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    April 2017 sleevers how's it going?

    Starting weight was 299.
  2. Lattedah

    April 2017 sleevers how's it going?

    I was sleeved on 4/10/2017. I feel great, haven't had any issues with re-flux, able to drink plenty of fluids with out any issues. Incisions are healing great and no left over surgery pain. I have no issues with eating most foods and take my time eating and chewing; however, I am much hungrier than I thought I would be. Actually, when I hit a stall and actually gained about 4 lbs, I asked my NUT what I might be doing wrong... it appears I was eating too much. I honestly misunderstood my eating instruction sheet. I thought I was up to 1/2 cup per meal. Well... that is not the case. I'm supposed to be at 1/4 cup per meal. Also I was walking regularly until my arthritic knees starting bothering me (although my knees have been feeling great since surgery). I just purchased a stationary bike and working on getting up to speed on that! Now, that I lowered my food intake, I have lost 6 lbs. So, a total of 37 lbs. I'm fine with losing slowly, but I can't wait to get to 1/2 cup and then to 1 cup. I think there will be stalls at every change in the amount of food intake. Just need to look for ways to overcome those stalls. Everyone is doing great!
  3. Lattedah

    1 Year Post-op Slow andSteady

    Thank you so much! I finally dropped 2 more pounds. And actually (tmi as well) I'm experiencing issues with constipation as well. :/ I am going to try taking something to help. I guess Metamucil. Thanks again for the encouragement.
  4. Lattedah

    1 Year Post-op Slow andSteady

    Thanks for the reply, Introversion and LittleLizzielillyput (great name!). I am glad to hear that this is maybe somewhat normal, especially since I'm a band to sleeve revisionist ... I was a little worried going in that I might not lose as much or as quickly due to the band. I'm still optimistic! Especially as you two have lost a good deal of weight! Congratulations, by the way! That is inspirational! Also, "LLL," I have noticed I've gone down 2 dress sizes. Maybe I should take my measurements! Thanks again for the encouraging words!
  5. Lattedah

    1 Year Post-op Slow andSteady

    Hi. Thanks for posting this. I'm about 7 weeks out and have been stalled for the last two weeks. I am at 32-33 lbs lost. I have tried upping my calories a little for a few days and then back to my normal daily intake. Just keep bouncing around 32-33 lbs lost. I was walking but having a little issue with my knees when walking. I ordered stationary bike that is supposed to be low impact on the knees. Did anyone else notice a stall at 7 weeks? Seems like this would be too soon.
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm 6 weeks out from my surgery. Here are some things that I know, am learning or have learned: I knew going in that the sleeve would be a tool and not fix my head hunger nor my bad food habits. I have to work on those things myself! I'm not going to B*ll Sh*T myself. I either do this or I make excuses not to. The sleeve will offer restriction and help me; however, again, I have to work with it, not against it. Support is huge, either family, friends, this forum, therapy or support groups. But, I am stubborn. If I AM NOT in it, no support will "make" me successful. It's going to be a long-haul and I have to remind myself (everyday) why I did this. It's because I want to lose the weight so I can be happy and healthy and be around for a while. I may fall off the wagon and if I do, I have to choose to get back on! 32 lbs down and I feel better already... but I know that could change easily if I don't stay the course!
  7. Thanks for asking this question and thanks for all the answers from everyone. It's so very helpful to hear from others, even if we all have a different experience, there are also a lot of similarities. I was sleeved on April 10th. Since pre-op and surgery I'm down 29 pounds. Surgery Recovery: I had a hard time the first week after surgery, however, as the days go by I feel much better and much more optimistic. Food-Mourning/Yearning: I also constantly think about food and I have had my ups and downs and tinges of regret. I realize; however, that a lot of that is just a version of mourning food and my old life that ended up leading me to the sleeve. Also, I notice that once I was done with the liquid stage, I felt more optimistic and "normal." I obsessively browse healthy eating recipes on Pinterest and am excited when they turn out to be so satisfying. Energy: I feel a lot more energy (until the afternoon when I hit the wall). Mentioned this to my doctor's office and they said this is normal. That my body needs time to recover. She said most people really start noticing the energy levels going up around 6-8 weeks after surgery. So, I'm hopeful and feeling positive. Physical Changes: I can see and feel the changes in my face and body. My clothes are all getting too baggy. Hmm... guess, I'll have to go shopping! Although, my strategy with buying clothes is that I'll only buy a few pieces at a time and on sale, because I intend to be shopping every few months as I lose the weight! Pain-Free: Finally, the biggest change for me was before surgery, I had horrible problems with my knees (arthritis) and could barely walk anywhere without stiffness and pain. The pain is almost gone! I can walk easily and the swelling is down. THIS IS SUCH HAPPY NEWS for me! Bottom Line: I am happy I made this choice and I understand (and will need to be reminded) that I have to work with the sleeve and not against it. Support will be so very important and I will continue to seek it out from my family, friends, this board and the support groups offered at my doc's office (although I'm not a huge group support person, I like to do everything on my own..). I wish everyone continued good luck on this journey and thanks for the support!!!
  8. Lattedah

    April 2017 sleevers?

    Hi. I had my surgery on the 10th. Now 8 days out, I'm feeling better and better. Had a lot of nausea the day after and no one likes to feel that...however, I walked as much as I could and kept reminding myself "this will pass." And it does! I wasn't too sore just took it slow. Walk, sip water, rest repeat. It's amazing how much better you feel each day. Best of luck to you and take it slow and steady.
  9. Lattedah

    Let's do It! Right?

    Onmyway11, I'm so happy to find posts such as yours on BP. I'm also going to have Band to Sleeve Revision Surgery. My surgery is scheduled for Monday, April 10th. I had great success with the band for a few years; however, when I did begin having issues, my surgeon had moved away from the area and I was trying to deal/ignore my issues for a few years. Found a great surgeon and am now moving on to the Sleeve. I'm excited and also MUCH more nervous about this surgery. You hit the nail on the head with the reference to feeling emotional and nervous about "doing it again." and it really helps to hear from someone who feels the same way and went through the revision with success and with such a positive attitude and outlook! Thanks for sharing the great positive energy! Best of luck to you on your journey!
  10. Lattedah

    April 2017 sleevers?

    Hello, All! My surgery is scheduled for Monday. April 10. Excited, nervous, and ready. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Lattedah

    Day 3 of Pre-Op Diet

    Hi. On my 7th day of pre-op diet. 4 Protein shakes, two protein bars and clear liquids. The broth has been a life saver for me as well. I'm doing ok but having a hard time with getting the 4 protein drinks in per day. Going to try freezing them. We will all get through this. Good luck on everyone's procedures!
  12. Lattedah

    1 Year Surgeryversary!

    Wow, you look happy and gorgeous! Way to go!
  13. Lattedah


    Congratulations! And so excited for you! I'm having my band to sleeve revision on April 10th! I'm nervous, excited and ready! Looking forward to hearing about your journey!
  14. Lattedah

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    Hello dear March Bandsters... I have been away from LBT for months now and thought I would stop by to say hello and I hope all of you are doing well. I have been very happy with my lapband experiences (through all the ups and downs and happy to report mostly ups). I am down 88 lbs and still have a ways to go, but feeling like I have this in the bag (or band!) :smile2: Wishing you all very happy holidays! Sheri (aka Lattedah)
  15. Lattedah

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    Hello, Shamrocks! I haven't been posting on LBT for a very long time due to life and work craziness! But, I always check in to see what the Shamrocks are up to and to hear about everyone's progress. I thought I would just send a quick note to say "Hi, Shamrocks" and to say that though it's been an interesting road with a lot of hills and valleys, I still feel so incredibly lucky to have the band and although sometimes slower than I would like, I AM loosing weight and feeling so much better than I have in years! You're all very inspiring to me and although I don't drop in as much as I would like, I just wanted you to all know that. Especially, my pal, Chica, who keeps me in touch. Thank you.
  16. Lattedah


    Georgia Girl! You look Beautiful! :biggrin2: Congratulations to you! I started out weighing 8 lbs more than you and want to lose about the same amount of weight as you. You are my inspiration! :thumbup:I can't wait to check in here when I have lost about the same amount as you! I have to find a good before and take a current picture at about 42 lbs down! Thanks again for your update and great job! Oh and thanks also for the wonderful artichoke chicken salad recipe!
  17. Lattedah

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    Hello, fellow March Bandsters! I haven't been posting here for a while, but I do love to check in here often to see what everyone is up to, going through and how you're all doing...oh and to laugh at your witty posts!:thumbup: I've just recently received my first fill (May 14th to be exact). I have a 14cc band and received 3cc fill. So far, I seem to have pretty good restriction.:biggrin2: I delayed getting a fill at 5 weeks because I was still feeling restriction from the operation. Since my operation, I seem to be a week behind most bandsters and as if on cue, at 6 weeks I turned the corner and was starving... I tried to get in for a fill but they couldn't get me in for another 3 1/2 weeks! Yikes, I was starving the entire time and struggled to lose 3 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks.:thumbup: Since my fill, I'm happy to report that I've lost 5 lbs! Restriction Rocks!:scared2: I am a little worried that I'll lose restriction before my next appointment... but I've received reassurance and encouragement from my wonderful "filler, Phil" and from my friend, Chica, who have both given me strict instructions to be a little more forceful when calling for an appoitment. Grrr... Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone that I do check in here often and love to read all your posts and I'm so happy for all of us. Even with the good and the bad experiences, I still believe in the band and I just know we're all going to be extremely successful! :biggrin2: Oh and by the way, Fenton, I HEART George Clooney, but I might actually HEART John Cusack more... so there, Chica!:thumbup:
  18. Lattedah

    Onederland! What a year it's been.

    Sue! Congratulations and you cry as many happy tears as you want!:thumbup: You SO deserve it, my friend! That is a wonderful accomplishment. :biggrin2: I can't wait until this time next year to post this very same message. I'm also over 300 lbs and can't even imagine being in ONEderland! But, I know it will happen with the help of my BANDaide!:tt2: Again, congratulations and I'm So very happy for you!
  19. Hi, Cheryl Ann and Godshelp. Congratulations to you both on getting banded!:cry_smile: I was banded on 3/12 and I also experienced an uncomfortable feeling on my left side, under my rib cage. It does feel like a catch and also sort of like an inflated ballon type of pressure under my rib cage. I've also been feeling bloated or tight after eating and I mentioned it to my surgeon. He said that I may be eating too fast. Not sure if this is anything like you're both experiencing. In the last week, I have not noticed this feeling much at all...so I think I may be turning another corner and that pain is dissappearing. I still get the full/tight feeling, but found out from my doctor's office that it's actually restriction I'm feeling. In fact, looks like I won't need a fill -- at least for now. Continued good luck to you both and I hope that you find this feeling passes for you both.:biggrin2:
  20. Lattedah

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    Ahhh... shucks, thank you so much for the Birthday shoutout, Chica, mi amiga! :crying: I didn't even see your post yesterday, as I was selfishly indulging myself in Birthday celebrations (didn't even cheat btw!:biggrin2:). You are so right, Chica. This was the best present I've EVER given myself! I can't wait to be posting on this board this time next year and hearing all about the wonderful successes of the Shrinking Shamrocks! We should ALL be so proud of ourselves. :crying: Hey, HopeinApril, thank you for your Birthday wishes as well and Happy Belated Birthday to YOU as well! :biggrin2: Did your parents also refer to your birthday as the "Deadline Birthday?" :smile: Thanks again, Chica and see you on Thursday!
  21. Hello Shrinking Shamrocks! Everyone is doing great!:biggrin2: I was banded on 3/12. As of my last visit to the surgeon on 4/3 I'm down 28 lbs. According to my home scale -- as of today -- I'm down 31 lbs. Think I wait until I go back on Thursday before I change my ticker. :sad_smile: Continued success to all!:biggrin2:
  22. Congratulations on getting the band! You're right! It is SO worth it. You're going to feel better and better every day! :biggrin2: I only told a select few people at my office and only some of my family members as well. Since my actual surgery, the numbers of those who know what type of surgery I had has grown. Fortunately, everyone has been extremely supportive, very considerate and assume I know what is best for me. However, there have been a few nosey folks who found out I had surgery and while they don't know for sure that I had WLS, they have tried to confirm it by asking me stupid questions. Sometimes I just feel like saying to them that I've had an Obesectomy and that I had my obesity removed! :Dancing_wub: Again, congratulations to you!
  23. Hi, Penny. Well, you certainly came to the right place for support, LBT has some of the most genuinely supportive people I've ever met in my life! :biggrin2: Penny, I also have seen a therapist for the last few years and we have developed a professional friendship. While I went to see her initially for grief counseling, depression and anxiety, my weight was also always part of the conversation. When I decided to have the Lap Band surgery, I found I was anxious about telling her (she does not have a weight problem). It took me several visits before I finally iniated the conversation with her (which, as several folks here recommended, came up because of my health concerns). As I told her I started justifying my decision to her and I was also afraid she would try to talk me out of it -- not that she asked me to justify the decision. I soon realized that I was making this decision "real" by telling this person who so intimately knew me. The justification was like having an objective conversation with myself to ensure this decision was truly the right decision for me and to face my own doubts. By the end of the conversation (with myself :regular_smile:), I was truly sure about the decision. She has been right behind me all the way and extremely supportive. Good luck to you and I hope all goes well!
  24. Lattedah

    Day One!

    Hi, emb! Congratulations on your new band! :biggrin2: Sorry, you're having such bad gas pains. I know how that goes, I was banded on March 12th. I did take the pain meds (I had a good liquid mixture that didn't make me sick and helped me sleep). I know it's frusterating, but just keep on walking and taking the Gas-X strips. I also used a heating pad on my stomach... It really helped me... something about the warmth. I sipped on Water and ice chips a lot as well. The gas pains will go away... but I know it feels like forever when you're experiencing them. Everyday gets better and better. :biggrin2:
  25. Lattedah

    still no poop!

    Hello, all. I second (or third) the Milk of Mag. shout out! I was banded on 3/12 and didn't have a bm until yesterday, Friday, 21st. I went for my follow-up on the 20th and they told me use the MoM and that did the trick. I've also been throwing in some fresh strawberries and peanut butter into my shakes (using the Magic Bullet) and I think that's also making a big difference.