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  1. annachasingabetterme

    Eating popcorn

    Has anyone tried it
  2. annachasingabetterme

    Crossfit and mini gastric bypss

    My first wod of the year ( work out of the day)! I'm extremely sore.. it felt great I did wall balls weight on the ball was 8 lbs and high knees with a warm up on the rower for 500 meters. Anyone else doing crossfit or extreme workouts?
  3. annachasingabetterme

    How much volume can your pouch hold?

    I am also the same way soft foods are easier to eat more more heavier foods a few bites and I'm done
  4. annachasingabetterme

    Eating popcorn

    Okay yea r hats been my feed bavk so I will wait
  5. annachasingabetterme

    Sliming and Throwing up

    It's the Chia seeds for sure they expand like yeast
  6. annachasingabetterme

    Eating popcorn

    Ok thanks
  7. annachasingabetterme

    Eating popcorn

    I'm at the 7 week mark went to movies star wars always loved eating popcorn. I was scared but tried and no dumping it was good and I did get full about a 1/4 bag down
  8. annachasingabetterme

    Anyone From Texas?

    San Antonio
  9. annachasingabetterme

    had revision on 7/31/2015

    I had the same issues with lapband now on Nov 18th of this year I had the mini gastric done and I'm doing so good on it it scares me too I can eat with no vomiting feeling full my stomach let's me know I haven't had any vomiting very little nausea iv lost 29 lbs in 6 weeks I was told you lose weight slower on revisions then if you might be having weight lose surgery for the first time