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    Best Tasting Protein Shake

    I could never stand any of the powders and wasted alot of money on them and they all got tossed or given away. I drink Lean Body on the Go - Walmart sells it but it's actually cheaper and more convenient to buy online from Bodybuilder.com even with the shipping charges. I sub to their sales and newsletters so I get coupons and sale alerts so I can stock up http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/lab/leanbodyonthego.html?mcid=GGL_US_Products-Products_Labrada_Lean_Body_On_The_Go_RTD%C2'> I keep all flavors on hand in my pantry at all times then transfer a weeks worth of different flavors to the fridge on Sundays for the following week. Have them all but the Bananas and Cream is my favorite.
  2. veteranwoman

    people not educating themselves

    Oh no this gal was dead serious. Then the one I really fell off my chair on was the gal that was like a month out and wanted to know if it was ok that she drank a bottle of wine a nite. Um REALLY? It's not ok to drink a damn bottle of wine without having the surgery. For christs sake. But again she got loads of sympathy. UGH!
  3. Oh I hear ya on that one - I heard it all after my sleeve. In spite of some of my really close friends warning certain people to shut up and back up the others kept it up every time we were out in public. It finally got to the point that I totally lost it and blew up at one particular woman and told her to mind her own weight problems and stay away from me. lol It makes me self conscious when I am out enjoying my friends and a few people made constant remarks to the point I didn't want to go out anymore around them. Once I blew up everyone shut up. I had to tell an old friend from back on a visit once to back off too - I said look yes I only ate a half of a sandwich but what you don't see is that I eat that 8 times a day - I am FINE - she understood finally. I have my class reunion coming up and am kinda dreading it for that reason. Same thing when I went to my first reunion after I got sober - close friends were following me around to make sure i didn't drink lol One of my best friends is 100 pounds and 5'1" so once I reminder her (with a laugh of course) that I could whup her she stopped bugging me
  4. veteranwoman

    people not educating themselves

    I think from my standpoint people want to hear from real people who had it done. Have most doctors or nutritionists had this done? Probably not so how would they know the pain level etc? I get questions privately all the time on real life experiences.
  5. veteranwoman

    people not educating themselves

    Exactly! There was one woman in particular on another forum site that said basically (no kidding, ya can't make this sh** up I swear to god) "Oh I am 3 weeks out on the sleeve and I ate a steak last night and after 4 bites I had stabbing pains in my stomach and then I threw up and then I waited for 15 minutes and ate the rest of the steak and potatoes and I threw up again the, sleeve isn't working this is ridiculous" (paraphrasing but this is the gist of what she had done and said and THEN said the sleeve didn't work!) She got a ton of sympathy and oh my god I am so sorry that doesn't sound very good or oh my god so sorry just get back on track tomorrow. When I read it I said wait what???? Are you KIDDING ME HERE? 3 weeks ago and you ate until you threw up and had major stabbing pains and you're blaming the sleeve for "not working"? GIVE ME A BREAK! Out of about 50 replies I was the only one that saw a problem with it and I got bashed for being honest. lol Jesus.
  6. Wait, whuuuuuttttt?? Another smoker condemning diet soda? Smoking won't undo the sleeve, pop will. Undo? What the heck are you talking about? UNDO? This "debate" was about soda and it's impact on the sleeve. Ok so maybe not UNDO but not help is that better? Jesus Christ go have a cookie the carbs might make you feel less bit**y and defensive. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! So I question your use of the word UNDO (which is absolutely ludicrous, so my question was valid), YOU call me "bitchy" yet **I** need a cookie? MMMM'Kaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy..... SNORT. No I told you to eat a cookie due to your multiple and constant barrage and cumulative posts to anyone that dares to disagree with you. Sheesh still going strong here lol Too funny
  7. Wait, whuuuuuttttt?? Another smoker condemning diet soda? Smoking won't undo the sleeve, pop will. Undo? What the heck are you talking about? UNDO? This "debate" was about soda and it's impact on the sleeve. Ok so maybe not UNDO but not help is that better? Jesus Christ go have a cookie the carbs might make you feel less bit**y and defensive.
  8. I'm clueless about what? That there's a correlation between smoking and cancer? Are you going to deny that, or are you just being obtuse? And the good Dr Weiner did say that people who smoke do keep their weight off better than those who don't. Look it up. Oh, and I smoked for 25 years and quit to have the surgery. I'm now over 2 years smoke free. I'm not an anti smoking Nazi by any means, but I'm also not a hypocrite. Sigh... then don't smoke. I don't smoke either but damn why so hateful and defensive? This isn't ABOUT cancer - it was about the things that impact the sleeve success.
  9. veteranwoman

    3 days till plastics tiiiime!

    Go check out www.emilybites.com and she has some great ideas for "cupcake" meals of all kinds.
  10. I found that too but might as well not post the studies as it seems people don't want to see these types of truths. That article is wayyyyy too logical. Interesting that the article you posted states to not limit sweets but rather the volume. I'm sure that will be argued with as well.
  11. Cancer stick? Judgmental much? Smoking won't keep the weight off. Hateful people like you are why I rarely visit these forums. You're clueless.
  12. Wait, whuuuuuttttt?? Another smoker condemning diet soda? Smoking won't undo the sleeve, pop will.
  13. I rarely come out here anymore but oh my god. Self righteous people who either just had the surgeries or have yet to have them crack me up. You are hating for eating cake and pizza & that is just uniformed opinions. I'm years past my surgery & as they stated moderation is everything. Y'all act like people who eat cake or pizza for example do so all the time & huge portions of it.. Y'all have heard that there are healthy recipes to make those foods right? Just skimming through the replies here it looks like the person that started the thread did so looking for acceptance to be able to drink pop after surgery and wasn't and God forbid anyone dare show otherwise. Seems like y'all need to get out and walk and get some fresh air rather than spending hours behind the monitor LOL I'm sure I'll come back in another 6 weeks and see the same people going off on how their way is the right way and everyone else who has had success with this liefstyle change is just full of it.
  14. veteranwoman

    Vacation season...What are your plans?

    I have my 40th class reunion this summer back home. I went back for a wedding of a classmate and someone I had known since we were 5 years old and a few classmates were also there so some know of my weight loss but some haven't seen me since the last reunion when I was 80 pounds heavier.
  15. veteranwoman

    3 days till plastics tiiiime!

    Be prepared though - I had mine done in Jan 2015 and I still don't have any feeling in the lower abdomen. Its' still numb. I keep joking to my doctor that I should use it to my advantage and get a full tattoo there since it won't hurt
  16. veteranwoman

    I'm going to scream....

    I got that a lot. I think that people are just used to us at our larger selves and can't adapt to the losses. My body my choice on what I want to weigh and where I feel my best at. After I lost my weight I had a ton of friends say that I was never fat... but I pulled out old pictures and showed them the then vs now and they were like oh well damn we never noticed. My favorite is "damn eat a cheeseburger" to which I finally told someone if one more person told me to eat a cheeseburger I was going to go buy a large bag and BEAT them all with it. The other thing that drives me nuts is when I am out with friends for dinner or whatever and someone just has to make a comment about how little I eat and they keep encouraging me to eat more. I usually just say look I'm fine ok. Last year I totally lost it though and I finally yelled at a friend to BACK OFF. The table was stunned into silence and I said look yes you see me eating only this tiny little bit but you don't see that I eat this amount 8 times a day. I ended a long standing friendship with a gal that was constantly making comments out in public in front of a ton of people and asked her why in the hell was she so obsessed with my weight? Mind her own weight. I nearly told her that I must be doing something right because her own husband had # 1 been hitting on me and # 2 had called me to ask for my surgeons name so he could get HER to do it
  17. I had my sleeve done in June of 2012 and if people made a comment on how much weight I had lost I told them I had the sleeve. Some close friends knew and honestly if I sat there and took a compliment on it I would feel dishonest if I let anyone think I did this without the help of the surgery. I didn't care who knew and actually my saying I had the surgery helped 5 friends of mine make the same decision to also have it done since mine was. If someone didn't agree with my decision then f*** em
  18. veteranwoman

    What to do with clothes

    I know this is an older thread but personally I would try and find a Veterans organization in your area and donate them to their homeless programs. We do a HUGE jeans program here every year and collect jeans all year long. But I am suret hey need other types of clothing also. Here's a link to the Las Vegas Stand Down group. http://www.usvetsinc.org/information-center/calendar/events/2016-las-vegas-stand-down/
  19. veteranwoman

    Sleeve or band

    I know 5 people with the band and every last one of them are still obese - the issue with the band in my mind at least was the constant upkeep and refilling of it.
  20. veteranwoman

    Going back to work after gastric sleeve surgery

    I own my own business so a little different but I was up working on my laptop after waking up. My surgery was a Thursday morning and I flew back to Phx from San Diego on Saturday afternoon and drove myself home from the airport. Was back in a clients office on Tuesday as I normally would have been. Yeah I was tired but I don't have the luxury of paid time off.
  21. veteranwoman

    Low BMI - any out there!

    I was a BMI of 30 (barely) and had it done in June 2012. My size 18 jeans were getting tight and nothing I did at the age of 54 made a dent in the loss. Started out at 172 and hit 98 pounds from June to January. The 98 pounds was way too thin so I upped my calorie intake and got to 105. I gained 10 last year when I got on some thyroid meds so I stopped those and the gain stopped. Sticking to 115 now and happy with that. I wear a 1 - 4 jean depending on the cut and brand.
  22. Do you know what she eats? I don't think she mentioned it actually. Any number of things could cause weight gain that has absolutely nothing to do with eating. I was put on thyroid medicine a year ago and started gaining - it was only 5 pounds but still it was in a short amount of time with absolutely no change in my normal healthy low carb eating
  23. veteranwoman

    Surgery woes: Grandpa begged me not to have the surgery

    They won't let you leave on public transportation or even a medial van service if they're like all of my doctors. But the risk is always there - it is major surgery and going under to sleep but ... rare.
  24. I thought it was my allergies kicking back up and then I read about a year after my surgery that others do that too. I'll go into sneezing fits and deal with a runny nose. Irritating to say the least