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  1. I had my surgery Feb 1st of 2016....have lost roughly 60 pounds BUT my head and my back are itching now like crazy? I have hair loss also which my doctor says happens from weight loss sometimes (lucky me ) but I did not have this horrible itching on my back before surgery....its so wierd.... exercise makes it happen and now its getting warm outside I found even just the temperature will make me slightly sweat and the itching starts again. AS soon as I get in shade with a bit of a breeze it goes away but its kind of maddening in the sun and with people around for sure. Can anyone advise me of what this could be and how they dealt with it? My bloodwork for my post op appointment looked great so I am a little confused what this could be. Thanks SO much for your time and advise !!!
  2. BonnieJo

    In need of advice

    I find lowfat cottage cheese is a very satisfying snack/meal also Good luck and hang in there dont give up OK !!!
  3. BonnieJo

    I have lots of questions...

    I use Premier Protein drinks post surgery, 30 grams of protein per drink I buy mine at costco. But on my pre-surgery diet I was told to stay between 900-1200 calories per day. Breakfast = 250 calories = Protein shake with piece of fruit lunch = 250 calories = 1 low calorie protein shake with 1 C raw or 1/2 C cooked vegetables Snack = 150 calories , maybe 1 piece fruit or 1 serving nonfat dairy dinner = 350 calories example 3 oz lean meat, 1 C raw or 1/2 C cooked veggies, 1 serving of whole grains Hope this helps a little .... it seems all requirements vary depending on doctor Good Luck !!!!
  4. BonnieJo

    Chronic Constipation

    I take 2 Probiotics with my yogurt in the morning. Also 2 stool softeners at night , which I also did before surgery because like you its always been an issue BUT now everynight I also take 2 tbsp. milk of magnesia and I go everyday - I love it!!! I was advised to do this off this site .... and through research on computer also. See what you need to make you be comfortable - but I so recommend you try these meds and be comfortable again I am not sure you will need as much BUT I was so miserable ...and I am so happy now Good Luck!!!
  5. My nutritionist said to me to be sure to not drink for the thirty minutes after a meal because it could stretch my new stomach....a horrible idea for sure - she just mentioned drinking after a meal was the biggest problem of the two rules. Very glad she mentioned it
  6. I am having such a difficult time with constipation I am putting 2 capsules of Probiotics I buy from costco in my yogurt each morning NOW I have also started taking 2 stool softener caps at night - one at a time so I do not cause a block. I know from past diets whenever I had a lot of Protein this would happen BUT I am still in the soft food stage with my foods I can eat. Tried chili without meat, tasted good but did not make the magic I was hoping for happen BTW I am off pain meds so I feel its just alot of protein in my diet and yes I should admit getting the Water down is tough for me - I do drink 2 premier Protein drinks a day as my NUT recommended also. And I do have 3 cups decaf in the morn ( does that count for water?) and also try and drink 80 ounces of water in addition to my protein drinks. Please share with me ideas you have used that worked - now 28 days post surgery YAY no dumping yet LOL All of you are my heros by the way so very very happy I found this site - everyone is AWESOME!!! Thanks for your ideas and your time ! Bonne
  7. BonnieJo

    2 Days Post-op.

    I am sorry, hope you feel better soon though Hang in there and know its gonna get so much better!
  8. BonnieJo

    2 Days Post-op.

    I am sorry, hope you feel better soon tho Hang in there and know its gonna get so much better! I am sorry, hope you feel better soon tho Hang in there and know its gonna get so much better! I am sorry, hope you feel better soon tho Hang in there and know its gonna get so much better!
  9. BonnieJo

    Constipation Help?

    Thanks so much for all the ideas - appreciate it so much !
  10. I totally understand I am a 5 day stall and feeling so discouraged too. Guess by their remarks we might get used to it HUH , lol - yup sucks LOL I am only 27 days out of surgery and thought it would be a bit faster also BUT we can do this Lenora!!! Give up weighing so much is so very very hard for me though. So many remarks saying 4 or 5 days of a stall is silly .... we are getting used to all this I guess. May we both lose even a pound here very soon AND Thanks for expressing this !!! Bonnie
  11. Thank you Bugsy for bringing this up. Anxious to follow since I seem to be at a weight stall for 5 days and hoping it is not because of lack of exercise. Been trying to walk also but some days much better than others. May join the gym after clearance from PA not sure - I do have quite bad back pain at this time, hoping it would get much better after weight loss.....I am also quite discouraged.... Summer is coming and lets get going as good as we can - OK? HUGS Bonnie
  12. I guess I had what is referred to as dumping syndrome but it was so awful !!! I did not vomit but did keep spitting up something like horrible thick saliva type stuff - sorry to be gross. I walked outside for a few steps did not help - there was a pain in my chest ....burping helped a tiny bit ??? Finally passed... thank goodness after about an hour . Would anyone please tell me what I can do (besides never eat eggs) to all to make things a little better if or maybe I should say when this happens again - Is There Anything That Helps Besides Time? Thanks to everyone and anyone that can advise me!!!
  13. Thank you so much! Was this the dumping thing or not? All my foods were going down so great before last night - I did also have a tiny bit of broccoli and cauliflower with the scrabbled eggs - thought I was chewing really good though. Measured so I did not eat to much also. I am not sure what slightly obstructed really means - just so new to this ....I so appreciate your help though !!!
  14. BonnieJo

    Anyone In Utah! 71/2 Years Out! :)

    I am from Utah also , nice to know there are a couple people from here huh Surgery was just February 1, 2016 Sending love your way Bonnie
  15. I just had my surgery Monday Feb 1 and I have gained each day they weighed me at the hospital and now I am home still gained 6 pounds from what I weighed pre-surgery. Did this happen to anyone else ? And could you tell me when I can expect to lose this I assume Water weight from my IVs and start losing weight? I little shocked and disappointed right now any ideas? Thanks so much for your time and advise !!!!! Bonnie
  16. Wow you are amazing !!! Yes I know i was burping with each sip of Water for a short time ... walking more on day 2 though ...congrats to you - you inspire all who are pre-surgery I know. I am sure you are gonna breeze through your re-coop - congrats ​
  17. Yes my doctor told me the smaller and less fatty your liver has a huge effect of your surgery. Less time... less complications..... he said it was very important and I am 61 also. I did not do a liquid diet but 900-1200 calories a day almost for the entire month of January but especially the 2 weeks before surgery. I did much to my surprise lose 14 pounds and my doctor was very thrilled. He told me after the surgery that my liver looked great.
  18. I finally lost 2 pounds and was happy lol. You are doing AWESOME!!!
  19. BonnieJo

    Anyone In Utah! 71/2 Years Out! :)

    I live in Utah !!! Just had my surgery would love to be in a support group Bonnie
  20. Thank you so much James! :-)
  21. I am only one week out of surgery today and have only lost what I gained in the hospital .....I am very disappointed also hope someone informs us PLEASE what could be going on ? Probably call my nutritionist today
  22. I am a bit addicted to mine I am afraid BUT have not got back on since I posted this ....waiting a week post op
  23. BonnieJo

    February 15th

    Good for you! You are so determined its awesome. I ended up changing my insurance company to get my surgery but looks like it was a wonderful move. No more money and better coverage so far. Good luck and congratulations!
  24. Thank you so much I am so relieved to hear that !!! Thanks for your answer I will try and be patient Appreciate your response...
  25. BonnieJo

    How has gastric bypass effected you?

    Thank you , such a wonderful outcome I am so impressed !!! I am in pretty good health for my age right now just sore back and knees at times....cant wait to feel as great as you sound :-) congratulations on so much success , very inspiring !

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