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  1. Kimmie K

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    Yessss!!!! The bathroom is tiny with only 2 stalls that are enclosed, tiled floor to ceiling with huge heavy wood doors. Every sound resonates and every smell seeps under the main door into the hallway which happens to be directly across from the CEO’s office! 😂 I cannot and have not pooped at work for the entire 4 years I’ve been there. If it’s urgent enough, I’ll leave and use the CVS down the street LOLOLOL
  2. This awesome! Reading it now. Amazon Prime has it for free as a Kindle book. Don't even need a Kindle to read it either. You can have it load in your browser. Thanks for the info!
  3. Kimmie K

    Random Midnight Vomiting?

    I've heard of Phenergan. They give it to you for morning sickness when you're preggo. I never had to take it but I heard it works well.
  4. Kimmie K

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    Every cloud has a silver lining, right?!
  5. Kimmie K

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    Bahahaahah! Spare undies are dang good idea! My company is literally 18 people with no out of the way bathrooms. They're in the middle of the building which also happens to be located on the opposite side of the wall from where me and my crew sit. You can hear EVERYTHING through the walls! The men here have no shame...none! Most of the women are either super ninja poopers or don't poop here. So if all the sudden someone starts wreckin' the women's, it'll be obvious LOLOL I'm just irrationally paranoid.
  6. Kimmie K

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    Ohhhh ok, gotcha. Ulcers...that and pooping at work...my fears LOL
  7. Kimmie K

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    LMFAO your boss is one brave little toaster I already can't eat ice cream for whatever reason because I'll get bubble guts in about 30 min so that's definitely NOT worth the few minutes of bliss LOLOL Your reaction to the soup...was that a dumping symptom? I just looked at my post-op diet nutrition sheet and at starting week 2 you can have condensed soups...cream of chicken or mushroom, no chunks or clumps. Sounds lovely. Do you remember which one you had?
  8. Kimmie K

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    Man, you're awesome I always the best replies from you. It's comforting to hear that it's not as common as I thought and if it were to happen, it might be able to be contained. I rarely if ever throw up. The only time I have is from drinking too much many years ago. Hopefully my guts can maintain that record.
  9. So...is it any different? Instead of explosive vomiting with a full, normal size stomach, is post-op puking a quieter, bubble up type situation into your mouth? Sorry for the gross topic, but I'm curious. I spend 9hr a day in a relatively open office type cubicle with folks around me that can hear me, but not see me. I'm hoping that if I get in a puking predicament, it's something that no one will necessarily be able tell unless I spit into the trashcan or something...
  10. Poor thing...well, the Atkins 15g protein shakes have 9g of fat....these Atkins 30g protein shakes have only 5g. I found them at Walmart on the aisle near the pharmacy where they keep all the other general weight loss supplements and junk. EDIT: Just saw that the Atkins 15g Mocha Latte flavor has 10g of fat <gasp!> Apparently the flavors matter when it comes to the fat for some reason
  11. Kimmie K

    Random Midnight Vomiting?

    Electrolyte imbalance? It's very easy to get that way especially if you're in ketosis. Nausea, weakness, shakes, muscle spasms etc. anywhere can be caused by low sodium, magnesium or other electrolytes.
  12. That's awesome!!! Poop forever?! No thanks! My biggest "fear" about surgery is possibly having to poop at work LOLOL Right now I can control my sugar and carbs with no problem. Adjusting my fats should be do-able too considering most of it currently comes from high fat meat and dairy.
  13. Ohhhh, I didn't know fat did it too
  14. Say wuhhh?! Piña colada shake??? <drool>