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  1. I am 4 months out and have a small cup every day. No problems whatsoever and my doc said it was fine. I use a splash of creamer and am very happy.
  2. RuxieGirl

    5 months post op

    I am 4.5 months out and am still struggling with what to eat. I'm still eating chili almost daily. I try to make homemade but often have to resort to a can. Fortunately the can lasts for 3 meals! I have been doing meats and stews in the crockpot that I tolerate fairly well, like salsa chicken or beef stew. I can't do chicken anymore unless it's completely soft. Scrambled eggs are a big part of my diet as well. I'm tending to stick with foods that can be easily measured in a 1/4 cup scoop. As long as your blood levels are coming back in good range and you feel well, then I think it's OK, it won't be forever. My thought is let's lose as much as we can while we don't feel like eating!
  3. So, I'm at 4.5 months out and things couldn't be better. I'm 74 pounds down, feel incredible, tolerating almost all foods just fine, and am grateful every day that I had this surgery (RNY). Except. My hair is coming out now, big time. I knew it was coming, but nothing prepared me for the panic it's causing! My hair is long and dark, with long layers. I color it myself to a dark brown and have been happy with it up until now. But I'm feeling like if I lighten up the color, either with highlights or take the whole thing up a few notches, and do some extra layers around the crown (where you can see some thinning), it might do a better job camouflaging the thinner spots. What did you all do? Keep the same style, try to do some damage control? I am shampooing with Dioxin, taking Biotene, and doing a nightly scalp massage. I get plenty of Protein and take all my supplements, but I knew the hair loss was inevitable. Ah well, it's still totally worth it! Thanks for sharing your stories!
  4. You could make zucchini noodles (love me some zoodles!) and add any Protein you'd like, ground turkey, cheese crumbles, other veggies. And it's like having pasta!
  5. Thank you all so so much! This gives me a great place to start!!
  6. Hi, everyone. I've been lurking but not posting. I'm 3 months out tomorrow and things are going so great! I'm 61 pounds down and feeling better than I have in many years. My only issue at the moment is that I am really stuck as far as my food choices. My surgeon's office is very conservative and I was on purees and soft foods for a long time. Now I'm almost scared to branch out my food choices. Even though I'm cleared to eat whatever I want, I'm mostly sticking with scrambled eggs, chili, refried Beans with taco meat, soft broccoli, ripe peaches and bananas, and yogurt. Occasionally some mashed potatoes. chicken is NOT working out unless it's in chicken salad. I haven't touched any Pasta, bread or rice and have no plans to. But I don't know WHAT to eat! Can you share some daily examples with me of what you were/are eating around 3 months? I would really like to branch out my repertoire. Thanks!
  7. RuxieGirl

    Day #3 liquid diet. Ughhhhh.

    Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to hear. ????
  8. Wow, this is so hard. I am starting Day #3 and I don't even want to get out of bed. It's amazing what a motivator food was/is for me and now it's gone. I am allowed 4 shakes, 2 bars, and a small banana each day for my 14 days. What doesn't help is that I am at the beach with my 14 person extended family and there is junk food everywhere! I knew these two events would coincide but knowing it doesn't make it any easier. Plus, I am a savory/ comfort food girl, not at all into sweets, so these "chocolate" and "vanilla" "shakes" are just icky to me. Ok, pity party over. Anyone else want to commiserate? It will all be worth it, I know, but this is really hard!!
  9. I had my tonsils out 8 years ago and everything tasted terrible, but I was told that was because my tongue had been depressed with a metal clamp thingy, it fixed after about 3 weeks. But what on earth is the reason our taste changes after WLS? I just read that someone now hates the taste of Water??? I seriously hope that isn't me, I love water! Does anyone know the reason behind this? I'd love to know!
  10. I was told I could consume two a day forever. I believe I plan to do this!
  11. Well, my surgery is on July 6th, and I have been a big ol' pig! My liquid diet starts a week from today and I have seriously been eating out of control. I am justifying with the "Oh, I won't be able to have this after this week!" mentality. Did any of you do this? Is it horribly wrong or just kinda what we do? I'm trying to curb it a little bit, like tonight we had a really healthy dinner. I don't know, what are your thoughts on this? I really think I'm going to have to go get a banana milkshake from my favorite place one last time this week!
  12. RuxieGirl

    Anyone from Virginia?

    I have not been to any of the meetings yet, but I will be attending the one on the 16th. Do a lot of pre op folks attend those meetings? Fab@@forty, my surgery is with Dr. Moazzez on July 6th at INOVA Fair Oaks. I am so excited! Would love to "chat" with you about your experience, please feel free to PM me if you are willing to share!
  13. Just wondering how long after surgery did you start to feel "normal" again? Or, I guess, maybe the new normal that is your life post-surgery? When did your energy come back and you start to be fairly active again? ot necessarily running miles, but back to your activity level pre-surgery? Basically, when did you feel like YOU again?
  14. RuxieGirl

    Any teachers in here?!?

    I could have written this post, except that my surgery is July 6th because we have a beach vacation the week of the 20th.
  15. RuxieGirl

    Just had my rny

    How do you feel?? How have the last few days been?

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