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  1. Has anyone tried it.... Don't want to waste my money on a gimmick. The commercial makes it out to be a great core exercise and low impact on the knees. Let me know if you have tried it.
  2. ocgirl15

    GERD and Gastric Sleeve

    I took Prevacid before surgery for years and still do. I don't think it is any worse.... but if someone had told me I could have possibly cured it with bypass maybe I would have made a different choice. I am doing great and have lost 110% of my excess weight less than a year with VSG. So it is just for food for thought and something I wish I would have discussed in more detail with my surgeon.
  3. ocgirl15

    BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!

    @Alex Breacher... please delete the accounts for those who want to leave. You don't want us here and we don't want to be here. If it is about member numbers new ones will replace us ina few weeks. FYI this is my official request to be deleted. Deleting posts was bad... banning people terrible but reading PMs is beyond unacceptable.
  4. I can't comment, create topics or send messages with my IPhone app
  5. ocgirl15

    Complications from advancing diet too soon

    Insurance does take the center of excellence designation seriously.... So it must mean something. If I had one locally I would have had to use it per my insurance. I didn't have a Bariatric Center of Excellence locally and I am still alive. I had excellent care at my little rural regional hospital and was so happy I didn't have to travel. They are in the process of getting it and the practice in the next town does have it now. My point is this just means someone has verified they give good care.
  6. ocgirl15

    Carbonated water

    My post op diet bans them for life unless they are flat. I do still find them unpleasant a year out. However there are some who seem to tolerate them fine and it has not hurt their success.
  7. ocgirl15

    No more citrus ever?

    I am a year post op and have small portions of citrus. I don't drink juice anymore but that is because of the "don't drink your calories" rule. It wouldn't make me sick. It is always odd how opinions of NUTs and Doctors differ so much. My guess it that fruit in general is full of fructose which is sugar and citrus is very acidic. I like clementines these days because they are the perfect portion for me.
  8. My story is very similar. Starting weight at 213, 5"1' and BMI of 42. Year post op I am 127 and a BMI of 23. Feel great. I am off Metformin and Spironolactone for my PCOS. I still get some facial hair. But the weight and Acne are under control. I had novasure years ago because I couldn't deal with my cycles. So can't speak to how surgery impacts them. I am still on nuvaring to balance out my hormones. Without it I get unpredictable PMS. I would be on Prozac without it. My idea is hormones are the root cause treat the root cause. This surgery has had an amazing impact on my health, mind, confidence.
  9. ocgirl15

    Insurance Question, BCBSIL

    Mine approval was very quick. Probably less than a week. I had absolutely no issues with BCBSIL.
  10. ocgirl15

    Restriction Frustration

    I think it sounds like you are right where you should be. Capacity does increase as you heal and swelling goes down. At a year out I can eat much more than post op....but my capacity is not close to pre op. Take advantage of this honeymoon period because it doesn't last. Best of luck!
  11. I have PCOS and hypothyroidism and I don't feel it slowed me down. I got to goal in about 8 months and lost 110% of my excess weight. Sodium will depend on personal medical situation so I don't recommend getting advice from anyone else but your medical team. For example I don't avoid sodium because I now have low blood pressure... But your situation could be totally different. I didn't have HBP before. I only had a Protein goal. My nut said protein first and not much else. No calorie, fat or carb goal. However no sugar, rice, white flour or processed carbs. Early on walking was the recommended exercise and they wanted me do as much as possible every day. After all post op restrictions were lifted no limitations at all. I think most medical teams would be thrilled if your exercising every day. And year post I still worry about my weight every day and I at goal. Best of luck to you!
  12. Absolutely no regrets. No complaints, no complications. Ok maybe one.... I do miss an occasional mojito... But my size six butt somehow makes it through!
  13. ocgirl15


    Oh yes! I can honestly say it is an awesome workout if your joints are up to it. I love beachbody turbo jam. Great abs and core workout not to mention great cardio.
  14. For the first week I took them as prescribed except at night because for some odd reason they give me insomnia. Second week it was as needed. If I was in pain I took them but it wasn't constant. After that I had to go back to work and maintain a clear head.... Or I would have took them longer.! Lol.
  15. ocgirl15

    Transformation Tuesday

    Wow so incredible. Congrats on your transformation!
  16. ocgirl15

    Favorite flavor drops?

    My favorite is crystal light blueberry/raspberry.
  17. ocgirl15

    Baby products actually work?

    Nursery water is basically distilled so it has no minerals. Maybe Gerber is too. Wish I had known about that post op. Maybe it was the minerals in water that made me nauseous.
  18. I lost 85 total and plastic surgery would be cosmetic and not at all required. There is nothing about my skin that is limiting me. Quite honestly I would go up against any 44 year old woman that had 2 kids. I think age, genes, how heavy you were and how long you were heavy dictates whether extra skin will limit you. I think pregnancy did much more damage than being obese.
  19. I am 5'1" and 127. It puts me at the high end of the normal BMI range. My body resists going lower but no need too because I feel and look healthy.
  20. I tried a sip here and there and I don't care for it anymore. If I get something with carbonation I let It go flat. Lipstick lady is right it doesn't stretch anything. Avoiding carbonation is about avoiding discomfort and empty calories.
  21. I don't think anybody cares what somebody eats 6 months or a year out. After cleared by your doc to 'try any food' ... Have at it. When I read constructive criticism from vets it usually someone days post op eating a porkchop or taco or drinking wine when they are still in the liquid part of their post op diet. That is never going to be cool nor will vets ever coddle or validate that behavior. EVER! It is potentially life threatening. When I see that kind of advice from vets am thinking 'yes' and hope all the newbies and pre-ops are paying attention. On the other hand if you stay at goal or under eating cupcakes good for you! I am happy for you and jealous. But the reality is I will fail if I made cupcakes and pizza a regular part of my diet. All I want newbies to know is that they might be lucky like the OP or unlucky like me. Thread lightly until you know for sure.
  22. I have hypothyroidism and PCOS and did great with the sleeve and plenty on here have done great with bypass. I think conditions like GERD and severe diabetes and how much you need to loose will help decide what is the best surgery for you. Both surgeries will help you loose weight with PCOS and hypothyroidism.
  23. ocgirl15

    Sugar free chocolates?

    They have sugar alcohols and too many make me go to much.... Just an occasional treat for me.
  24. I am almost a year out and still love Mexican in post WLS quantities. Like everything else I minimize the carbs. So is a fajita still fajita without the tortilla? I don't know but trust me it is still delicious!!!
  25. ocgirl15


    It can help with weight loss... Maybe that is it. Personally I wouldn't accept the Rx unless the doctor told me why they were prescribing it.