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  1. LessOfMe0503

    Youtube workout

    To second what stacy said- Richard simmons and Leslie sansone are for any level AND will offer modifications for lowering and/or raising the intensity. Leslie sansone videos are called Walk at Home. You are literally walking in place in your home. She has multiple lengths as well- from the 1 mile happy walk to the 5k fat burner
  2. LessOfMe0503

    Youtube workout

    I like Leslie Sansome, Denise Austin and.... Richard simmons. Most of his are videos where someone has recorded their tv while playing the video but they are fun and something different to add to the mix.
  3. You can do it! It's difficult in the beginning, but after a few days I was ok.
  4. Different surgeons prescribe different diets based on their experience and beliefs. Mine wasn't too different from yours- I could add 3 oz of lean protein 2 times a dya.
  5. LessOfMe0503

    Laziness even after weightloss

    I like my fitbit for the same reason! I'm more motivated to move because I'm in competitions with friends!
  6. LessOfMe0503

    Coffee Protein Powder! Is it safe for us?

    really T_T finally I found someone T_T your nutrition is okay with it? how is it? dose it have that smell like the Protein powder strong smell? dose it make you full for at least an hour? sorry i ask too much (/^\) Are you asking if my nutritionist is ok with it? Honestly, I didn't ask. She's not my babysitter. She gives me information and I use that information to make my own decisions. I haven't really paid attention to whether or not it has a smell though.
  7. LessOfMe0503

    Coffee Protein Powder! Is it safe for us?

    I drink click. I like it and it's easy ro make
  8. I was told I could have coffee as soon as I was consistently meeting my water goal. I've been drinking coffee since about 3 months post op
  9. LessOfMe0503

    You know you lost weight when

    When you get chased down the hallway at work (at a school) because your co-worker didn't recognize you and you hadn't checked in at the front office.
  10. LessOfMe0503

    Holiday Get Togethers

    I'm entering my first Christmas season after WLS. I failed miserably at Halloween, held my own during Thanksgiving and want to do well during the Christmas season (especially since it lasts a long time). I already have 3 functions that will require me to bring a dish and I'm searching for an item or items that will help me stick to my plan. What are your favorite covered dish type recipes?
  11. LessOfMe0503

    Holiday Get Togethers

    @@LessOfMe0503 hi i am not a cook/baker et al if i put 4 pots of Water on stove "usually" i will be successful that they won't burn LOL i asked my sister to bring her "famous" artichoke" dip on thanksgiving the reason i asked her to bring it is because i wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole (yeach) i bring things to gatherings that i hate!! that way i'm not tempted to eat any of it sorry i don't have any healthy suggestion to give you maybe you can buy something you don't like too (can be hard to do, since i like everything LOL) same thing for halloween (hard to find candy i don't like) !!!! glad you did well with thanksgiving pat yourself on the back stay strong for the holiday season it is hard for many (me) people i know you can do it!! kathy Your strategy is the exact opposite of what I was thinking, so I took a little while to wrap my brain around it! I was thinking of things I could take, that I knew I could eat. It never occurred to me to take something I WOULDN'T eat!
  12. LessOfMe0503

    Holiday Get Togethers

    Yes, I know there are many, many, many ways to prepare traditional dishes in a healthy manner, but I'm looking for opinions. Have you tried any of the above recipes? Did they travel well?
  13. LessOfMe0503

    In need of some crunch?

    I made pepperoni chips today and they were great! I dipped them in hummus.
  14. Wearing dresses! They used to be so unattractive/uncomfortable! Now I'm loving them!
  15. I agree with all the advice about exercise- the fitter you are going into surgery, the easier the recovery. I was advised, by someone on here, to practice deep breathing prior to surgery. One of the biggest problems after surgery is developing pneumonia. My nurse was blown away the first time I used the incentive respirator. I met my first goal the first time, so she upped it. I met that one too! I really think it was mostly due to having practiced those deep breaths prior to surgery!
  16. LessOfMe0503

    Trial by Social media

    I posted on FB about my surgery the night before. I asked for people's love, thoughts, prayers and support. NO ONE was negative at all. I don't pretend to assume that no one has said a negative thing about me behind my back, but that's their weakness, not mine.
  17. LessOfMe0503


    My NUT said I could reintroduce coffee as soon as I was getting in a solid 64oz of calorie and caffeine free liquids. Therefore, I made that goal a priority! I happily sip on my coffee first thing in the morning!
  18. LessOfMe0503

    Extra skin questions

    I have found it at walmart. I've also seen it at hardware stores. It's also for sale on amazon and I assume many other places online
  19. LessOfMe0503

    Extra skin questions

    There is a powder called Monkey Butt that works wonders! It was originally made to help motorcyclists with chafing but works with skin flaps too.
  20. LessOfMe0503

    Don't know what to do? ?

    I wish you the best of luck and hope things work out for you!
  21. LessOfMe0503

    Don't know what to do? ?

    I was thinking of you and wondering how you were. Did you go through with the surgery or postpone it?
  22. LessOfMe0503

    Things you feel good about?

    Starting weight- 326 Current weight- 280 What feels great? Crossing my legs, tying my shoe, shaving my legs, hiking, going up the stairs without getting out of breath, going up and down stairs several times before my muscles start to burn, changing outfits because the clothes are too BIG!
  23. LessOfMe0503

    I find this extremely frustrating

    Just for clarification... the powder room is for women only, but men can still see it and comment. It isn't hidden from their eyes. Also, the post will come up on the recent timeline on the app and not everyone can see which "room" it is posted in. I think it depends on the device you are using. Now I'm really curious... what was your post?
  24. LessOfMe0503


    I'm a couple years in with my 2nd Mirena and think it's just about the best invention in the world. I had the first one put in after my son was born. I loved it so much I had a new one done when the first "expired". Each time, the insertion was uncomfortable and I felt pretty crappy the day of. I didn't have cramps or anything, just didn't feel good. Day after, I was fine.
  25. LessOfMe0503

    Don't know what to do? ?

    Sooo... just my opinion- I would reschedule the surgery. The stress of the position you are in will make it difficult to focus on caring for yourself. Also, Protein shakes, Vitamins, etc can be expensive. Do you have a plan for continuing to afford them when money gets tough? Do you have insurance that is paying for your surgery? I have good insurance but still had to pay 3000.00 for the surgery. That didn't include all the copays and pre op testing.

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