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  1. Years ago? I'm looking to see if anyone's had gastric a long period of time and not have any issues. Seriously the Internet scares me every time I'm on it looking something up there's issues and complications and really freaking out!
  2. sarahbethemails


    Are we allowed to eat this puréed or even after?
  3. sarahbethemails


    I'm going to a party next weekend and I had my surgery 10/7 so I was wondering if meatballs are soft in sauce am I allowed them in the soft stage?? Also eggplant parm?? Wasn't sure about that either since its soft
  4. sarahbethemails

    Happy girl right now!

    So I hate protein shakes and have not been doing them at all and barely getting protein in and my doc is aware and I been trying to eat more things with protein. Welllllllll I went to market today and found oikos zero yogurt fruit flavored 15 grams protein for that little container!! Woohoo!! I never really looked because I thought there was only vanilla yuck!!! This is big for me right now you guys have no idea!! Lmao haha laughing at myself over how ecstatic I am.
  5. Combine 1 egg beaten 1/4 low fat mayo 1 tablespoon basil and 1 tspoon garlic paste 1 cup breadcrumbs/Panko 1/3 cup red onion 3 cups left over/ rotisserie shredded chicken and youcan stir in onion and breadcrumbs towards the end. Once combined should stick together form you cakes about 1/4 cup of mixture or you can make mini appetizer sizes.heat some oil medium heat 3 min on each side. For the mayo 1/2 low fat mayo 1 tablespoon cilantro and 1 tablespoon garlic paste. Then put on top of that yummy chicken cake!!
  6. I feel like this surgery was not best for me!! I feel like my hairs going to fall out!!! I can't stomach any protein at all. I had two eggs yesterday that got me to 12 grams but that's it. There must be someone out there that has the same problem. When I reach out people say try this try that I hate vanilla and chocolate anything and the fruit ones yuck I may just have two take protein pills like 10 times a day anyone help please depressed
  7. sarahbethemails

    Quest chips?

    Anyone eat these there protein low calorie low sugar low carb chips with high protein? I'm thinking I may have to get these to get my protein in I'm assuming they are easier to get in then a bar. But one bag has 21 grams of protein!
  8. sarahbethemails

    Sad but cute

    They said it's a waiting game kinda...pain medications for now. I am not feeling well at all though. I tried eating felt immediately nauseous and I can barely drink my stomach is gurgling a lot I think there's something else wrong with me. I have a Drs appointment tomorrow and I can barely eat or drink not even 12 ounces today and a bite of tuna that's it!!
  9. sarahbethemails

    Sad but cute

    I'm at the hospital for possible kidney stone and the patient next to me whose like 85 says am I going to make it ......and her husband says make what she goes you know bill....He goes make your bed yeah you can make it when you go home. so sad and so cute at the same time.
  10. sarahbethemails

    Body aches?

    My whole body aches the last couple weeks just getting more sore everyday. Has this happened to anyone I had my surgery 10/7 does this last long?
  11. sarahbethemails

    Sad but cute

    Yeah they said it's Omentum. I guess it's a fatty tissue not getting good enough blood causing me pain. Thanks!!
  12. sarahbethemails

    Question about Probiotics

    I had gastric bypass and my doctor told me it was mandatory we take probiotics right after surgery everyday for 6 months. That's all I know on that though I didn't ask why which I should have.
  13. sarahbethemails

    Pickle joy no more?

    Do you guys eat the skin of the pickle? I had gastric bypass 10/7 I had a pickle the other day didn't chance the skin.
  14. sarahbethemails

    Body aches?

    You guys may be right I'm still not drinking 64 ounces of water yet Nor at my protein levels yet I will call them today. As of right now I have lost 37 pounds as of 10/7 10/7 my surgery date
  15. sarahbethemails

    Chicken cakes with cilantro garlic mayo

    Lol I'm from Rhode Island and we have tons of different foods no one heard of!! Wieners for instance. Yes I love cilantro and garlic I'm kinda obsessed with these ingredients. Add some spices to the cake I did forget that salt pepper and a little cumin whatever you guys prefer!!
  16. sarahbethemails

    Breath worse or better?

    Nope my breathe was horrible the first 3-4 weeks!! I brushed and brushed and nada and I am freak when it comes to my teeth!! I know they say don't chew gum but when I was out in public had to! It will get better!!
  17. sarahbethemails


    When did people start venturing out and eating broccoli cauliflower asparagus spinach and Brussels sprouts? I miss my veggies those are my favorites but I know the fibrous vegetables.
  18. sarahbethemails


    Awesome thanks everyone!!
  19. sarahbethemails


    How far out are you mark? I would love a salad!! Too early for me but hey I might just try!!
  20. sarahbethemails


    Awesome thanks!!!
  21. sarahbethemails

    Evening/Night Hunger Tips

    My doctor says with the surgery you don't have certain times to eat so if you have your snack at 10 that's fine. I barely eat three times a day but I'm hungry but if I go to fridge I don't want it so weird. If I look at chili/beans Again I might gag lol hopefully that goes way!!
  22. Even in five years!! I am so petrified of going through that I have anxiety attacks every time I eat please there must be a stage were it gets better!!!
  23. sarahbethemails

    The thoughtless comments

    My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 16 we have a 13 year old daughter and she is overweight. Really overweight more than me! I cook still for them seperatley than what I eat. I feed them healthy dinners and here and there will cook them a regular dinner but my boyfriend knows and he is a big guy when I went for surgery things were going to change for my daughter!! He is 100% committed to eating healthy for my daughters health. Of course there will be days that will be a treat for them parties,weddings,holidays ect.. But everyday cooking will be healthy. Any left overs my boyfriend will bring them to work the next day so there will never be any waste. For instance it's a start but I made empanadas today instead of frying I baked them with instead of Hamburg I used turkey Hamburg. They loved it so still have what you love just portion size and make it a little healthier!! Wish I had that mind set before surgery
  24. sarahbethemails

    Just a little venting

    I would have just went around her and said sorry she was mistaken she meant table for three and just smiled.

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