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  1. @iclemur...thats bc there haa been a drought since the 80s... lol
  2. Omg....I've been really trying to figure out how to slow down my weight loss. .I'm almost 3 months post-op. ..48 lbs to goal. ...I have lost 83lbs...from HW ..and 50 lbs since surgery. ...I love working out. . Trying to add more calories. . But just not hungry. .I know I'm crazy for wanting to slow down "rapid weight loss surgery"...especially before hitting goal and a year post op!!!
  3. caligul

    So. Much. Pain. Help!

    OMG!!!! I can't believe my eyes. .I'm sooo sorry this happened to you. .. definitely write a letter to the director. .. they may need to implement having nurses who have gone through WLS.... clearly that nurse doesn't understand nor empathize what you just went through.
  4. As you heal you will be able to drink more....you're still at the stage where you just have to sip...sip...sip....set a timer....to sip every 5 min or so....
  5. Welcome to what I call the "Rumbling in the Bronx"...something some of us are stuck with...I can clear a room with how loud mine is...at times its embarrassing. ..now I just ignore and keep it moving...lol
  6. caligul


    My husband picking me up ALL the time and throwing me over his shoulders!
  7. I swear by premier protein shakes as well! ! Best ones out there
  8. I'm 11 weeks post surgery and still have 1 shake per day...for breakfast. .without it I don't seem to get all of my protein...but working to get all protein from food only.
  9. caligul

    HALF way to goal!

    @spiceyfrog..I couldn't agree with you more....but it has definitely gotten MUCH easier as the weeks go by....those beginning weeks were rough but we made it through!!!! Keep up the good work!
  10. caligul

    HALF way to goal!

    Wayyyyy to go..keep it up....I'm right there with you...11 weeks post op and down 47lbs since surgery down 77 lbs from HW!!!
  11. Me too...I love it. .I'm on Week 4!
  12. So clearly I must have had an attachment to my FUPA....now that I'm down 80 lbs....I feel like I should still be shopping in the plus size section...but all their pants have that extra FUPA space I don't need...and I look super crazy wearing these pants with all this extra FUPA space....I guess I must be scared to go to the non plus size section...but I think its finally time to detach myself from the FUPA pants!
  13. caligul

    PCOS LADIES Getting pregnant post op

    Well. . I'm not preggo yet.. in the 1 year waiting phase. .. but starting having regular cycles after losing 20 lbs during pre op liquid diet. ..I'm now down 80 lbs from HW... and regular. ..I know when "Aunt Flo" us coming to town and she hasn't missed the bus yet....so I can't wait for the green light from my dr.... I'm 2 months post-op.
  14. My biggest pet peeve....when the food server assumes they are doing you a favor by giving you more....I DON'T WANT MORE I requested a small!!!!!
  15. caligul

    How long out of work?

    I was out for 4 weeks (desk job)and could have used 1 more week. .. you're so tired and need naps throughout the day...and still getting used to eating
  16. I wish I knew ahead of time RNY is a very "loud" surgery. ..meaning when I drink anything. .an entire room can hear it going through my entire digestive system!
  17. caligul

    Rag Doll!

    So apparently my husband is more excited than me about my 80lb weight loss. ... everytime I turn around he's picking me up and throwing me over his shoulders! !! Once upon a time I could use my weight when playing around with him. ... not anymore. ..I'm going to have to really do some major strength training! ~HW 321 lbs ~Surgery Date: 6/2/15 ~SW:288 lbs ~CW 241 lbs
  18. I couldn't sleep on my tummy or side for 6 weeks. ..pure torture for my buttocks and back. . Hang in there. ..
  19. Are you eating slowly and chewing to mush? @@bookworm831
  20. caligul

    Protein Bars?

    Pure Protein Bars are decent...
  21. caligul

    Ignorant bi#@h

    You must be talking about my mom....this is the same crap she says about me to my sister & brother....I never told her I had surgery. ..and never will!
  22. That Strawberry Cheesecake is AMAZING!!!!!!
  23. Nope.....didnt say anything. ... I don't think I ever will
  24. So far I have...I had RNY surgery 6/2/15....immediately....my cycle is regular and finally predictable. ..neck has lightened up...I still have the chin hair growth. ...but hopefully I will be preggo next summer! Good luck to you.....I'm a believer that it works.