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  1. thecamiraye

    Accountability Group

    Ok so here I am joining this accountability group. I have been on a massive stall! I haven't lost since January. I have been WAY off track. I have been considering going back to see about getting a revision because I think my sleeve is stretched. I would really like to get back on track and see if I can lose get back on track without the revision though so this week I am starting new. I am starting with the phase 1 post op diet.
  2. That is so awesome! You are doing amazing and you look gorgeous!
  3. thecamiraye

    Why did I do this?

    I was completely regretful afterwards. I even had several moments for a few months afterwards that I regretted it. This is COMPLETELY normal. Once you start getting used to your new stomach and new life (because yes, this is a sudden life change too) you will start feeling amazing. The compliments about how much weight you are losing will start really soon too and those definitely help get rid of the regret!
  4. Please don't back out! The liquid diet is much harder pre op than it is is post op because right now you have your whole stomach that isn't getting full, you have hormones that are constantly telling you you're hungry. Once you have your sleeve done, those won't be issues. You will only have head hunger, which is tough to deal with but you won't have your stomach yelling at you too so it is much more manageable. It will be completely worth it, I promise! Plus these few weeks that you have to go through this will be nothing compared to the amazing feeling of the months and years to come after you get through it.
  5. @@cmhueto Thank you, I am thinking it won't be so bad since I will only being doing liquids (thicker liquids) up to that day. I may wean myself off thick liquids over the next few days. I completely understand! While I am at work I am constantly offered cupcakes, cakes, tacos, bagels, chips and dips, sandwiches...it's never ending. there is some sort of party here at least once a week. It's really difficult! We (YOU) can do this!!
  6. My surgery is still scheduled for June 15. I can't believe it has gone so fast. My consultation with the Dr. was on May 14 and only a month later I am having surgery. That is crazy to me but it must be a sign that I am moving in the right direction. Everything is going so fast and I have become more and more anxious but I recently started meditating which is helping tremendously! What do you do to help ease the anxiety of upcoming surgery.
  7. @@cmhueto No, you are definitely not the only one!! I am constantly looking at before and after pics as well. i also have started following people on instagram who have been sleeved. I love seeing everyone's progress to keep me motivated during my liquid pre-op diet. That is an amazing idea to write down all of your reasons and post them everywhere. I am going to do that too. I think I might write them on my bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker.
  8. @@Java91 I may get nervous about the surgery as I get closer to my date (June 15) because I had a mini panic attack before my sleep study (all I had to do was sleep!) and before I got my EGD done. lol. So we will see what happens. But for now I am nervous/excited about all of the post-surgery changes in my life. Yes, the inspirational stories have really been very motivating! It's really exciting to see them all!!
  9. @@Java91 Isn't it a crazy feeling? I keep thinking about what life is going to be like after being sleeved. I fell like I am going to have a completely different life, be a completely different person. I maybe wrong but that is what I am feeling right now, that is why I am nervous about surgery instead of being nervous about the surgery its self.
  10. @@Stacyc311 I'm on schedule to have my surgery on the 15th as well. I already had to start my pre-op diet on Monday. 2 shakes, 2 protein bars and a lean meat with a cup of vegetables and then I will have 1 day before surgery with clear liquids. Yay for your mom coming around! I'm hoping my mom will follow my lead and get the procedure done as well.
  11. I am so glad I just found this site! My first appointment/consultation was just May 14. My surgery is already scheduled for June 15 (I am self pay, sort of) I haven't had to do all of the insurance required things so, man, everything is happening fast. I just have to do my EDG tomorrow and meet with my dietitian on the 1st after that I am ready to go. I am glad that it is all happening so fast because it really hasn't given me a chance to slow down and become anxious about it.

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