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    3 Years

    Hi, I’m 4 years out and skipped my 3 year appointment because all off my labs to that point had been fine. I had labs in Sept and now my iron is low as well as D2 and B12. What a difference a few years makes so I would say it’s worth it to check in every year. I didn’t have any idea how bad my levels were.
  2. soundview

    Weight Loss and Sadness

    I am 16 months out and took a break from actively loosening the past three months I've needed to wrap my head around some similar feelings. I've never been below 160 since early teen years and I'm now low 154ish. I'm just now ready to kick back into gear and see where my body weight ends up. I think your might just take some time to process your new body and let go of how you thought you would feel. Sent from my LG-K550 using the BariatricPal App
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    From the album: soundview

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    Calories and carbs

    I'm at 3 months out and eat about 900-1000 calories a day and 90-100 grams protien. I was low on calories the first two months but feel great now.
  6. Can I join the sep fb group? My email is bvbcbowers02@gmail.com.
  7. I just got the call yesterday and I have a surgery date of September 28th. I'm meeting with my doctor next week and have another nutrition appointment in September. Start a two week low carb diet on the 14th.
  8. soundview

    Premier protein shakes on sale

    I picked up 3 of the 18 pack cases for $19.99 ay Costco this week.
  9. Hi, so I just met with the surgeon on Monday and went over the Sleeve surgery. It was a good conversation and I feel like its the right choice for me. I had an EKG following the appointment and then met with my patient coordinator. She was able to schedule my Psyche eval for tomorrow, nutrition and fitness evaluations for the 11th. I have my lab request and I'm meeting with the sleep clinic for a home monitor on Friday the 14th. I'm really glad I can get started but I wasn't prepared for all of this in two weeks. How fast were you able to complete the requirements? I am self pay so I don’t have the 3-6 diet plan. Also I have a 2 year old and he's going to have to come to a few of these because I don’t have this much childcare available do you think that will work? Thanks, Virginia
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    Thanks, I got my blood drawn this morning. Lots of tubes but she got a good vein so it wasn't that bad. Later I took my youngest to the psychology evaluation. Thankfully he was pretty good thorough it. So nothing now until next week.
  11. Hi, am at the very begining of this proccess and I've been resurching providers of Bariatric surgery in my area (Seattle, WA). I have been to a info session with St Frances Weight Loss and have an appointment. I found out that my insurance has an exclusion for most of the bariatric surgery so I will need to pay for 70% of the sleeve cost. My husband will not support me doing surgery in Mexico he want's something local with follow up. So today I found Puget Sound Bariatric Center http://pugetsoundbariatrics.com/lapsleeve LapSleeve. Its a sleeve surgery but they don't keep you overnight. So my question is has anyone had a sleeve without overnight stay or have a center that offers this? Thanks, Virginia
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    Thanks ShrinkingPeach, I felt really comfortable with the gal I talked to today.
  13. I have an appointment on the 28th.
  14. soundview

    Just scared myself!

    I just got scared last night as well. I went to a seminar and felt good about moving forward so i set up my first appointment. Then i came home and read all these complications and panicked a little.
  15. I just went to an information seminar last night. I am at the very beginning of the process though. I have an appointment on the 28th.
  16. Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. I 36 and married with 3 boys. My blood pressure has beengoing up for the past few years along with my weight. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and that has made me want to make a major change. My husbands been the same weight 185lbs 6ft tall for all of our 13 years together. His family has a history of living healthy and independant into their 90s. My mom is 58 and 200lbs overweight and she has lost both of her sisters in the past 7 yrs to health problems. So here I am, I have a bmi of 47 and need to loose about 130-150 lbs. I feel like the sleeve might give me a chance to deal with my health and hopefully grow old with my husband. Virginia