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    Self Pay in the U.S.

    Do the qualifications, experience, and support of the surgeon and the program's follow up care not matter? For such a major life changing procedure it seems odd to be searching for the cheapest price rather than the highest quality program. I understand financial limits and concerns, but this is your life you are talking about. In my mind it warrants more consideration than that. I would encourage you to do your research into whichever program you are considering before beginning.
  2. MilknWookies

    Dealing with Boss and Work

    Your boss has zero right to know anything about your current medical situation or history. HIPPA laws are pretty strict as are FMLA laws. Employers are bound to certain guidelines they must follow. I would file the paperwork with the HR department and tell them that once the paperwork is in order and everything is approved that they can notify your direct supervisor that you will be absent for medical reasons on FMLA leave. No other specifics are required.
  3. MilknWookies


    I can't comment on your specific surgery, I had RNY, however I can tell you that the money spent on supplements is far cheaper than what I was spending on groceries and eating out every month. My wife, who has not had any surgery, and I spend half what we used to on food including the Vitamin cost. We were spending probably over $100-150 a week eating out and groceries and now we spend maybe $200-300 a month. As to your question about the possibility of complications these are present with any surgery. These should be discussed with your surgeon and you should feel comfortable with everything before you proceed with anything. Good luck!
  4. MilknWookies

    Why did I do this?

    You just had a major surgery that altered an important organ in your body. I'm not sure anyone could expect to feel like a million bucks. I felt like crap the first 24 hours, but I expected to feel like crap. So was I down? No. Was I happy, cheerful, or full of optimism? No. I mostly wanted to sleep and do my walking and that's about it. The pain goes away as does the swelling until then just take it easy and follow your surgeon's directions.
  5. MilknWookies

    Pain after Surgery - What to Expect?

    The one thing my doc's office understated greatly was the level of immediate post op pain. I woke up in recovery and immediately was hoping they would knock me back out. I have broken several bones in my life and had a few other very painful medical procedures. When I woke up in recovery the level of pain was right up there with all of them. Some of it was panic on my part because the drain tube they put in went across the diaphragm. It was really hard for me to take deep breaths. So it was short quick shallow breathing along with an immense amount of pain. They got it under control in about 15-20 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Once it was under control I went to sleep pretty much immediately. The pain the next two days in the hospital improved each day and by the time I went home the only thing that was bothering me still was the belly button incision.
  6. My nutritionist at my first follow up appointment said that nobody comes in and says "Yeah, I have been drinking all my Fluid and getting all the Protein in too." Your pouch is likely still swollen and sore from surgery. I would say do the best you can, but it not good to cause yourself to feel sick or in discomfort.
  7. MilknWookies

    5 days post-op and constant burping

    I am one week post op today and I had lots of burping at the hospital and coming home. My doc encouraged it and it always made me feel better. One thing that helped me that my doc suggested was to drink standing up or even while walking. When I did this the gas flowed out easily and the pain and pressure did not mount up. I had a drain tube removed on day 3 as well and it was causing pain on my diaphragm as well. Mine went away quickly however. I did a lot of deep breathing and it seemed like the more I did it the less pain it caused. I have no pain now on day 7. Good luck to you!