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    Madly in love but holding back info

    Congrats on all these wonderful, positive changes you have brought into your life! I can totally understand wanting to just be with him and this not be an issue. However, it's clearly still an "issue" for you psychologically or you wouldn't be so focused on surpressing it. Chances are, he's not going to have any negative feelings about it. I even bet he'll fall more in love with you because who wouldn't fall for a girl who has overcome such adversity? You'll be an inspiration to him, you'll see. When the time is right, you can tell him. But don't be afraid to tell him for his sake. When you're ready.
  2. Maggietcu2

    Want more

    This has got me all fired up! Thanks ????
  3. We got our midlife crisis put of the way already lol I know hubby and I will do just fine, we are in a very loving and supportive place. Also have 2 young kiddos to keep us busy.
  4. Wow why were you in the hospital so long? My clinic does this out-patient!
  5. I wonder if your body is detoxing some stuff? Stay strong!
  6. You sure have a lot going on. Clearly they are not dependable right now. Glad you worked out some other arrangements. Could a friend come check on you during the day? Maybe use the motivation to get out of the house to push through your workouts Best of luck to you!
  7. Maggietcu2

    March 2015 sleeve have lost 30 pounds

    Check in with your surgeon or at least call the nurse if you have concerns. I can't tell that there are any "tricks" at this early stage ... just follow the plan as directed by your doctor. Good luck!
  8. Maggietcu2

    Damn scale!

    Cranberry juice has a lot of sugar in it ... typically it's "cranberry cocktail" and not really juice. Good job getting back to the roots. You got this!
  9. Maggietcu2

    Dallas Surgeons / Clinics

    How awful ... my heart goes out to this man.
  10. Maggietcu2

    Dallas Surgeons / Clinics

    Aftercare at Nicholson Clinic ...
  11. Maggietcu2

    Dallas Surgeons / Clinics

    @@woo woo - how is the aftercare? Been to any support groups or special events?
  12. Maggietcu2

    Dallas Surgeons / Clinics

    My concern about Dr. Kim is the actual inverted gastric sleeve ... and the fact that his price is half of other clinics. I'm wondering what the long term affects are from rolling stomach muscle over the surgical staples? This procedure is already a last straw ... trying to minimize having to go back in ????
  13. Maggietcu2

    Seal broken

    I'm guessing your body was craving the sugar. You did great testing yourself and learning from it!
  14. Maggietcu2

    I felt Hungry!

    You could be thirsty. Also you do not want to start a habit of eating a late snack like that. I think you did the right thing. It's a personal learning adventure, right? ????
  15. Maggietcu2

    Hi I'm a June sleever

    Curious why you chose that surgeon and whom else you considered? I am also looking in the Dallas are. Congrats on your date!
  16. You are doing wonderfully and he's being unrealistic. You are completely capable of doing this on your own and I'm sure you'd ask for help if you needed it. He truly needs to focus more on his bad habits. Not only should he not be eating the crap he brings home, he should have a heart and not bring it in the house as some sort of temptation. Sounds like to me your newly learned habits are far better than his own.
  17. I'm going to need savory suggestions like this ... can't do fake sugar, yuck
  18. I think jaw hit the nail on the head ... your upset you even needed to be in this position in the first place. Me, too! But you're here regardless. Time to pull up your big girl panties and make this work for you. You can do this!
  19. Maggietcu2

    Damn scale!

    What are you eating? What/how much exercise have you done? Maybe we can find some hidden fat or sugar for you to weed out!
  20. Maggietcu2

    GS Girl, LB Boyfriend Advice?

    You need to do your thing for you and let him do his thing for himself. You can disagree with someone and still love them, but it will be challenging. You have to decide how challenging it is for you. I wouldn't recommend hanging around if it causes you to spend less time together. On the flipside, if you agree to disagree and figure out how to live around it without putting a wedge between you two then more power to ya! (I personally think you should hold out for a relationship that treats you like a superstar ????) Best of luck!!
  21. Maggietcu2

    Needing a sleeve buddy

    Hey! You hang in there! One or the other ... sleeve or new baby ... is enough for anyone and you have your hands full with both. Of course you need a buddy to vent with!! Is there a support group associated with your clinic or in your area? Maybe a bariatric psychologist? I bet even a good hug would help!
  22. Maggietcu2

    New to this App

    Very glad to hear that lol Looking forward to meeting him. Couldn't get in until June 24th tho. How are you doing?
  23. Maggietcu2

    Food Porn

    Java91 I could not do that!!
  24. Maggietcu2


    I am meeting Dr. Roshak at Nicholson Clinic later this month. Everyone still happy with their care and progress? Anything I need to be sure to ask about? Thanks!