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  1. I am happy to report I have lost 2lbs in the past 4 days, I have been upping my Protein, eating a ton of veggies and some fruit - no breads due to them getting stuck! 173.5 and today 171.5, I can't wait to break the 170's finally. I feel good, clearer, healthier, my skin is clearing up and I have energy!
  2. Are there any Vermonters out there any more? I would love to find someone to talk to in my area, or quite frankly anyone in any area is fine with me
  3. Ugh we have once again missed each other!

  4. I am good, I don't come on here much any more but I am trying to. How are you doing?

  5. So, I had quit smoking before my surgery and was very proud of that, however, I did start smoking and have been for the past 6 months. Now I have smoked since I was a teen - eek! I know and I hate it, I have quit so many times but then something happend.... my husband and I quit New Years day together at 8 pm and this is the longest I have gone without actually feeling like I wanted to start up again. This is huge because while before I had quit for long periods of time I would obsess about smoking them but now for whatever reason I just feel different. Of course I have also become anal retentive about exercising and have started the couch to 5k program I saw posted, so that motivation has helped me immensely Also, for the simple fact I had this surgery to be healthier I just finally think after 6 months of having this band in me it is time to get my ass in gear and take better care of myself... so I am not proud at all that I began smoking again after surgery but you know what? I am human, I make mistakes and if any one has a negative comment to make about this I suppose they ought to check their own inventory before picking at mine :confused:
  6. Are you still on here? I hope you are well, miss chatting with you :)

  7. babbs3772

    Feeling Shame about gain

    You aer not alone, I lost a little more than 50 lbs, gained back 16 pounds and I was very ashamed as well. I went and had a much needed fill and I am back on track, in one week I have lost 6 pounds. Do not despair! I do not believe that guilt doesn't serve a purpose, it is a normal healthy human behavior and I believe it can either spur us on to spiral of bad behavior or onto a positive new even in your life!
  8. Oh goodness, well I will have been banded two years in June. I have lost over 50 lbs and have always been a slow loser but I have never gained. Well, I started a new job in December, quit smoking in March, got Shingles in February and then have suffered ever since with severe nerve pain that has warranted Lyrica being taken each day.... I lost myself with food, I stopped weighing myself, stopped tracking my food and I also found I could eat a lot, and I mean a whole lot of food! So, I was scared and I was embarrassed but I dragged myself to my Surgeons office. He was a bit concerned that I might have a dilated pouch so he ordered an Esophagram which I had last week. I went back to see him today and thankfully everything was fine, I just needed a fill! I have a 10cc band, I had 5.5cc in it and today he added another 1cc. I feel good, have really nice restriction - I had forgotten what that felt like :redface: Anyways, I just wanted to share and try to get myself back into the swing of things here on Lapbandtalk.com
  9. Hi, everything will be fine. I flew as well after being banded, nothing is different :confused:
  10. Hi there :) I am finally losing weight again, I just have to really track ever single little thing I eat and stay around 1200 calories a day, I have started to move my body more - little walking when I can on work breaks helps.

  11. babbs3772

    April 5, 2010 Current weight: 213

    Rachel you look fabulous! I am so happy for you
  12. Hey there :) I am doing ok, gained some weight but I am losing again thank goodness. You are down to 213! and your picture looks fantastic!!! I am so glad to "see" you :)

  13. babbs3772

    What do you eat for lunch?

    Hi Tomorrow I am having an egg, scrambled - a chicken and sweet apple sausage link (100 cal and delish!!) with a bit of asiago on the egg for lunch. Today it was 2 oz shrimp with Thai Peanut sauce and a small spinach salad with feta...
  14. I have found after almost two years what amount of Protein keeps me food - today 2 ounces of shrimp with a small spinach salad was good for lunch, Snacks may be less protein - like string cheese but with some sort of veggie or rice cakes. I have to do snacks, Dr. is fine with this (for me) I need the constant small meal to feel happy and full
  15. As of June it will be two years since getting banded, for the first time I have gained weight -11lbs to be exact. I have never had this happen but I am not going to let it slide. I have an appointment in two weeks for a fill thankfully. I am refocusing on my diet and exercise - looking back to my old success from when I first got my band, I just need to take good look at what I have learned and reapply it once again :smile:
  16. Thank you Cocoa Bean :thumbup: the fill will certainly help and just the past two days I have really looked back and refocus, plus utilizing this site is so crucial to my success.
  17. babbs3772

    HELP!!! Losing my HAIR:(

    Hi, some people say that Biotin does work, I found that if I got more protein in my hair loss stopped :smile: Don't panic and you are not alone!
  18. babbs3772

    Painful Hunger

    Yup, even after almost two years if I do not eat when I should and let it go it hurts pretty badly, I try so hard not to let that happen.
  19. Thank you so much, your post was really nice and it made me feel better about myself, I really really appreciate it :smile:
  20. LOL, I have been there and done exactly that!
  21. Boy I took at least two weeks off, I was drained and sore, I may have taken a bit more (can't remember now)but I had issues, I had an infection in my breast bone and that caused a whole bunch of issues and pain. Honestly, my job allowed for a long time off and I took what they allowed, it was wonderful as I was able to get myself mentally ready for my return to work and I needed it - but that is just me.
  22. babbs3772

    Why are YOU Fat?

    I was beautiful, I was healthy and then I had a stepfather who made my life hell. Without getting into too many details he altered my perception of myself and I felt I had protect by over eating and making myself "ugly". I went through much therapy and I found that I no longer need to hide myself behind so much food and unhappiness, sounds corny right? Not so much for me, it is true, and I have found myself with a lap band to help me on the way, I just couldn't do it by myself and I am not ashamed to have this assistance, this tool :willy_nilly:
  23. babbs3772


    I guess the only thing I can say is ...You have to decide what is right for you, no on else walks in your shoes but you! I have been in your shoes and I had two relatives who had gastric bypass, so you would think they would have all gotten it right? Not so much. I decided to follow through with my surgery and haven't looked back, yes, there times where it is hard but I have plugged along and done what I felt was right for me. Make your decision for you - never anyone else or other peoples fears or prejudices, life is too short and it is not the easy way out :willy_nilly: good luck to you! Barbara
  24. babbs3772


    I agree with Panda, focus on proteins, talk to your surgeon and see if you need a fill. Soup won't stay in your band very long of course, but I do love it!
  25. Oh my goodness I was losing hair like nuts for over a year! Protein and time have slowed it down to almost no loss. The doctors office kept saying this shouldn't happen to a lap band patient etc...but then there were many others having the same thing happen and finally they seemed to "get it"

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