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  1. I am scheduled for a revision from VSG to RNY with Dr. Francisco Gonzalez at Oasis of Hope hospital in Tijuana in October. I’d love some feedback and experiences with either the surgeon and/or hospital. Nervous but excited! Thank you!
  2. NovemberSleever

    Forced to do Bypass

    Thanks for this thread everyone! I am having revision surgery on 3/27, from sleeve to RNY, due to reflux and regaining all 60 lbs I lost with the sleeve 😭. Hoping to at least get rid of the reflux and losing the weight again would be a great bonus!
  3. NovemberSleever

    Surgery in Mexico

    @HappyHikerGal How was your experience at Oasis of Hope? I’m scheduled for revision surgery with Dr. Gonzalez on 3/27 and just looking for feedback on the facility, staff and overall experience. Which procedure did you have done? Thanks!
  4. @Confoozed84 Thank you! My surgery was rescheduled and is now 3/27. I’d love to know details about the hospital, doctor, staff, etc. Thank you!
  5. NovemberSleever

    VSG to RNY - The Good & The Bad

    This helps a lot. Thank you so much!
  6. I’m scheduled for a revision from VSG to RNY on 10/4 (VSG 2016, HW 246, LW 186, CW 233). Hoping to resolve my reflux and regain. I would love to hear some experiences from others who’ve done the same revision. I’m looking for all the good and bad info! I’d especially like to know: 1. Any side effects or complications? 2. How much weight did you lose and how long did it take? 3. If you had reflux or GERD, did the revision resolve it? 4. Any regrets with having the revision? Thank you!
  7. NovemberSleever

    Sleeve to bypass

    I’m right there with ya. I’m 3.5 years out from my sleeve and have my revision to RNY scheduled for 10/4, due to reflux and regain (HW 246, LW 186, CW 233). I’m nervous and excited too. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  8. NovemberSleever

    VSG to RNY - The Good & The Bad

    Thanks so much for this feedback!
  9. NovemberSleever

    Anyone else scheduled for October?

    I’m scheduled for a sleeve to bypass revision on 10/4! Excited and nervous.
  10. NovemberSleever

    Do I really regret it?

    I definitely remember feeling that way after I got my gastric sleeve surgery. I was MAD that I couldn’t eat solid food and MAD that I’d done this to myself. It’s all part of the emotional reaction that’s to be expected after such a huge physical change. Give yourself time and it will get better!
  11. NovemberSleever

    Dr. Altamirano or Dr. Zarvalza?

    Dr. A did my sleeve on 1/20/16 and the whole experience was amazing. Highly recommend!
  12. I used Dr. Carlos Altamirano and would recommend him to anyone. My surgery was January 20th.
  13. NovemberSleever

    Janurary 2016 Surgery in MX anyone?

    Yes sounds great! Post here and let me know how your surgery goes.
  14. NovemberSleever

    Janurary 2016 Surgery in MX anyone?

    @@danilynne I'm very excited! Going over my pre-op stuff now. I'm only required to do the 3 day pre-op diet, so I'll start that next weekend. Good luck to you!
  15. NovemberSleever

    Janurary 2016 Surgery in MX anyone?

    @@danilynne With Dr. Altamirano
  16. NovemberSleever

    Janurary 2016 Surgery in MX anyone?

    My surgery is scheduled for 1/20 as well (postponed it from November). Excited!
  17. I'm having gastric sleeve surgery in November and wanted to know if anyone who has had it done suffers from stomach issues as a result? Specifically dumping syndrome or diarrhea? I already have those issues BEFORE surgery and don't need them getting worse after. Thanks for any feedback!
  18. NovemberSleever

    Stomach Side Effects?

    Awesome thank you. No metformin, just a weak stomach in general. Constipation is fine by me (vs. constant diarrhea!) Thank you for the feedback!
  19. NovemberSleever

    Stomach Side Effects?

    Thank you - yes that helps!
  20. NovemberSleever

    2 month Surgiversary update!

    Awesome! Have you had any stomach issues after surgery such as dumping syndrome or diarrhea? I'm worried about those for my upcoming surgery.