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  1. As the title suggests, I'm after some info re Calorie Cycling.. Has it worked for you? Has it not? Has it had the opposite effect to what you wanted? Do you even know what the hell I'm talking about?? I'll take anecdotal 'evidence' if it's YOURS (not the story of a friend of a mate whose cousin's housekeeper's neighbour's sister's dog walker's uncle's housemate tried it and lost blah blah blah... you know what I'm saying..) Yes, it's just another, possibly futile, attempt to break this f*cking stall... Thanx to all in anticipation of your assistance... Jason
  2. A few minutes of your time if I may (with apologies for the wall of words) - A few years ago, I underwent a Gastric Sleeve procedure in an effort to lose weight... I had let myself get to the dangerous weight of 255kg (562 pounds)... After sticking to my eating and exercise plan, the process was successful and resulted in a loss of over 110kg (242 pounds)... I still had a bit to go and was confident that I'd get there... Unfortunately, I then let life get on top of me... I started making worse and worse 'food decisions' and allowed my exercise to become less and less a priority... This has resulted in me regaining a reasonably significant amount of the weight I had lost... "So what?" you might be saying... Well, it's now time for me to stop making excuses... It's time for me to get my **** together... So with that in mind, I'm embarking on a brand new mission... I've named it "99by50".. Put simply, I'm aiming to get my weight down to 99kg (218 pounds) by my 50th birthday (18 Jul 2019)... To keep me accountable, I've created an Instagram page to keep PUBLIC track of my progress... I'll be posting regular updates on my progress, my exercise, what's working and what's not, my shorter term goals, some of the crap that would usually stay inside my head - all sorts of stuff related to my mission.. What I'm asking from you is this - If you have any interest in such a thing, please follow me... If you know someone who may have an interest, please forward this on to them (or tag them)... I welcome all thoughts, ideas, questions, anecdotes, advice - anything that you think may keep me accountable and on track... Here's the link - https://www.instagram.com/99by50/ If you do choose to take a look at the page, you'll see it's a little sparse at the moment... That will change as things go along... I'll be posting just about every day and will have much more detailed information up over time... Please don't feel obligated to follow the page... I'll not be offended if you don't... But as stated earlier, if you or someone you know has any interest, please feel free to like/share/follow... If you've got this far, thank you for your time... If you choose to follow and help keep me accountable - thank you... I hope to see some of you there... Kinda #99by50 #oldfatandcranky #itallstartsnow #publicaccountability
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    Regain, reset, recommit, relaunch!!

    @gomum Thank you!!
  4. So...
    What have I missed??

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      You're currently cooking chicken in the kitchen...
      I can see you...

  5. Ok, a little about me and my situation - Nearly 2 years post-op Lost around 120kg (264 pounds) so far Well pleased with the result No complaints at all HOWEVER... I still have another 30kg (66 pounds) or so until I'm "happy" I've had stalls and fluctuations just like everyone else. I keep my Protein up MOST of the time I'm just getting back into exercise/gym after a break over Christmas (ok, ok - November and December) What I want to know is this - Simply put, what is YOUR carb intake like? How many grams per day? What about your protein/fat/carb percentages? You see, I've been trying to keep my carb count as LOW as possible This has meant that, on occasion, I've been consuming as little as 12 grams of carbs per day It's only recently that I discovered how low that actually is Obviously, I'm hoping to get info from some folk who are at a similar stage as myself, but I'll take whatever info I can get and will just discard what I don't need. I know this is not an exact science... That's why I'm hoping to hear ideas from a few different angles And don't forget - play nice... Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; no matter how wrong they may be Thanx for your anticipated assistance... Jason
  6. KindaFamiliar

    Anyone from Canberra

    Chew ice... It helps with the need to chew and it also helps with your hydration...
  7. Hello world - I'm back!!! Get your questions rolling in... I kinda feel like there's some questions what need some answerin'... Don't get your bits all bunched with bannings and the like.. Come see the doctor... He'll make everything alllllllllright!!! Ladies and gentlemen - THE DOCTOR IS IN!!!
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    I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!

    Again @@skinnyjeansatlast I appreciate you taking the time to reply and I acknowledge the information you've provided... Jason
  9. KindaFamiliar

    Liquid Diet Suggestions

    And I guess the two replies really do point to the fact that the BEST advice will come from your medical/surgical team... As @@Dub stated, he wasn't allowed milk on his 14 day pre-op plan... My pre-op was 4 weeks and milk was allowed... So you will get conflicting replies... Best to take the advice of your team, because they know YOUR specific situation... Good luck to you!!!
  10. KindaFamiliar

    I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!

    Just a couple of points you've raised @@skinnyjeansatlast Firstly, there are carbs in cauliflower A quick Google search tells me that there's 5g of carbs per 100g in there.. There's also 7g/100g in broccoli and 9g/100g in brussel sprouts.. Yep, they're all less than mashed potato but they're by no means carb-free options. Secondly, you say "what do we need carbs for, really"... In short, the answer is 'fuel'.. Yes, there's much more to it than that, but again, a quick Google search of "do we need carbs' will answer that question much more effectively than I can.. Next, I don't believe carbs are "a slippery slope back to" anything. Poor choices and lack of will-power are much more 'slippery'... Remember, there are good carbs too... And they're nothing to be afraid of... Lastly, you're right, there are many "truly yummy things" that can be eaten... But carbs is what I'm asking about at this point.. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I genuinely appreciate the effort. And congrats on being only 10-15 pounds from goal after just 5 months... You must be well pleased.. Thanx again... Jason
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    Liquid Diet Suggestions

    Can you have a glass of milk? Yoghurt? There's certainly calories in those and they're liquids as well...
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    Lock up your Cheetos b*tches - Dr KindaFamiliar is back!

    That's precisely why the doctor has returned... He feels that some lightening up should take place.. And let's face it - the doctor is the man to facilitate such lightening... So bring your questions common-folk... No problem too big... None too small... Remember - the doctor knows stuff!!!** **The doctor really knows nothing. He's pretty much full of sh*t.. But you all know that...
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    Lock up your Cheetos b*tches - Dr KindaFamiliar is back!

    Actually, I might go for a shower first... Yeah... So, ummmmm... Yeah...
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    Protein vs Calories what's too much

    @@Renea Glover 60g of Protein in a sitting is too much... The body can only process approx 30g at a time... 380 cals is hard to comment on without some sort of perspective... Like @@jenn1 said, it might be better to post a 'normal' day's intake and we can all go from there...
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    No where else to vent

    **I guess I just don't see the need to even say anything regarding her husband? The fact is he left, she's hurting and sad, and doesn't need a strangers perspective (especially someone who has never been married) about what his state of mind was. Honestly, who cares? The guy is an a*****e. End of story. If the shoe was in the other foot, I'd call her an a*****e for just up and leaving her husband (or wife) and kids, too. I mean, really? You didn't mean to cause her offense or distress? What else is she going to feel when you say "Well, wait a minute here. Maybe, just maybe, he had a REASON to leave and take money out of the account"?** She was looking for an ear to rant. Not condescension. Ok, so I've started typing a reply several times but each time it ends up sounding like I'm either attacking (Babbs - for the contradictions in your post, or the previous respondents for the aforementioned reasons) or defending myself. My intention is neither attack nor defence as there's no requirement for either. It's all a matter of opinion. My point was, and remains, that none of us are in a position to REALLY know, as we aren't in the shoes of any of the folk involved. So to finalise things in a suitable manner, I'll simply state what I assume you'd like to hear - You're right Babbs... As always, you're right... Better? And again, to the OP, I hope things work out for you and your family. **EDIT** The bit between the ** up there should have been a 'quote'. Not sure what happened... Anyway, it's 2355 here... Happy New Year...
  16. KindaFamiliar

    No where else to vent

    Hi @@Babbs Nice to see you. I'd heard you had left. Nice to see that the rumour mill is as unreliable as ever. In response to your question, the short answer is 'No'. There was no 'hurt' on my part. I certainly don't feel the need to go into bat for someone just because they are of the male persuasion. As I said, if the guys is a dick then he's a dick. But my point was that ultimately, that's not for you, me, or any of the other folk in here who have absolutely no idea of the reality of the situation to decide. It's up to the OP to decide... For it is SHE ALONE who actually knows... As I'm sure you're aware, as soon as you post something on an internet forum, you're going to get differing opinions and viewpoints. I just thought there was an opportunity to put forward such in a manner which was non-confrontational and certainly not disrespectful... If I have, in any way, cause the OP any distress or offence with my words the I wholeheartedly apologise to her. That was by no means my intention, neither then nor now. But as far as the rest of you go, meh... Don't like what I say? Ignore... That's what you girls are always so keen to say isn't it?? Happy New Year to you and yours...
  17. Thank you Canada!!!! If it weren't for you I'd never have met the lovely and delightful CHM or Cheetos Puffs... I really like both!!!

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      Oh, I thought maybe it was a celebrity and I'm just stupid, lol!!!

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      Good to see you again!

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    All things cheese

    "A life lived without cheddar is a life half lived"... Ok, so maybe that's not exactly the quote... But it's true!!!
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    All things cheese

    Slower? No... Bearable? Yeah!!! cheese is by no means the worst thing you can eat in ANY stage of the process... There's Protein in cheese... It may not always be at the best ratio in regard to calories... But I'll be f*cked if I'm giving up EVERYTHING!!! @@ML573663 You eat your cheese... And when you do, you think of me... Enjoy!!!!
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    All things cheese

    I f*cking love cheese!!!! I incorporate it into my "diet" when I'm tracking and when I'm not... Yeah, that's right... I f*cking love it!!!!
  21. As stated in a previous thread, I'm outta the country til end of week 1 and will not be back in sync until end of week 2, 2017, but I'm all over this sh*t like a fat kid on a cupcake... It's been too long since accountability... But f*ck me, it's fun!!!!
  22. Tonight - Chicken wings, live music and a few drinks with my beautiful girl... There's so much more to life than tracking calories and carbs... That sh*t is for FutureKinda...

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      That's because you've been drinking your voddies thru a STRAW!!!!

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      It's ok...

      Nobody's paying any attention...

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    No where else to vent

    @@sunsetsue I missed no point... I read the original post several times.. I looked at all of the information at hand (including timing information)... I even edited my post when I saw I'd made a mistake... I was simply able to remove emotion from my view the situation. That's all.. But your reference to my ignorance regarding marriage and children made me smile... Mostly because it proved my earlier assertion (re some folks' lack of situational awareness before posting) to be somewhat accurate... Keep fighting the fight @@sunsetsue Whatever that fight may be... @@reree6898 Again, I wish you and your family the best... I will no longer take up space on YOUR venting thread.. Thank you
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    Should I be upset?

    I'm not sure if anyone else has suggested it but I found chewing on ice a huge help!! It makes you feel like you've eaten AND hydrates you... Good luck..