidence!
  8. cobrien78

    Why do women have anal sex?

    Altough I do not care for full on anal sex I do like the stimulation from other sources other than the penis. HAHAHA! My husband however will not let me near his butt! LOL! I have known a few guys before my husband who liked a finger in their butt during a bj but I never obliged due to the fact I was inexperienced and not as open to the idea. Even now though I don't think I would do it. I couldn't eat with that hand ever again!LOL!
  9. cobrien78

    protein bullets

    Where can I get those protein bullets in a bulk size?? Anyone know which ones are good and where I can find them in bulk?
  10. got my first fill on 1/7/09. I have a total of 5cc in a 10cc band. I thought I would be a least a little restricted but I don't feel it. I am more restricted than I was prior to the fill but not where I would like to be or think I should be. My dr. said the fill should last 6-8 weeks but if I stop losing to go in for another fill. He is aggressive with his fills which I do like. Personally I would rather have too much and get unfilled than not have enough and wait to get another one. I'm hoping to lose some weight with this fill and not have to go in for at least 4 weeks. We'll see though.
  11. I had 2 cc when my dr. put my band in and I just had my first fill on 1/7/09. He put in 3cc so I'm up to 5cc now and have no restriction. He said it should last 6-8 weeks! But he did say to come in when I stop losing so that is good. And believe me if I go a week without losing anything I will be calling! LOL! I do notice a very small difference but it isn't much. I hope I can hold off for 2-4 weeks minimum for another fill. I do love my band though!
  12. cobrien78

    SO proud of ME!!

    Yes you heard it! I am PROUD of me!! Why, you ask? Because I gained 5 lbs over my Christmas vacation and I 1. Did NOT freak out about it! (like I normally would have) 2. Allowed myself to get over it and get back on track. 3. LOST those 5 lbs I gained in a matter of a week!! I ate better, ate less and voila 5lbs GONE!! GO ME!!! I don't know how or why but after getting Lapband surgery it has changed my way of thinking about dieting and making good food choices! I'm so proud of what I have accomplished so far even though I did make some bad food choices, I allowed myself that, got over it, and got back on track to making good food choices the majority of the time. I've never been able to do this before and I'm so proud of myself for NOT obsessing over food!
  13. I have talked to men who LOVE it and men who HATE it. I can see both sides to this. I think the men who have hated it have had BAD experiences which can make a difference. It's not one of my husband's favorite things but he will do it if I give it to him.
  14. cobrien78

    Face Masks

    Ok ladies I'm looking for a good face mask. I'm wanting EITHER a good hydrating mask OR a good pore-shrinking mask or BOTH. Any suggestions?
  15. We were banded on the same day! And we have the same thing going on! LOL! I have been feeling the same way, I can eat larger portions and don't feel as full as I did before. Luckily, I get my first fill next week. I'm not expecting much but my dr. doesn't have a set schedule for fills, I can call whenever I feel I'm eating too much or when I stop losing weight. Good luck with getting in sooner!
  16. Just wondering how long everyone's post-op diet is? If I follow my dr.'s orders I will still be on mushies when I get my first fill? I'm supposed to be on mushies for 4 weeks! It's getting old already. I have zero restriction and it sucks! So, how long is your post-op diet?
  17. My current weight is now 232.
  18. cobrien78

    Nausea after eating

    I'm almost 4 weeks post-op and I get the same feeling on occasion. I think it's normal, I have found for me it depends on what I'm eating and how fast I eat it. It's hard cause when I wait till I'm hungry to eat I'm in a hurry cause my stomach hurts. So now I have to time it right so I'm not rushed. It's a learning process.
  19. I'm hoping I can take my kids to the pool in the summer in a normal bathing suit. Not my "cowsuit" as I call it. Just a normal one-piece.
  20. jmegirl-I wish I had your problem. I hardly ever feel full from my meals and I know I'm eating at least a cup of food at sitting. In the morning I don't eat so much but at dinner time, I have to stop myself from eating.
  21. cobrien78

    how are the post ops doing?

    3 weeks post op and I'm doing great! I feel like my old self again! All the derma-bond has come off my incisions and I now have scars! YAY!LOL! I'm on my second week of mushies-blah! It's funny cause I was so excited to move to mushies and now I'm so sick of the darn blending all the time. Although I am allowed eggs which is good. I have my first fill December 16. I'm SO looking forward to it but also kind of nervous.
  22. I'm going to be honest, I started mushies the night before I was supposed to. Since then I have been pretty good. It was actually depressing me to the point I didn't even want to drink my liquids. So, I pureed some lentil soup the night before my "official" mushie start date. It was thicker than a liquid but nothing chunky. However, I suggest sticking with your instructions.
  23. cobrien78

    Post op diet phases

    I actually think you are lucky! My post op diet is 6 weeks+! I was clear liquids 2 days after surgery, then full liquids for 1 week, now I'm on mushies and I'm supposed to do that for 4 weeks then I get soft foods for 2 weeks! I'm currently on week 2 for mushies.
  24. Well, I'm 3 weeks post-op and have followed my pre-op diet but not as strict as some might think yet not as loose as others. I'm on my second week of mushies and have 2 more to go. It's not the mushies that bother me it's the hunger and wanting more to eat. I haven't eaten anything solid though but sometimes my mushies have small chunks and I chew the hell out of it. I would never suggest not following dr.'s orders but to suggest doing the best you can. I personally am afraid to have my band slip and I am doing all that I can to prevent that. It is hard but like others have said a few weeks of hell compared to a lifetime of health is worth it. If you are struggling talk to your nutrionist or your doctor.
  25. cobrien78


    We got banded the same day! And I can eat a lot too! I was worried but not so much anymore. I honestly just limit my portions. It's hard cause I do get hungry but I'm still on mushies so that does help limit my portions. I wouldn't freak out about it, it is normal.

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