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  1. blessed7

    Fitbit's multisport function?

    I bought the surge and didn't like that it didn't record calories burned for all different activities. I took it back and now have the Gear S and I really like it. I think the trick is to find any activity as close to what you are doing as possible. Maybe that will work for the Surge too. For example, when I do boot camp type classes I put it on hiking and tracks my calories and HR accurately.
  2. blessed7

    Funniest NSV yet!

    this story just put a huge smile on my face!!! LOVE IT
  3. Jazziminna, we have the same surgery date!!!
  4. blessed7

    Unsupportive partner

    Wow, this thread is serious and I just wanted to say that I'm praying for all of the ladies that feel they have to go through this alone. If your partner doesn't support you now I just wonder will they be there to help you post-surgery when you are not feeling that good and have low energy. If any of you are scared please use the number that was provided and remember there is no shame and we just want you to be physically and emotionally healthy AND then look HOT while you get on with your life in a positive way.
  5. blessed7

    African American vsgers!

    Hello everyone!!!! I'm scheduled for Aug. 31st!!!! I look at other peoples weight goals for my height (5'71/2) and wonder what is more realistic for me. I obviously want to be healthy but I would like for my body to still be shapely, I really don't want to be really small with no shape. To anyone who lost about 100 is your body shape the same or did you thin out all together?
  6. you nailed it!!!!!
  7. blessed7

    Obsessed with weighing in... HELP?

    While I understand wanting to track and adjust, doesn't your weight fluctuate daily anyway? Meaning if you weigh everyday and adjust daily how will you ever know if something is working? It takes more than a day to see the benefits of any work you have done to make changes with your body. Just my thoughts but I'm no expert. Just trying to see the benefits of weighing yourself everyday.
  8. Wow, so many different times..im only thinking a week off..I have a sedentary job and figure I should be ok..we shall see
  9. blessed7

    If for no other reason, This is as good as any

    wow, yeah this thread went left...lol I actually had to say it a couple of times to make sure it was what I thought it was. It is funny to me but anyhow your story was exciting and I'm happy you were confident enough to approach her. I too would like to know if it ended with a 2nd date????
  10. Please add me too!! My email is ndallas07@yahoo.com
  11. blessed7

    Got Approved today.

    I got approval this week too!!!! No date yet for me though.
  12. I GOT APPROVED TODAY!!!!! So freakin excited!!!!!! Of course the schedule lady was not in the office this afternoon but at least I'm over the biggest hurdle.
  13. Or threaten to report them!!!
  14. OMG!!! I would be going insane if I was approved but couldn't schedule a date..have you tried going to the office??
  15. I'm so jealous that some of you were able to get a date before you started all the appointments.My dr office doesn't give a date until after you get insurance approval.
  16. Exciting news!!! Glad you guys got your dates, the time will go fast
  17. I'm done all my pre-op work and I'm told my dr. office will be submitting my paperwork to the insurance company sometime this week..sooooo by next week I should have a date...I'm nervous and excited
  18. I just finished my last nutritional appointment and all my evaluations are completed. My surgeons office will hopefully be submitting my paperwork to my insurance company soon. I started my process in April and hope to be sleeved in September!!!