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  1. lizag234


    I hate shopping lol, did it take a while for you to try on clothing
  2. I officially have lost 50 pounds since surgery 10/21/15!!! I'm super excited but my clothing inventory is decreasing, when did everyone go shopping? I'm scared to buy anything and have to give it to someone a week later lol
  3. lizag234


    I would suggest counseling. Since I had the surgery in Oct 2015 I have lost 44 lbs and my husband can't keep his hands off of me. It's actually making me feel more attractive then ever. Good luck
  4. lizag234

    Skin removal

    Ok good to know @@Babbs TX
  5. lizag234

    Skin removal

    Yes I was watching that the other day. My skin isn't that bad, I can hide it with clothing and Spanx but my sister in law had a tummy tuck and thought it may be a good idea for me. Thanks
  6. I just lost a total of 44 pounds with the sleeve. I am not at my goal weight but am having some loose skin. My brain is working over time and I had a few questions that hopefully someone can answer. Does loose skin add to your weight? My reasoning is if I get skin removal I will be somewhat at my goal weight. I have been thinking about this for a while so anyone who can help me I will appreciate.
  7. Hello all, I am progressing nicely but I am having some struggling moments and thought I would seek help. First, I am feeling hungry every hour on the hour, I can take it throughout the day but at night it literally wakes me up and I don't want to eat bad, so what are you guys snacking on at night that is healthy? Also for the women who have monthly cravings, what are you guys snacking on? Thanks for any input!!!
  8. lizag234


    Thanks everyone. I need to step my game up lol
  9. Hi everyone, I am 2 months post op and I feel great. I have lost almost 40lbs since surgery. I wanted to know what everyone's exercise routine is. I walk a bit and I know I should do more but I feel like there's not enough time in the day. I need to hear what people do and how often for a push. Thanks for any input I get!
  10. I am one month out and everyday it gets better. I'm sure you have seen posts of people saying this. I felt this way as well and had to learn it the hard way. When I came home from surgery I decided to cook ribs for the family being as though they were eating out when I was in the hospital. When the ribs were done I fed everyone and about 2 hours later all I could think about were those ribs. I snuck into the kitchen ate the smallest rib and thought the same, if I chewed enough it would be ok. Boy was I wrong and I think the experience is what I needed to know that my new stomach had to heal. I am now eating with no issues but trust me you are not the only one!!!
  11. The whole process was fairly quick. I started late Aug and received the surgery late Oct. My insurance was approved in three days. The process went fairly quick maybe a little too quick for me it was surreal. They weren't too strick on pre weight loss and I didn't need to do the liquid diet.
  12. lizag234

    Any Philadelphia Sleevers

    @@baileyj908 I used Penn metabolic and loved the experience. I had Dr. Noel Williams who is one of the best surgeons.
  13. lizag234

    Before and After Pics

    I don't really see it too much now but thanks for the compliments
  14. lizag234

    Before and After Pics

    Here's my one month post op pics. First pic is 1 day before wls, then today's pic
  15. lizag234

    Everyday is a battle

    Thanks all. My post was not intended to say that I am giving in to anything its more of me realizing that my relationship with food was far greater then I had imagined before. The thought of being restricted still is a struggle but something that I know is beneficial in my new life. Thanks for all of the positive posts. I know I have a long road ahead and am ready to start the challenge

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