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  1. Hi fellow sleevers I am 18 months post sleeve and unfortunately my gallbladder has decided she wants out. I’m having severe attacks and I’m now waiting the US results but the doctor says everything points out to be stones and possibly surgery. I’m a bit scared of the pain, as my sleeve recovery was so painful. And of the tolerance of foods after as I haven't had any issues post my sleeve until now. Also, I have been stalling since the pandemic started, so my questions to you are: 1. How was your experience? Was the pain worse than the surgery? 2. Did you lose more weight after? 3. Has it changed your tolerance to new foods? Thanks for your help, be safe!🤗
  2. PantxaPetita

    Progress pics

    Been struggling with my gallbladder 18 month out but it has given me the opportunity to reflect on how far I've come- and update my profile!
  3. PantxaPetita

    Post surgery

    Quick update with my before and after photos, 90 pounds lighter after 18 months
  4. I love this thread!!😍 I never thought of making a real list! These are mine: Riding a bike everywhere! I want to be THAT girl. Wearing my uniform blouse button down. LEGS: show legs, cross legs, wear shorts, not get thigh burn, never wear shorts beneath a dress again! Shoes: use my old shoes that don’t fit anymore, buy new sandals, wear heals, not having pain in my feet Hiking: going on nature walks, when I travel not feeling tired all the time or out of breath and specially not getting blisters every time I go on holidays. Shaving in all the places... (you know what I mean) Being able to cut my hair short, short, without looking fatter Not wearing cardigans to hide my arms in the middle of summer Be able to take more pictures when I go to the beach, show my body wearing a swimsuit! Oh wow I can’t wait!
  5. I’m so afraid of plastic tittle chairs!!! I fell flat on my ass trying on some sandals on my trip to Vietnam and it took the girl of the store and my bf to help me stand up. So embarrassing!
  6. PantxaPetita

    Negative comments

    I’m so sorry to hear you are going through anxiety and that part of it was fueled by coworker and nurse. I’m getting my surgery next month and I’m a doctor. I decided to just tell everyone a year ago, don’t ask me why, I just did, and I have heard so many different opinions coming from fellow doctors and nurses, but to my surprise, most of them have been of support and motivation. One of the few people who was against it (like I asked for her permission???) was as girl who went to med school with me. She actually got mad at me and told me she was disappointed (what?), anyways, after speaking to so many people about my surgery I can confidently say, her words were not coming from a professional place but from a preconceived notion, funded by judgment and lack of information. This is such a long journey, and you don’t need everyone’s support, just the people you care for and really matter. That silly nurse’s jaw will drop when she sees how well you are doing after the surgery, and how much work you put into it, and how GOOD and Healthy you look! Good luck tomorrow!! Wish you all the best!
  7. After four years of waiting, I finally have a surgery date! It doesn't even feel real, I'm so happy! 😍 I live in Spain, and I don't know too many people who have been through this process, so I'm looking for july sleevers and istagram buddies. I like to use instagram to see other people's process, ideas, victories, motivation, even recipes.. I find it all very comforting. My surgery will be July 2nd and my insta is @la.manguita (tiny sleeve in spanish 😉) Good luck to you all and safe journey ❤️ !
  8. PantxaPetita

    July 2019

    I JUST GOT my surgery date tooooooooo!!!! July 2nd too!
  9. PantxaPetita

    Anyone else playing the waiting game?!?

    I wrote before about how frustrated I felt for waiting these past few years. Well I have to say, I JUST GOT CALLED FOR MY PREOP! If everything goes as planed, we will set a date for the surgery to happen before the end of July! Waiting is the worst, but finally I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!! I’m so happyyyy! Big hug to all of you patient people 💪
  10. PantxaPetita

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Hi From Barcelona!!
  11. PantxaPetita

    Food Before and After Photos

    I live in Barcelona, Spain will be happy to take you there if you ever visit ! Hi! I also live in Barcelona! Que guay!! Nice to find someone from Spain here
  12. PantxaPetita

    Anyone else playing the waiting game?!?

    Sooo happy I found this thread! I've been playing the waiting game for 4 years now! My case is a bit different because I live in Spain, and I'm getting my surgery through the "social insurance" aka free (economically at least). The first time I applied I was denied because my BMI was 39 and not 40, so they sent me to a nutritionist and I lost the same 40-30 pounds I tend to loose but regained them like always. After many visits to my GP, and a bunch of paper work, finally last year I re applied and got into the "waiting list"! The problem is.... I am 100% getting the surgery, they just won't tell me when, and it's been 10 months!! ..And it's driving me insane. On my last visit, the doctor said probably before July, but I haven't been called for the preop, semminars, nothing. I'm pretty sure the secretary recognises my voice by now 😵 I know things happen when they're supposed to, but I just feel so frustrated. I feel my life is on hold. I've gained even more weight, I'm on my highest right now, and I it's just harder than I expected. I'm glad to see there's so much support here! I wish you all get your call very soon lovelies! Big hug xD
  13. Today my endocrinologist who I just met and has no idea who I really am, refused to refer me to my surgeon so my insurance can cover my gastric sleeve. I'm devastated. I've been trying all day to stay calmed. I don't know what to do. The worst part is being told by my family and friends "maybe is for the best".

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      He gave me the impression he doesn't support WLS. I have a BMI of 38 and he says that even if I was 40 he thinks I should loose way the "old way". The problem with finding a new one is that in Spain you have an assigned doctor depending where you live through "social security". I won't give up, today I will talk to my nutritionist to find a solution.

    3. jane13


      that's the spirit. DON'T GIVE UP!

    4. IcanMakeit


      This guy won't be able to hold you back. Go around him and keep fighting. Good luck.

  14. Just 4 days to know if insurance is going to pay for my surgery. Fingers SUPER CROSSED. Tuesday is the day.

    1. jane13


      got my toes crossed for you too! let us know~

  15. Finally a person with my height! You look great! How much have you lost? How is your skin? You are such an inspirtationnn!!!
  16. PantxaPetita

    1 year post op

    You look great! Did you work out? How is your skin now? Ohh you are such an inspiration!
  17. PantxaPetita


    You look amazing! How is your skin now? Did you work out? You are an inspiration!!!
  18. PantxaPetita

    7 month after surgery.jpg

    You look amazing! Congratulations!
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    Me 3 13 12

    Just gorgeous!! Congratulations!! What did you do for excersise? You look great!!
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    IMG 0083

    You look amazing! You are a GREAT inspiration! Congratulations on your WL!!!
  21. PantxaPetita

    11 months post op!

    WOW you look amazingggg!!! I hope I can have your strengh when I get my sleeve! Just wow! You are such an inspiration!!
  22. PantxaPetita


    You look amazing!! Congratulations on you WL!