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  1. Half of Bri

    Average calories after surgery?

    My nutritionist told me not to worry about calories, but try to make sure my protein drinks have low sugar - less than 4g per serving is ideal. Her thought process is that if you keep your sugar/carbs in check and get the recommended amout of protein, calories shouldn't be an issue
  2. First time logging in since late 2015! Wow things have changed since then!

  3. I have created a secret Facebook group called December 2015 Sleevers. I will post the link below (hopefully that will work). If not, I believe the group is searchable as typed above, or I can invite people by e-mail address also Welcome to everyone being sleeved this month! https://www.facebook...51676404876572/
  4. I'm 5.5 months post-op and about 98% sure I'm pregnant. Do you mind sharing how your surgeon reacted? Mine recommended waiting 12-18 months before trying to conceive, and he is very strict...I'm a bit terrified of his reaction, to be honest. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. Half of Bri

    Personal Style -- How will I dress as a thin woman?

    The past few years my style has been stretchy yoga pants and t-shirts. The bigger I got I didn't even care anymore how I dressed because I was unhappy. I also work from home so I only dressed up and put makeup on for church on Sunday. When I was small I loved NY & Co. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I like, but just a few of them are: -Jeans, knee boots, pretty sweaters/flannel shirts for fall/winter -maxi dresses -sundresses with cowboy boots -one piece suits with cute straps in the back -cute bras and panties -lingerie (I've only ever bought one piece and it was for my wedding night. I was so horrified at how I looked I never wore it again)
  6. Hey all... I am 10 days post-op and while my surgery recovery was easy, adjusting to my new life has been far from it. My first day home I felt great, got all my walking in, felt optimistic and wasn't in much pain. Didn't do so great on fluids on day 2-7 at all and never could hit my protein/water goals, everything made my new tummy hurt BAD. Because of this I have been super weak, light-headed, dizzy, and can barely walk to the next room without getting a head rush and feeling like I'm going to pass out. The nurse at my surgeons office said if I got all my Water and Protein in I would feel better...but I don't. I've hit my water and protein goals the past 3 days (finally found protein I can stomach) but I still feel awful. I can't even shower without laying down after and drinking cold water cause it exhausts me so much. I get dressed and I'm panting like I ran a marathon. I know this isn't normal and I am completely miserable. I am really frustrated and wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea.
  7. Half of Bri

    10 days post-op - very weak

    My doc is NOT happy that I'm not hitting my walking goals, and I really do try, but it's like a catch-22. I've resorted to trying laps inside the house but even that is pushing it when I can barely make it from one end of the room to the other without being lightheaded. Honestly? This has been the longest 10 days of my life. I'm just SO ready to feel normal again.
  8. Wow. I really have no words other than I am so sorry you're going through this. I really hope that Dr. Douchebag gets what he deserves.
  9. I was sleeved 12/2 and my stomach has felt very bloated and upset...
  10. Half of Bri

    Surgery is Over!

    @@bugsy72 Thank you
  11. Half of Bri

    Any December Sleever's?

    I have changed the group to private for now so that it is searchable (December 2015 Sleevers). All posts will still be private. I also added those who gave me their e-mail addresses. Hopefully this helps!
  12. Half of Bri

    After Surgery Diarrhea

    I have the exact opposite issue...the nurse told me to take milk of magnesia to move things along, but I've got nothin.
  13. Half of Bri

    Any December Sleever's?

    I have created a secret Facebook group called December 2015 Sleevers. I will post the link below (hopefully that will work). If not, I believe the group is searchable as typed above, or I can invite people by e-mail address also https://www.facebook...51676404876572/
  14. Just ate some tomato soup and it was SO amazing... post-sleeve life sure is interesting.

  15. Half of Bri

    5 days Post op

    @@blessedandreborn@50 I am six days out and in the exact same boat! I thought recovery from the actual surgery would be the most difficult part, and boy was I WRONG. It's the lifestyle change more than anything...I am having a heck of a time getting Protein and Water in, I feel weak, I want FOOD! I have been watching baking shows, food Network...I'm sure it doesn't help...but I did manage to get about 1/4 cup of tomato Soup down today (at the OK from my surgeon) and it was DIVINE! It tasted like the best thing I'd ever had...I guess stale bread would taste good to someone who hasn't had actual food in 7 days.
  16. I have created a secret Facebook group called December 2015 Sleevers. I will post the link below (hopefully that will work). If not, I believe the group is searchable as typed above, or I can invite people by e-mail address also https://www.facebook.com/groups/1051676404876572/
  17. I'm doing very well pain-wise. I was actually relieved that my pain level hasn't ever been above about a 4 for me. I was able to be up and around within an hour or two of getting into my room and walking the floor, which did help me with gas bubbles. The hard part for me started after I got home - I've been having a hard time getting my liquids and Protein in, my tummy just gets SO full so fast.
  18. Hey everyone I was sleeved on 12/2. Here's my stats: Start weight: 315 Surgery Day: 298 I'll have my 1 week post-op appointment tomorrow, I'm anxious to see where my weight is at. I wish you all good luck on your journeys!
  19. Half of Bri

    Surgery day!

    When I went in for my surgery the pre-op area was just getting started (6 am) so people were relatively quiet. As soon as the nurse walked in and saw my pre-op gown laying on the bed she announced, so loud it echoed, "Ohhh, yes, you're getting the Vertical Sleeve!! I better get you a bigger gown!!" (Which I was literally swimming in). She also announced my weight loudly through the hall and then said, "Have you lost any weight??" ????
  20. Half of Bri

    Any December Sleever's?

    I was sleeved 12/2. I think a (private) December 2015 Sleevers group would be great! I would be happy to create it if y'all want! Just let me know
  21. Half of Bri

    New sleevers how are you doing

    My belly is SO full and bloated. Every kind of protein makes me gag. I, too am ready to graduate to soft foods. It can't come soon enough!
  22. Half of Bri

    11/30 Sleevers?

    That's awesome! My post op appointment is Wed 12/9. My drain was removed in the hospital before I was discharged so I don't have to worry about that. I'm still nervous though. My surgeon is very strict and not easily impressed, and I've had a very hard time with getting in my Protein and Water. I just know he's not gonna be too happy with me. On paper I'm sure it looks like I haven't been doing what I should but I don't know how to do more...it just feels like nothing else will fit! I have yet to use the bathroom either. I took Milk of Magnesia this morning and it was still a no-go (ha). ????
  23. Half of Bri

    North Carolina Folks

    I'm near Charlotte - I was sleeved 12/2. ☺️
  24. Half of Bri

    Anyone else having surgery in December?

    How is everyone who had surgery this week doing? I was sleeved 12/2- other than gas pains that make getting my protein in difficult, I'm doing well. Surgery went great and honestly wasn't too bad compared to my c-section. I was actually relieved with how I felt and have only taken my pain Meds while in the hospital.
  25. Half of Bri

    I need food! 7 days post op

    i had my hubby go get me a huge cup of crushed ice from Sonic. I even ate it with a spoon. It satisfied the need to feel "normal" for a bit