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  1. Happy 40th Birthday angelic_1!

  2. Hey May 2008 Bandsters! How are we doing? It's been about a year and a half since our surgeries... I am down 61 lbs!!!! Yeah!!!! I just went shopping yesterday for some new clothes (my clothes were all 1X, 2X, and 3Xs), and the XLs were too big, so I had to try on Larges. I haven't had to do that in FOREVER!!!! I am at restriction, exercising (I do KICKBOXING!), and am losing about 2-3 lbs a month. Slow, but I don't care. My skin is not sagging... Super happy. I feel better than I have in who knows how long. I have about 45 lbs til goal of 125. Tell me how you are doing. We can swap tips...
  3. angelic_1

    Not Losing Weight

    It's been good for me to see all these posts also. I lost 20 right after surgery, then have been unable to lose more than 10 lbs the rest of the year. I feel like I have been following the plan for the most part, but with minimal restriction. Now, I finally have restriction (I feel a little anorexic because I can hardly eat a thing!), and have lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks. I am happy about that loss, but it is still slow compared to what I am eating... I am trying to stay posititve because w/o LBS, I would be 230 still, at the very least! Now, I am only 194, and can fit into many clothes in my closet. I'll post again to let you all know how I am doing. Thanks!
  4. Was it hard for you to decide to have surgery with a child with autism? I have a 14 year old with autism and haven't decided yet I worry about the risks

  5. angelic_1

    Ahem...very personal :)

    I know that I haven't posted much in this thread, but I LOVE reading this thread! :lol:Very informative, and fun too...
  6. angelic_1

    Anyone else eating normal?

    I too am making some wrong choices. Not gaining either, but very slowly losing. I had some restriction after my fill, but not where I need to be. I can still eat way too much!! I am looking forward to my 2nd fill August 21. Hopefully, that will bring me to a sweet spot... a great b-day present (I turn 36 on Aug. 31!)
  7. angelic_1

    Anyone else eating normal?

    Thanks, that's good to hear.
  8. angelic_1

    Anyone else eating normal?

    Fluffycat, I would like to preface this with the fact that I have yet to experience a PB, and I can eat a lot of food still (shamefully, I was able to eat a chicken sandwich and small fries from McD's yesterday with NO problems). So to that part of your question, I really can't help. The drinking- you are supposed to wait because drinking aids digestion, and the goal is to allow the food to remain in the pouch as long as possible to feel fuller longer. BTW, I have had a fill (3.5 in my 10mm Realize Band), and I have some restriction, but can still eat WAY TOO MUCH! I feel like it is 5-10% the Band and the rest me. Sometimes I wonder if I am some part of huge experiment and I got the placebo! I hope with the next fill, I will feel better restriction. I hate losing so SLOWLY.
  9. angelic_1

    Ahem...very personal :)

    Fair question... I was banded in May, and have yet to have adequate restriction, but (TMI) I have done that several times with my DH, and no problems! I say if you can swallow a gulp of water, you can swallow a gulp of ...ahem...
  10. angelic_1

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    Hey All! Please help... I can't seem to find the name of that Peanut Butter stuff. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Peanut butter flavor to add to shakes, etc...?
  11. angelic_1

    Anyone else eating normal?

    I am also so glad for this thread! I was banded May 6, 1 week of liquids, 1 week of mishies, then soft food to regular food. Most of the time I ponder if I got a placebo surgery!!! I can eat anything, I hardly get full, and I can eat fast. It's not like I am trying to see how far I can push it. But sometimes I forget and eat quickly, and am like, Wait a sec, I should have struggled with that bite!?! Every day, I wake up with good intentions. I will have Protein shakes today, but then I feel starving, and have a turkey sandwich instead. Granted I am eating a little less, but I haven't lost a pound in 2 weeks! I Iam walking a bit, but probably not enough. And I can't get my first fill until July 11 (doc's on vacation). Please send positive thoughts my way so that I can be especially good from now until my fill date. I'd like to lose 5 pounds before then.
  12. angelic_1

    Scheduled for May? What Day?

    Hey Bandfan, how'd the fill go? I am in Bandster hell- I am hungry, with minimal restriction and can't wait until I can get a fill. I feel like I am just dieting. Plus, my life is very stressful right now. We have to move, and the place we were going to move to flooded, so I had to quickly find another (we have to be out of our present place by this weekend!). Luckily, I found us a place, and even more lucky, we hadn't moved yet to be flooded. Thank goodness!!!
  13. angelic_1

    I am scheduled for May

    I had to take Milk of Magnesium and (TMI) it was miserable. I lived in the bathroom the day before surgery. I also suffered from dairrhea after the surgery. My mom said it was probably a lasting effect from the Milk of Magnesium. It was a wretched feeling that lasted about a week. Sleep before surgery was elusive for me. I was just so excited!!! Best wishes for the tail end of our May Bandsters! I am sure that you will do great with the surgery.
  14. angelic_1

    Scheduled for May? What Day?

    They make me wait 6 weeks after surgery, but my surgeon is on vacation until the end of June, and that was the first available appt. I guess she has to determine the 1st fill.
  15. angelic_1

    Scheduled for May? What Day?

    Good luck Kammi!