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  1. Sleeve 2 years ago today. 281 HW 197 CW. Pretty much no more hunger suppression. 90-100,000 steps a week.
  2. Cape Crooner

    Ready to get back on track

    This has been a topic of misunderstanding in other posts. When I say "burn 2500 calories a day", I'm talking about what my fitness tracker reports. I think I burn 1800 by just being alive. I do cycle 5-6 days a week for and hour to an hour and a half. I average 90,000 steps a week.
  3. Cape Crooner

    Diet coke

    Pouches and sleeves are different. The pouch is created from the soft tissue esophagus. The sleeve is what remains of the stomach after the stretchy section is removed. I don't anything more about pouches, but I know sleeves aren't stretched by bubbles. All that said, I believe diet soda is a "consume in moderation" food. The same as Chrystal Light.
  4. Cape Crooner

    Diet coke

    Thanks Sara and good luck, but I was asking@arringtonc49
  5. Cape Crooner

    Diet coke

    How long ago were you sleeved? I tried it after about 9 months. I can't drink much, but other than that, it's just another drink with artificial sweetener. If you think it's bad - don't drink it!
  6. Cape Crooner

    Diet coke

    Not true
  7. Cape Crooner

    Food Funeral

    I agree. I big part of this process is "forgetting" all our old bad habits and building new ones as we emerge from a successful weight loss. Time is the only way to do this. Truth be told, the post op through goal attainment point diet is much easier than maintenance. The more time that passes between your old eating habits and your new eating habits,?the better!
  8. Cape Crooner

    Diet coke

    I don't buy that processed and fast foods are poison. No evidence (other than cheap movies) suggests that to be true. My mother and mother-in-law are both well into their 90's and both drink diet soda daily. That said, we are what we eat. I try to make most of my meals out of Whole Foods. I don't waste money on so-called organic foods. I do enjoy 1-2 In N Out burgers a year and 12 ounces of diet soda a week. We do not know that Type 2 diabetes is generally linked to obesity - not processed food unless that's all you eat. No own knows what causes cancer, but most of the women I knew who had breast cancer, were on birth control; lung cancer and smoking, liver cancer and alcoholism. Remember that the worst poisons on earth occur naturally; plan your diet, count your calories, and major in Whole Foods. You'll be fine!
  9. Cape Crooner

    Food Funeral

    I was sleeved a year and a half ago. There is nothing I can't eat that I ate before. Oh yeah, I cannot eat more than 8 ounces of anything! You'll never be deprived of a "taste", so there's no reason for a food funeral. Now, if you're wanting a pig out overeatingathon - what good will that do?
  10. Cape Crooner


    I don't dispute that most programs say no soda during the weight loss period. It contains acid which is to be avoided during healing. It also leaves you bloated for the first 6 months. That is not the myth. The myth is that it somehow stretches your sleeve, it does not. Go spend an hour or two on google and look for any research that disputes this fact, you won't find it because it does not exist. That said, I don't I'll ever drink more than 6/8 ounces at one sitting. It simply doesn't go down as fast as flat liquids.
  11. Cape Crooner

    Ready to get back on track

    I agree with smg. I'd also suggest a fitness tracker and a food logging app. Between the two of them, you'll be able enjoy the efforts of your hard work before it shows up on the scale. Burn 2500 calories a day and eat 1200 low carb/high protein and those 70 pounds will melt away!
  12. Cape Crooner

    Why no caffeine?

    I asked my surgeon and she said it had a lot of acid in it. Bad early on before your stitches heal. Potentially bad if you have or develop acid reflux. I took 6 months off and drink 2 cups in the morning and an ice coffee every day.
  13. Don't let it get you down. I was forced to attend two as well. The pre surgery folks said almost nothing. The meeting was dominated by post surgery folks who had no life before WLS and have been reborn thru the process. I'm guessing that they had become insignificant obese "faces in a crowd" before and now they're filled with confidence - which is great, but now they're persona as a "WLS success story" defines who they are. I'm not saying we don't have to eat healthy post sleeve, I'm just saying it's much easier to do when you can barely eat 8 ounces of solid food at one sitting and you can exercise without lugging the weight of a small person on your back. WLS has its own social world. If you want it or need it, it'll be there for you. If you don't, it'll be in your life's rear view mirror before you know it! #zeroregrets
  14. Cape Crooner

    Diet coke

    Interesting, I have researched this extensively and it's simply no true. The sleeve procedure removed the stretchy part of your stomach. There is absolutely no medical research that suggests a post vsg stomach can be stretched by a few bubbles. In fact, if you overeat (which is how our original stomach got stretched in the first place), it still won't stretch, you'll just throw up!
  15. You must be pretty tall, you don't look like you weigh 176!