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    Eating & pain

    @gabybab I hope the PA can help you! Please keep us posted.
  2. Just a little update: I have finally been able to get my stall moving again. It's slow, BUT the number on the scale is going down, so that has made me happier. My plan, right now, is diligent monitoring of my portions AND caloric intake per meal/snack. Still dealing with a slight up & down trend, but weight is trending down. That seems to be working right now, so onward & forward. I'm hoping that the stall is FINALLY vanquished. (fingers crossed)
  3. drac2you

    Eating & pain

    I totally understand what you are dealing with, having been instructed no eating or drinking for 45 minutes before and after eating, while trying to take oral medications! Trust me, it WILL get easier as you adjust to your new sleeve, give it time, you are only 25 days out. My experience has been to be sure to chew my food until it seems pointless to do it anymore before going to the next bite, then, if you HAVE to take oral meds with food try to do so with a SIP of water only. Until you are used to how much you can consume at a sitting, you may have to cut the meal you take your meds with into two servings an hour or so apart so the food has time to move out of your stomach. Hope that helps you a bit! Good luck!
  4. I'm so glad you started this topic as I've been wondering some of these things, too! Keep us posted on your progress towards this goal, please. Good luck.
  5. drac2you

    Before and After pics Panniculectomy

    Your transformation is amazing! Thank you for sharing your pics, too. I am also considering this procedure, but right now my insurance considers it cosmetic even though my pannus hangs down below my pubis and I have had chronic fungal infections of the skin underneath. But I consider this process of getting my insurance to pay a work in progress. Congratulations on your success AND your new bod!
  6. The other day my husband and I decided to go out to lunch and I ate 1/2 of a french dip sandwich with swiss on it, and a few french fries. The next day I ate the same outta the leftovers (gave the rest of the fries to my dog). Since then I have had some cookies but since there are no more, I'm back on track. I feel that we cannot deny ourselves ALL the time, but need to limit the indulgence to once in a great while. I AM happy that I cannot chow down large amounts of the wrong stuff like I did before surgery which, for me, is a handy reminder when I feel full after such instances.
  7. drac2you

    50 and Up Sleevers

    @NCGIRL88 -- In that case, you are very lucky. Some of us have other mental issues to overcome to complete our progress
  8. drac2you

    Support and honesty needed

    I was 50 at the time of my surgery and even though I have yet to reach my weight loss goal things are still moving along slowly. So don't let your husband get you down, everyone here is offering excellent advice and I think that should bolster your confidence to do what you need to do to take care of you!
  9. drac2you

    I Was Amazed When I Heard This

    I, too, have been able to eat steak since early on. I simply have to be sure to chew well and cut the pieces small and I'm good. Every person's tolerances are different, just remember that as each of us are individual so are our experiences.
  10. drac2you

    Pouch Reset

    @KimTriesRNY That article was fascinating, thank you for posting that link!
  11. drac2you

    Psychological roller coaster

    I don't have a ton of advice but, remember your body is going through a ton of changes right now. Try not to be too hard on yourself for the way you feel. The folks in the forums on here are very helpful and supportive, so I recommend you definitely take advantage of all that you can here when you are feel down.
  12. drac2you

    50 and Up Sleevers

    I was 50 when I had my surgery in 10/2015. Still trying to get to my goal weight, but since it's not a race, I plan on getting there as soon as I am able & not a moment sooner. It's hard for me to say whether or not age has any impact on weight loss over all but I also have some endocrine issues thrown into the mix to cause me issues, but, it is what it is. Gonna keep plugging away on that weight loss and plan on getting to the finish during this year. Hoping my dog can help since we both need to lose and can walk it off together.
  13. drac2you

    I’m new here

    @Stajas welcome!! Good luck to you. I believe it is quite normal to gain a few pounds after reintroducing any kind of food after the immediate post-op diet that is mainly liquids. You should start to lose again very quickly once your system adjusts to the newest change in your food intake, so don't get discouraged, because things are just getting started. My experience is that this is the way things go when changing to each stage of the post-op diets.
  14. drac2you

    I’m new here

    Yes!! That is what you are doing hehehe
  15. drac2you

    Only A Few Active Members

    I have to say that there are soooo many repeat threads by people that I get totally overwhelmed trying to decide where to look! So I don't post here as often as I would like. So maybe others are having the same issue.
  16. @Mjrteach It's true; after the first few days your cravings should drastically decrease as your body adjusts to the fact that more food is not coming it's way. Right now it's in confused mode wondering what in the world is going on, but once your body switches to burning reserves you should be predominantly free & clear of cravings. As Izucks says above, try to keep in mind that you are making the surgery easier & therefore safer for you and your surgeon.
  17. I was sleeved in 10/2015, have never reached my goal weight, and have been stuck at a 50 lb weight loss. I am seriously considering a revision of some sort. I DO NOT think a 3 year stall is normal. Seems unless I'm on starvation rations of 900 calories or less, I do not lose weight regardless of my activity level. Apparently, my body is excellent at survival mode. And, yes, until I moved to a new state, I was following up with my nutritionist and my surgeon (until my 1.5 yr visit) that I was doing everything they had instructed me to do, correctly. So I'm baffled. I really think I need a second opinion.
  18. drac2you

    Anyone NOT taking their vitamins?

    Vitamins are a necessity because we do not absorb our nutrients as efficiently as before surgery. I managed to find liquid bariatric vitamins that are easy to take as they are mixed with about 2 ounces of water. Sip them down and all done. Personally, I notice if I become negligent taking them, my hair starts to fall out, my skin breaks out, my energy level is terrible and my skin dries up. Get them in or you may have some serious regrets in the future.
  19. I am 3 yrs post-op and I have lost approximately 50% of my EWL goal. Although I do have some endocrine issues that are making it harder to lose the weight I'm still trying to reach 100% of my goal. Currently I've decided to redo my pre-op diet plan for 2 weeks to break my stubborn stall. Even though I get discouraged at times I remind myself that I no longer require diabetes or high blood pressure medications and that losing the weight I have compared to where I started is definitely healthier. Try to remember that it's not how FAST you can lose the weight, like happened initially, but that the weight is eventually off. Also, everyone has their own emotionally ingrained habits to break that may require longer to change than simply "dieting". Learning a new lifestyle is a major change: after all it took all of us a lifetime to get where we were before surgery, now we have the rest of our lives to morph into our much healthier, happier, more intelligent selves. @BurBur--that post is simply inspirational!! Thank you for that, I needed to hear what you said also.
  20. drac2you

    I need to get back on track

    You have MANY reasons to have anxiety. All the suggestions from the people who posted before me are excellent; especially getting in to see your primary care doc. So many things can cause anxiety it's hard to pinpoint. This I have plenty of experience with, unfortunately. My personal situation is not weight-gain at this time but a huge stall of about 1.5 yrs. So I am again logging all my food, measuring all my portions, and am planning on a reset by following the liver-reduction diet I was given by my surgeon to jump start things. If you need a motivational buddy, I am here for you, you know where to find me . We are all travelling the same road but not necessarily in the same location, it helps to chat with fellow travellers when you encounter them. Good luck.
  21. Been stalled at 50 lbs lost for about 1.5 years. But I'm glad I chose this tool, I have gotten rid of my blood-pressure and diabetic meds! Gonna work on a reset to break this stall as nothing else has worked, but I'm still making an effort to move on forward!
  22. drac2you

    Gastric sleeve friends a year out or more

    My pcp is aware of my weight-loss surgery, I have relocated since my 18 month visit to the surgeon, so he checks my labs at least 2x a year.
  23. drac2you

    2 years out and struggling.

    @MrsLucas I just came across this post. And I have experienced some of the same issues as yourself, minus the pregnancy. I lost my mother just before my surgery and my father just last year (5/2017). There has been a bit of turmoil in my life since starting this journey. I went from 284 to 223 back up to 230 - my goal is to get down to 170 have yet to do so. I was stuck at 229 for 1.5 yrs despite following up with my nutritionist & bariatric surgeon. Needless to say, I too am looking for some motivation and support, if you are still interested in a weight-loss journey buddy. I'm currently getting ready to follow the pre-op diet myself to try and kick-start this stall. If you want to hook up for support buddies, please message me! Good luck to you.
  24. Still stuck at a 50# weight-loss after three years. Starting to think the rest is never going to come off. I have decided to see a bariatric doctor, where I currently live, since I have moved away from the one that did my original surgery. Also starting to wonder what weight-loss percentage is considered a failure for this surgery. I don't want to be one of the unsuccessful stories, but I'm becoming very discouraged. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I lost the weight I did, but why won't the rest GO?!

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