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  1. Hello! I am interested in hearing about various weight loss clinics and specific surgeons in Dallas, TX. I am looking into gastric sleeve. I am not looking outside of Dallas, just in Dallas proper. I have an appt today with Dr. Davidson at Presbyterian Hospital. I have another appt scheduled with Nicholson Clinic. I am sure any surgeon can do the surgery ... I'm looking for excellent after care. Thanks!
  2. Which are your fsvorite blogs / vlogs you follow?
  3. I had PB2 in my chocolate shake this morning and it was awesome. I think it will be good in vanilla, too. 1 tablespoon has a couple extra grams of protein. And the unjury has flavorless protein you could add to beef up each smaller portion. Haven't tried yet, tho.
  4. I ordered the Unjury starter pack and a small container of PB2 for $32.10 (total with tax and shipping). They sent me a thermometer and Rubbermaid shake container for free! I was so impressed with the quality of this shipment ... it makes me feel like maybe they really do want me to succeed. You don't see that very much these days! Pic attached.
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    Favorite Blogs / Vlogs

    Omg Dan I can't believe you went to KFC lol!! So glad you tolerated it well ????
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    Favorite Blogs / Vlogs

    Awesome, Dan! Thanks ????
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    Madly in love but holding back info

    See!!!!??!!!! ????????????????
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    Anyone try this

    Well you watered it down, that was your problem ????
  9. Just like how shocking it is to see how much food you need compared to how much food given at restaurants ... I'm wondering if people's "healthy weight" norm has shifted too??
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    Just made decision!

    There is actually a book called Weight Loss Surgery for Dumbies! Great book.
  11. I was out to dinner and movie with a friend and a friend-of-a-friend. I really didn't expect the other friend to be there but I was itching to tell someone and see how it went, so I just blurted out I have some news to share and told them I am looking at WLS. The other friend got all excited because she had lap band years ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to her. I was so glad I shared ... I got a lot of support and a new WLS buddy ???? My mom, dad, and hubby all know and are supportive, too. Only one person has said not to do it ... but after explaining why he changed his tune. I can't imagine I'll lose a friend over this but if I do, it's their loss.
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    Have any of you .....

    Yikes, Babbs is bringing out the big guns! 100% correct. ????
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    Favorite Blogs / Vlogs

    Yes like yours!
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    Favorite Blogs / Vlogs

    Nobody ... OK lol
  15. Getting off meds. Doing anything active with my family .... kiddos love to go on bike rides, hubby wants to go kyaking, and I'd love to go for a jog with my oldest. Losing the pudgy look. Wearing dresses again. I wear shorts, go swimming, and take pictures with my family now, tho I know I look overweight ... I'm actually surprised each time I see myself in pictures because I do not feel like I look ... so I'm looking forward to looking the way I feel. I got over a lot of self esteem issues in the last two years. Learned to love who I am, as I am. I think this will help tremendously after I have wls. Can't wait!
  16. I just ordered a starter kit from unjury.com to test those bad boys out. And going to Sam's today to see if they have premier protein.
  17. Well I wasn't always followed by a doc when I tried weight watchers or the year I decided to run, but I listed those and others. Do you think you might be over thinking this? I know it's so important. Hang in there!
  18. Wow that's a lot of extra information. How about your medical records from your previous primary doctor (s)? I mostly guesstimated the dates and amounts. No way to conclusively prove anything.
  19. Do this when you are ready to do this right.
  20. How involved is / was your spouse? Mine is going with me to my first appt today. I am not the kind of person who would typically drag my hubby with me but I am going to need his support and want him to have the same info as me. Thanks!
  21. What psychological issues are you dealing with post op? Do you see a baritric psychologist? The one surgeon I have talked to didn't talk about it and when I brought it up he washed over it. I think a lot of negative self talk and feeding my emotions got me to this point. I feel like I need to address some issues so I don't make the same mistakes post op. However, I'm also of the school of thought you don't have to always know WHY you do things and/or it's not necessarily helpful to keep talking about your problems if it keeps you in a negative place. You often just need the tools to get past the issues and get to a healthy place. Thoughts? Thanks for your input!
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    Madly in love but holding back info

    Be free, sweet girl ????