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  1. I have been using them for over 6 months and just ended my 2nd raft of blood tests. Everything for me is 100% levels. Note: I also have less restriction than many that had RNY, and can eat whatever I choose, and no problems with any types of foods, so have no issue with keeping my calories up and focused on key nutrition. (I avg 2000 cals a day, due to the levels of my workouts) For others that have more restrictions, and eat very low calories a day, they may not be enough.
  2. RJC5197

    Eating TOO much??

    Good to insure you plan your meals now and stick to the plan to avoid over eating. As mentioned, also eating slow and learn to stop when satisfied, not full.
  3. RJC5197

    Need words of incorarment (spell wrong)

    You can do it. I did last year, and after it was done the whole world opened up for me. As my Wife told me when it got difficult the last few days of the liver flush diet "Suck it up cupcake" HA HA
  4. RJC5197

    Bariatric Pal Store Products

    I buy the variety packs, but like the hazelnut the best.
  5. RJC5197

    Bariatric Pal Store Products

    I like the different flavored hot cocoa and pudding mixes. A lot better than Swiss Miss and 15 grams protein to boot
  6. Plan and track everything, and stick to the plan. Without that we have no real control over the volume and macros we take in. A little slip of the wrong food can add thousands of calories, and if it is simple carbs, our body will crave even more, not less. (Sugar addition is perfect example) I had RNY, but my Son had Sleeve, and as soon as he stopped tracking and controlling the volume and macros, he started gaining weight. He has no real way of knowing what he is actually eating, nor what his body really needs to maintain, let alone lose the gained weight.
  7. RJC5197


    I recommend clearly evaluating your food, exercise and life changes for this WLS tool to work. Food tracking seems to be an item that gets dropped after initial weight loss and can catch up to us very quickly. I like the synonym DIET Did I Eat That?
  8. RJC5197

    Finally under 250!

    Congrats. This is a step to celebrate and continue on.
  9. RJC5197


    I stopped about 4 weeks after surgery. I hated it anyway, and kept trying to sleep without it, till I no longer was snoring or getting poor sleep due to breathing. Everyone is different, based on the severity of their issues. My son still needs it, even after loosing 80 lbs.
  10. Yes I have with good results. From severe calorie deficit for months, I stalled, and could not gain any muscle weight. Only losing muscle mass. I increased my calories for a few days (Maintenance level) then down to 30% deficit from it, and now even though actual bathroom the scale is not moving, my muscle mass is increasing and my fat levels are going down. My scale says I have 15 lbs. more to lose to goal, but muscle/Fat ration says 5 lbs. only of fat to lose, and my cloths fit like that too. We have to eat to fuel our workouts. For some that do not exercise or only a little a increase for a day will help some, but if muscle loss keeps happening, our metabolism will go to a crawl because it does not need to be revved up. The more fat a person needs to lose, the more and longer a deficit can be in place before metabolism is affected much. Note: Every person is different and responds differently. It takes a lot of trial and error to get it right, and also our body constantly adapts so what we did one week, may not be what works a few weeks later. Good luck.
  11. Congrats and great job hanging in there during the long stall.
  12. RJC5197

    Lifting and calorie intake

    Here is my 2 cents worth: I work out 6 days a week, 3 days 1 hr. cardio (HIIT and Medium mixed), and 3 days weights with 30 min moderate cardio. I eat about 1900 cals a day and it breaks out to about 30% carbs, 50% carbs and 20% fats. I found that this is a 40% deficit in cals, based on my activity levels, and have been at same scale weight for 30+ days. I have seen lower fat levels and slow muscle growth, so I am not too concerned. I have 15 lbs. of fat left to lose, and plan on cycling my calories/carbs soon and I feel my scale stall is partially associated to some metabolism slowing. (Been in big calorie deficit for 9 months now) My revision seems to be much looser and allows me to eat much more than many with RNY do, so getting this much food in is only a little challenging with 5 meals a day. I mostly focus on getting in proper protein, and making carbs fibrous, except right after training, so I am not too concerned with the totals values. My fats come from clean sources only, mostly coconut, flax and olive oils, and lean meats, and I feel high fat levels of the right fats is OK, if we can handle it. It has taken me a while to get to this point and a lot of trial and error to get the right fit, and I am sure you will need to do the same. I suggest tracking your diet and any changes and measure the affect every week or so and adjust again as needed. No trainer know you like you. Best on your journey. . .
  13. RJC5197

    Waist Sizes

    Is that a question you thought you would ever ask? Congrats.
  14. RJC5197

    Calf Pain

    I quit farming a long time ago. The young cows drove me nuts... OK Seriously---Dehydration is the main cause for me. Also the lack of potassium, and sitting too much caused cramping.
  15. RJC5197

    Had to run in the rain ...

    For some people rain shrinks them. (As the Witch from Wizard of OZ) I wish It would work for me. . .

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