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  1. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Right choice

    Honestly therapy might be something you might want to look into if your having anxiety about giving up food
  2. Hey sassyfrass I'm 2 months away from schedulelung my own date and I wish you the best of luck
  3. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Pre- Op Insurance Approval Question

    I have anthem and am wondering the same my self ill submit in a few months so I want to know how long it will take as I'm impatient
  4. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Eating crab? Shellfish?

    By a month post op ill be on soft foods transitioning to regular food every plan is different
  5. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Can't Afford Surgery or an Insurance Company To Pay

    Shorty can you look into care credit or finace thru Mexico or save until you can go to Mexico I know it might sound daunting now but 50 a week will grow fast
  6. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    What Are Your Fast Food Faves?

    If you don't mind the price Baja fresh has burrito bowls with lettuce meat cheese and beans
  7. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Husband's breaking furniture due to weight, but still refuses surgery?

    Your post made me have a stark realization about my self today thanks I mean it thanks
  8. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    RNY VS Sleeve for a type 2 diabetic?

    I have both type 2 diabetes and pcos and I am going with rny I know my surgeon is skilled and my team is awesome so I trust them completely
  9. My pcp is awesome and works with my surgeon in a capacity that is awesome I love my surgeon she is so personable and we work out with her if we need to
  10. I have had an online seminar with my surgeon and a inital sit down with her and I will see her a few more times and I get a selfie with her day of surgery
  11. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    First appointment April

    Congrats to all starting the process I have my 5th visit in April and have done everything except my labs
  12. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Liquid diet

    Thank god I only have 2 days I don't think I could go 2 weeks
  13. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Question about SO

    My hubby is my best friend ???? and he knows I'm doing this because I want to live longer and be a good mom and wife so he knows that my love is permanent
  14. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Under belly sweat

    I use men's deoderant and that works great for me
  15. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    2 day Liquid diet

    My doc has me on 2 days clear liquids before surgery and I'm not allowed to use nectar but I am allowed isopure
  16. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Anxious now that 6 mos doc visit is up

    Unfortunately I am on a seven months track per my insurance and wont be done until June but I didn't need a sleep study since I have a cpap already
  17. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Binge-Eating Disorder

    I am interested I live in Baltimore pm me the details
  18. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Liquid diet phase: Is honey in tea OK ?

    I am not allowed caffeine during my preop diet or for a year after surgery and even after the year its discouraged
  19. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Nooo! Surgery delay!

    I know waiting is tough I have to have 7 visits instead of 6 because my insurance changed half way through
  20. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    When Did You First Know You Were Fat?

    Yeah I my moment came in church when I joined the dance team and had to wear the adult dress because the kids was to small
  21. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    The Lymphatic System

    Massages are awesome speaking as a massage therapist they are super awesome for your health
  22. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    Just Wondering....

    I weigh a few times a week at work since I'm only there Monday and Fridays I use Monday as my official weight for the week in still preop though so that may change post op
  23. Jessica Ellison-Correa

    In a funk ... and need to vent

    As far as the massage goes try to book one with a local school that offers it as a deciplin because its usually much cheaper than a spa and you help the kids practice I am a massage therapist and those people who came in offered valuable lessons
  24. Jessica Ellison-Correa


    I work for a tiny company and it would be hard to miss a few weeks of work to go unnoticed so I'm pretty open with them
  25. Jessica Ellison-Correa


    Just because Cigna covers wls not all plans do you need to get the wording of your policy in writing and go on that

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