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  1. So i am weighing in at 265-266 flip flops week to week iam still in a size 22 ive loat 2-4 sizes maaaybe since 100 pounds ago i meausre and no difference I do not eat carbs and i have adapted a keto life style ... I do not cheat and i exercise I refuse by pass so what could be the issue i need tl change skmething but what Has anyone lost 200???
  2. Water is for suee the hard part i stay so stuffed! And peee every 30 min lol even w my 50oz.... I thought it seemed low as a Well but being sleeved i didnt want to over do it... Hiw man calories would u suggest? Ill try to add in more veggies
  3. Thnaks every one i have flip flopped for 3 whoe minths now i do track every bite with my fitness pal i meal,prep and my numbers average 72 fat 800-1000 calories under 20 carbs and protien 65-100 i cut some sodium out to see if this helps i drink a minium of 50 oz of water more on exersice days which averages 5 days a week i never cheat .. And iam not just saying iam too scared to cheat and add in carbs i dont need... I started seeing a nut bc i couldnt loose and wanted to see if be had Any ideas or tips .... He didnt lol ... Thats why i guess he said iam done i stay at 266-263 litterly i gain one week and the very next week same plan ill loose it throid is fine ... Makes zerooo since what so ever and iam not losing incha either which is weird w exercise i know this sounds impossible ---- thats why iam posting ive googled till i cant any more and do not see any thing like it for people who didnt do bypass so people like me ended up doing bypass to lose the rest which i refuse it has to xome off... People do it every day wo wls
  4. Munecagirl85

    10th Month: How many calories?

    We are the same starting weight similar goals i dont see that too much, congrats so far only 65 to go amazingggg. I think ur goals are good pretty high on the protien side i stick to 90 doing to much can turn to sugar i do a keto life stule started a month ago makes a huge difference my goals are 90 fat protien and 20 carbs iam not there yet but iam only 6m
  5. Munecagirl85


    Ps sorrynfor typos this website hates my i pad screws my post up all the time i rarley come her for that reason then freezes my post and delete them and i have to atart alll iver. So annoying
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    Hungar. Ive lost about the same as u and we seem to follow sameish plan. Dates are same also. Ive been asking and asking this ? Ive got every answerr from water intake to no sugar/carbs to increase anti acid pills. The real sucky answeer is for us its hungar. Everyone is different. Even if noone i Else is t hungary and no its not head hunger and yes it hurta like hell. I have to eat every hr or two but its protienn like a bar or seeds or jerky not junk- thats the hard part
  7. I see the littlle thumb print but what link formthe chat???
  8. I have asked a similar question before but this makes me nervous i will not be able to lose after my honeymoon phase is over and be stuck in the 200's forever. I guess one can lose the same as a normal stomach
  9. Yeah iam a normal to slow loser i would say and thats what my major concern is that after my honey moon phase what will i need to do next when it stops all together i try to be posiitve
  10. Yes i wouldnt have ever chose bypass iM confident in knowing i wouldnt have before or even now if i do not get to my 200lbs goal but if people do it wo i have the upper hand now i guess lol
  11. Munecagirl85

    HELP! Cant stop eating!

    Iam 8 weeks out hungar came back about 4 ive tried it allfrom two priolsec a day to extra protien and more Water and nottttthing helped , but to eat. This isnt head hungar and it was actual and is physical horrie hungar pains so i have to eat a d keeeeep pumkin seeds 100 cal Jerky packs and super healthy stuff like this to keep my hungar at bay Not sure how this will pan out a year from.niw when iam half way totl goal but for.now it works and i half to eay bc it hurts too bad not tl buuut when iam full i stop right away
  12. Haha purred bigmacs!!! - well i think my main concern is not that i will not put the effort in. And do right its when i will put my effort in and see zero result and just maintaining! ..I see so many people say that they do everything correctly and. It woukdnd be physically possible for them to losse the rest with diet and exercise they have to get the bypass Bc the sleever is too small and you can only hold so much therefore, your ody after one or two years is comfortable and just maintains- i hope iam explaining my self correclty sorry if its confusing
  13. Munecagirl85

    November 2015 Sleevers?

    Nov 10 i dont come on here a lot ita hard to follow and website freezes gastricskeeve is good anyone nave facebook
  14. Oh way to go00! I hope i can lose as much as u iam 7 weeks out! Any tipes for us newbies what is a true typical day for u? Oh way to go00! I hope i can lose as much as u iam 7 weeks out! Any tipes for us newbies what is a true typical day for u? Oh way to go00! I hope i can lose as much as u iam 7 weeks out! Any tipes for us newbies what is a true typical day for u?
  15. Munecagirl85

    Beef Jerky

    My stomach must be a touch cookie bc ineat the 100 calories packs every day for my snack bc itsyummy high protien and low carb helps w my protiens now i can only eat half of a bag and wait later for the rest I usually eat it over a cuple hrs and iam good
  16. I lost 20 first week sleeved 10 nov then stalled out umtill this past monday and dropped 3 lbs now i gained one back ill check monday again iam trying to weigh only once a week-sooooo hard . Iam also on all foods now and eat most things thats what i need to work on
  17. Sleeved nov 9 iam on pures foods and tomorrow i can inteoduce all foods even tho i wont be able to i lost 20 lbs first week like clock work Then i stoped i figured pureed foods mor calories would stop my stall it just make me go between 343 and 344 ive measured also and not lost any inch anywhere from week1 This is weird bc i didnt even do the pre op diet well i gained and now iam doing eveyrhing right Iam bigger i should have atleast lost 1 or 2 more pounds yes 20 is wonderful but it was just in the first week i think i would have felt better losing the 20 over the 3 week period not just a lump sum and absloltly anything I know theres stalls but one week and two week almoat 3 week stall? Ive seen where people have been sleeved one year and only 50lbs loss i didnt know this was possible makes zero since Any advice
  18. Munecagirl85

    PCOS! Suffer no more! Please read

    Ive been unfertile and now 30 one reason i did this cple years we can have a baby everything has been checked
  19. Mom 26 i cant imagine and i will pray for you your son and family. I cant personally say i know but iam 30 wheni was 28 i was being tested and when i thought i had it i went into fll blown research my aunt had it she survived look up facebook canceryoucan on facebook its a private amazing group lots of nice info also look into ty boing videos
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    Very discourged

    God ia amazing and how our bodies our self healers
  21. Munecagirl85

    Very discourged

    Wow - so many encouraging responses!!!! Thanks so much i weigh everyday its sooo hard not too even before surgery ive weight myself everyday most my life- didnt help me any lol- Ill just put it up i need more walking in my foot has been hurt and stopping me some i will have to go to dr (infected corn from stepping in glass) Iam excited once again i know this is a tool and iam excited to lose ive dieted since i was 8 no lie
  22. Munecagirl85

    Phentermine after gastric sleeve

    I took this before its for appitate control if ur not eating now its pointless to take your body maybe in starve mode so you need to do thenopposite
  23. Munecagirl85

    Pain after drinking?

    Same here twomweeks post up instarted of piree foods today i get backed up and water or drinks hurt inhope. That. Does gl away
  24. Sleved Mexico tuesdsy Doing well besides a few stomack spasams ill say I noticed tho yesterday waling and today iam so so out breath much more then usuaal I seen on my takehome sheet that was a bad thing but figired this maybe normal all i need to do is give it a couple days Also bowel movemnts there like pure diarrah i knows its way to much tmi and gross But just if thats normal,ñ Thanks so much in advance
  25. Not sure if iam getting misquoted bc of mispeling errors which i know- this particluar website for some reason always gets stick or froze idk so i have to type on a toxh screen which gets froze while iam typying on this website only. And if i dont type qucikly enogh it erases all my typing and says eroor reported please wait while we redirect you so i apologize its so so anonoyig for me kmcant even proof read it! I guess it only hapens to me lol,