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  1. Hey all, One year ago today was the day I decided to make the decision for a healthier lifestyle. Although my sleeve surgery wasn't until October I decided that it made more sense to start getting used to watching what I ate rather than making a mad dash until the last minute. So fast forward one year and I feel compelled to share with you my progress thus far.....197 pounds lost...before pic 393 pounds and currently 196 Sent from my 831C using the BariatricPal App
  2. yay another Michigander....best of luck!
  3. I really like the vanilla flavor of the Dymatize ISO-100 protein powder. Highly recommended giving it a try..
  4. I agree, try to occupy your mind with other things to keep you distracted. This worked for me well to keep my mind off of food.
  5. were doing awesome, best life decision we've ever made!
  6. I went to GHP also.....Dr. Baker did my sleeve and also my wife's too...
  7. Gossamer

    Any Sleeved Couples out there?

    My wife and I both were recently sleeved, she had hers in September and I went in October....we decided to go on the journey together and don't have one regret. We also find that we keep each other accountable as well as being each other's support system.
  8. Gossamer

    Selfish? Work wise.

    I think everyone is different but, personally I went back to work after 1 week off and do feel I could have done it sooner. I work in a factory and gave a fairly physically demanding job so I hope this shines some light on your situation. All in all I had zero pain and only some discomfort and tightness from a hernia repair.
  9. Gossamer

    New job and surgery timing

    It really depends on how you feel, I'm 2 weeks out today and returned to work this past Monday with only a little fatigue really. I have a physically demanding factory job and do 10 hour days, so it really depends on how you feel I think.
  10. Hey everyone, 4 days post and surprisingly doing very well zero pain just tightness from the hiatal hernia repair. Protein intake is close to 60 grams and almost hitting 64 oz water. Glad to be improving daily and hope everyone else has continued recuperation as well!
  11. Gossamer

    Finally on the losers bench

    Congrats, I was sleeved yesterday and currently waiting to be discharged, zero problems with the surgery just the occasional gas pain but I know this will subside and all will be good!
  12. p.s. thank you to all the well wishers, it means a lot to me!
  13. Everything went fantastic, mild discomfort from the hernia repair but zero pain from sleeve.....walking lots, and doing well with protein also. Hopefully I'll get released in the morning....????
  14. Today's the day.....I'm currently in pre-op patiently waiting for this party to get started! See you on the other side peeps.....
  15. Everyone here is so supportive, you won't have any problem fitting in and having an encouraging word is ALWAYS at the ready by the whole group. Congrats on your progress and continued success to you.
  16. Had my final pre-op appointment today and some blood work, all is good to go.....now the 22nd can't get here soon enough.
  17. Thanks, now I have Eminem stuck in my head......will the real slim shady please stand up! Lol
  18. Michigan....... Greetings everyone!
  19. Gossamer

    As promised and finally

    Fantastic progress, you are doing awesome....
  20. Gossamer

    Protein Suggestion!

    Although I haven't tried this, perhaps try diluting the premier protein shake with some fairlife fat free milk? That may take some of the sweetness out of it for you..... And give a boost to the protein numbers to boot. Just a thought but might be worth a try, best of luck with this!
  21. Gossamer

    October 22 i

    Count me in on the 22nd as well, started the pre-op diet yesterday and so far its not too bad I just try to keep myself occupied so the time goes by without having to think about it too much......good luck to all of you!
  22. Gossamer

    sharing my fitness pal

    I just sent my nutritionist my log in info so she can check it at will.....also kinda keeps me accountable since I don't know when she'll check it.
  23. Gossamer

    Guys Group: Seeking Buddy/Mentor

    Hey Jake, glad you found this site it is an excellent resource for a wealth of information. I am going the vsg route and am scheduled for it in just a couple of weeks,so I can't speak of the things to come just yet. however, I personally feel this procedure is the right one for me. It might be a good thing to research some surgeons in your area and set up a consult to get the ball rolling. I hope you're able to find the right fit for you and can accomplish your goals. Best of luck to you......Andy
  24. I too use a Yeti tumbler and absolutely love it, I think I'll try pouring a protein shake in it to see how long it stays cold......I'm guessing it will be cold for several hours!
  25. I am having my sleeve done on the 22nd, and I am also from Michigan......good luck on your journey!!!

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