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  1. So, this is my reintroduction I had a sleeve done Feburary 2016. I lost roughly 115lbs. Felt great! Recently I have slipped and regained weight.....time to regain control and finally reach my goal weight once and for all! So, I am back to the board for camaraderie and inspiration. This week I am back to a liquid diet, much like being preop and I'm loving how tiny my sleeve feels !! Love it !! Time to take control back....once again...
  2. Just saying the word oysters makes me gag..... only since surgery. [emoji12]
  3. I have yet to meet anyone who likes the "Strawberries & Cream" Premier Protein. Like an idiot I bought a case from costco and regretted it instantly! LOL I have yet to meet anyone who likes this flavor.....does anyone like it ?? I am also mad that costco.com doesn't have the new flavors yet! I hear caramel and is stores but I usually order online.....might need to actually walk into a Costco this weekend and investigate.
  4. Congratulations! You look great !
  5. Nurse_Lenora

    UIC in Chicago I'm not impressed!

    Dr Lutfi did my surgery in February and I highly recommend him! Good luck ! His office staff is fabulous and my surgery and post op was perfect with no problems.
  6. I was back on the coffee sauce the day I came home from hospital...mixed with vanilla premier Protein shake. Today, 110lbs later and 7 mos post op I drink coffee every morning with Splenda and fair life fat free milk.... I'm a nurse and coffee is my lifeblood ! ☕️
  7. Nurse_Lenora

    On a happy note-

    Wow very nice! If I had time to go I would get a membership!
  8. If you want to stay in the city look into Dr Lutfi at St Joes....board certified and excellent surgeon.
  9. Nurse_Lenora

    BcBsIL community family health plan

    Messaged you!
  10. Nurse_Lenora

    Premier Protein...

    My tastes in Protein shakes didn't change . Good luck!!!
  11. Shelbys mom- you actually should google it..... Fat, muscle , peanuts.....1lb is 1lb Mass is a different story, there is a differ nice between weight and mass. What is meant is 1lb of fat has more mass than 1lb of muscle. Fat and muscle weigh the same but have different mass....
  12. So what you mean is fat has more mass than muscle....
  13. You should keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. If you are weight training - it's possible to go up a few lbs. Are you taking measurements? And whoever said 2 lbs above goal is concerning was wrong - you could gain 2 lbs from not pooping one day. Being this obsessed with the scale is not healthy. I must disagree with muscle weighing more than fat. One pound is one pound regardless if it's one pound of fat, one pound of muscle or one pound of pickles. A pound is a pound. I do agree with not obsessing about the scale! It will drive you crazy !
  14. Nurse_Lenora

    Fourth year psychology research survey

    Done! The answers for question #4.....it's lacking a mostly inaccurate option. [emoji4]
  15. I am at a loss of just over 100lbs. I see someone much thinner in the mirror but at times I'm not sure who this person is! In my head I'm still 265. I still go directly to the plus sized section even though today my size 10 body can't find anything to fit in that section. Do I still see myself at 5'3 158lbs as fat? Yep I do! But I think my definition of fat has changed and I can now see it! When I was 265 I thought I was just a "little heavy" For me the balance comes from reveling in how far I have come, how different my body looks and feels and day by day I will continue to lose weight and continue to help my poor confused brain catch up with my body! Lol I you did not take photos pre op take some today! I took bra/underwear pics pre op and then every few months since. It really helps my perspective to look at those photos side by side.
  16. I noticed today , I stepped on the scale and lost over a pound but I was just happy not like the "OMG I need to tell everyone I know" crazy excited like I have been. It's like now that I'm 30 pounds from my goal weight I have settled in and know that if I continue to eat correctly and get my steps in I will reach my goal weight. It's a nice feeling knowing that this will be my life from here on out... Nice feeling to know I have control over my weight... Nice to now I have control of my food .... Nice to know I look "normal" Nice to know I wear a size 10 Anyone else settled in ??
  17. Because if so, I am the newest member!! As of today I am 101lbs down. wow! I never thought a year ago when I sat and watched youtube videos on sleeve gastrectomy that this is where I would be a year later. Anyone who is not completely sold on surgery ...... I can't even begin to tell you the many ways that it is worth it and more! I am comfortable in my clothing (when they are not falling off because they are too big! lol) I don't feel like people stare and judge me if I eat in public I don't feel like people "notice" me at all, Im just another average person in the crowd I am much more confident My self esteem is crazy..... I feel NORMAL! if there is such a thing.... So, who else is in the 100lbs down club?
  18. Nurse_Lenora


    It's an amazing feeling! Congrats ! Next stop....SINGLE DIGIT SIZES!! [emoji5]
  19. Nurse_Lenora

    Mental health clearance issues

    So sorry, it sounds like they don't want any liability if psychologically you are not able to handle the surgery. Good luck getting this sorted out. I did my psych eval for surgery online....bariatricpsychevaluations.com My insurance covered it but if not its a flat 100$ fee.
  20. Nurse_Lenora

    So impatient

    After my first meeting with my surgeon, I was like "LETS GO TO THE OR TODAY!! IM READY!!" I had to wait 6 months. so, I took those 6 months so prep for life after surgery. I cut out Carbohydrates and all sugar for good about 6 weeks prior to surgery and started to change my household and how I shopped. I also did research on recipes and meals for the future. It goes very quickly!
  21. Nurse_Lenora

    Officially on the sleeve path

    Congratulations! Also, please please make sure you know your insurance companies requirements for surgery. My insurance required me to see a Cardiologist for clearance as well as a Pulmonologist even though I had to history of cardiac or pulmonary issues. its always best to get any and all testing done now, well before expected surgery so it doesn't delay your surgery.
  22. Nurse_Lenora

    Premier Protein...

    If I had not forced myself to drink it frequently and have gone through about 2/3 of box I would SO return it! Lol
  23. Nurse_Lenora

    Do we have a 100lb loss club?

    Thank you all and omg Cervidae 200 down? That's amazing !!! Thank you all and congrats on all of your accomplishments also...it's has been an amazing life changing year! Had to go to Target for new pants..my favorite black ankle pants were falling off of me ...size 14 I just bought a size 10...I want to cry! Amazing amazing things this surgery has helped me to accomplish !
  24. Congratulations! Its an amazing feeling!!!
  25. Nurse_Lenora

    When Did You Know You Could Do It?

    I never doubted that I could do it. My partner and I decided to start fresh with our diets January 1st 2016. I knew my surgery would be February 2016 so we decided new year, new diet. She decided she would eat my diet to be as supportive as possible. We were both pretty addicted to sugar. We both live on coffee so we knew giving up carbs would be easier than the sugar. What ever would we put in our coffee????? Well, January 1st dawned and we each had coffee with vanilla Premier Protein shake mixed in. Not as satisfying as coffee with cream and sugar but still good. A week later, we went to brunch and both ordered well, no carbs ...then the coffee came. We both put only milk in our coffee and right then and there I KNEW that not only would I be able to do this but WE would be able to do this together. I could not have done this without my cheerleader ! We have done it and continue to ! As of today my partner has lost 35lbs and is in maintenance and I have lost 101 lbs and am about 34 lbs from goal.....