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  1. VDB

    Torani vs extracts

    Good advice on Torani, thanks. Will try it.
  2. Commercial protein drinks really really gag me. I have tried them all. However, I take one of the 100% whey powders (I use EAS brand from Target, 24 g of protein per serving) and mix it half and half with non fat powdered milk. I mix it with warm water in a water bottle and then refrigerate it for a day, making it super cold. I can't say I love it, but it does not gag me.
  3. Yes, marriage is changing some since the big weight loss... and keeps changing always. And, we adapt to these changes by talking things out, by being open. Funny thing, she is less physical with me now than before, but I think this is tied to her own increasing (non-obesity, she is skinny) physical disability, not me. But, I certainly feel more attractive, more loose, easy walking, etc. Like Dub, I don't regret this surgery for a minute -- I recently rode a bike again for the first time in 20+ years, it was great. I walk the lab without getting out of breath. I got up flights of stairs without panting. I get flirted with again from women I don't know....I don't encourage it (100% monogamous entire married life of four decades) but I recognize it and smile!
  4. I agree with ML Warrior. There are some things it is best to go cold turkey on. The only exception for me is something that I got fixated on, and it was best for me to have small amount of and move on. For example, I was in San Francisco, and got really fixated on SF sourdough bread. I just had a slice with butter, and saw that it was not that great, and not worth losing my momentum over... but normally I just used ML's tactic. I just love pie or more accurately pie crust. Just gave it up after I had a piece at 3 months out... none for 4 months now, don't miss it.
  5. VDB

    What’s Your Restaurant Secret?

    Come to California! We have non fried appetizers! Ahi Poke, grilled shrimp, smoked fish, sashimi, chicken lettuce wraps, grilled veggie and chicken stacks and skewers... I'm sure other states have them too, LOL! But honestly most of the appetizers at the restaurants I go to have lots more than the standard artichoke dip, blooming onion, fried mozzarella choices. And as far as fast food goes do you have a chick fil a? Love their grilled chicken nuggets! Jack in the box chicken fajita pita (I don't eat the pita) is awesome too. One Chick Fila in the entire western side of Colorado, but will try the nuggets, no Jack in the Box here. Thanks for the ideas.
  6. VDB

    What’s Your Restaurant Secret?

    If my wife is with me, we can share one meal -- I can eat about 2-3 ounces of Protein (fish preferred, chicken breast works, can't eat beef) and a few of the veges. If alone, I can get a take home box and get two additional meals from the one meal. In 7 months, I have learned that most appetizers are carb loaded or fried, but in asian restaurants, things like marinated chicken or shrimp on sticks in various forms works ok. In our part of the world, we have Sonic drive-ins. They have a grilled chicken sandwich. I can eat half the chicken and a bite of the bun, but it is quick and filling. There seems to be nothing at other fast foods that I can eat, Wendy's has a grillled chicken sandwich but it tastes old. I was with a group that went to Taco Bell, there was nothing for me to order except a small cup of refried Beans, which was tasty but am sure it had too much fat in the beans. Overall, when I have to travel, I stay out of pancake houses, steakhouses (can't eat beef, major problems with that as is typical of gastric bypass). Chinese is fine, there is always something I can eat. Indian is marginal but I have found a few things on their menus that work. Seafood restaurants are the best -- a small salmon fillet with a side of steamed veges is my favorite out meal.
  7. I have been married so many decade I cannot remember a time when I was not married. I think of myself as a five year old -- and there she is! Some of the decades were tough, but the last couple have been wonderful, in our older years. I am now a much smaller guy -- have lost the equivalent of her weight, but for all those years she gave me unconditional acceptance. Sure, once in a while she would get really worried about my health, but her concern never had any strings. In return, I give her unconditional acceptance. She has a physical disability that means I handle 95% of the daily tasks of life, which she often feels guilty about but I give her the gift of acceptance. Works for us.
  8. Thanks for this one, Dub. I, too have lost a lot of pounds and long lost mobility is returning. I was having trouble balancing in my fishing boat and could no longer ride my bike. At my heaviest (440) I was heading toward couch potato land. At 300, I can ride again, and when winter is over will be in the boat again. I find I can walk much easier, which the yellow lab appreciates. Just getting out of a chair is 100% easier. I am looking out my window at a 11,000 foot mountain that I am going to climb when I get to goal weight...
  9. Funny, I am the opposite. Post by-pass, my sense of smell has decreased greatly, don't know why. I second what OKC Pirate said -- only now, six months out, have I realized what a daze I was in the first five months as the weight fell off and my body was changing.
  10. My wife, kids, and I have always been thrift store junkies. She finds some unbelievable great clothes. I have never been able to clothes shop there, not many 5xl or 4xl things, or none is more accurate. Now, at a mere XL, I am starting to find some great clothes which helps me round out the ever shrinking WLS wardrobe. I found a great leather coat, size XL the other day. I also ordered a nice wool sportcoat on EBAY, where my size did not often show up.... styling here in rural Colorado!
  11. Yes, great idea B-52! I will increase the treadmill time, more walking, more swimming laps...
  12. At six months post, am 100# down, no real stalls so far until now. The rapid weight loss took a good 15-20% of my energy, but overall no problems. Now, four weeks with no weight loss, in some ways I did not mind much given the energy depletion, and energy is better. My Water is good, my food plan good, my blood and nutrient numbers very good... any ideas? Is this just normal body readjustment? Thanks in advance for your ideas.
  13. VDB

    2 year Anniversary

    I will second the Lady... over 200 pounds gone... or 800 sticks of butter as we say around my house. Amazing, how are you feeling?
  14. VDB

    The BEST words I could ever hear....

    WHEW!!! Have been sending lots of energy your way, along with all of the others. So glad this is over the hump, you both deserve a great outcome.
  15. VDB

    Head Rolls/Folds

    Of course, since my long grey hair started falling out quite a bit and I cut to a buzz cut of 1/2" long, my scalp rolls and skull lines are now visible... If it is not one thing it is another. Soon, will dream of mullets.... when my hair grows back...
  16. I flew 100+ flights a year for 25 years, hauling my 400#plus body all over the world doing my work. I hated the flying and most of all I hated taking more than my share of a limited seating area, and hated asking for seat belt extensions. I finally bought my own so I did not have to ask for them, and then they made using your own extension illegal...I was back to having to ask the flight attendant again, to the stares of all of those around me. When I retired and left the road four years ago, I was thrilled to not have to deal with the constant embarrassment. This week, I flew from Grand Junction CO to Pittsburgh PA and back, four flights total. NO SEAT BELT EXTENSION NEEDED! I had gastric bypass in April, 100# down, BMI slipped under 40 finally, and I comfortably fit in the seat. Even though at 6'4" the person next to me knew they were sitting next to a great big guy, the arm rests were down, I did not "bulge" under the arm rest, and I did not inconvenience anyone. I still hate flying but what a change.... just getting around the airport was so much easier.
  17. VDB

    strange fish question

    We eat fish several times a week. I prefer salmon, halibut, or catfish... simply cooked. I just put a teaspoon of good olive oil in a non-stick fry pan, saute a few scallions, chopped, and a couple of cloves of garlic, minced. 30 seconds of saute, then in go the fillets. Cook about 6 minutes per inch of thickness, don't overcook. Salmon is cooked the most rare, catfish is cooked until the flesh is soft -- if a fork is resisted, cook it some more. A dash of fresh lime -- salt and pepper --- ahhhh.... My tastes did not change with WLS... but no beer etc due to carbonation increasing the pouch size, I do miss beer...
  18. VDB

    Getting Ready

    Dub, good luck with your surgery. I think we tall guys do fine --- I notice even after 100# down I am still tall....
  19. VDB

    So sick...

    Centrum also made me sick. I now use Baratric Advantage in capsules, even with the Iron in it, no problems at all
  20. The other day, I posted a new post about being wrong about how I took my supplements. Then, later today when researching Calcium citrate use, I found my post on Google... so for personal posts, no privacy when you post and reply on Bariatric Pal, this is wrong! Our support group functions should not be public.... what is going on here?
  21. VDB

    Guys Group: Seeking Buddy/Mentor

    Jacob, good on you for getting going on this when you are still young. I waited until I was 64, post heart attack etc. But, 100# down since the April RNY, and feeling very thrilled with the results. No real problems. The rapid weight loss leaves me a bit tired all the time, but this is temporary, says my Doc. I have had some hair loss but not too bad, just got it cut short and now don't notice. The main thing is that the diabetes, which was out of control even with good compliance, is 85% better, and many other co-morbidities gone or almost gone... I am much more in shape, enjoying walking, swimming, and soon biking again. Good luck on your journey to health, I don't regret the RNY for a minute.
  22. VDB

    Getting Ready

    Good luck, Steven. I had RNY the end of April, have gone from 55 BMI to 39, lost 100#, 4XL to XL. I was surprised the weight loss was so rapid, otherwise no real shocks, it has gone well. The diabetes is 85% better, the high blood pressure gone, the urge incontinence 90% better, edema gone, etc.... great results. You will do well!
  23. VDB

    Sleep Apnea?

    My initial sleep test revealed 35 episodes an hour of apnea, which put me in the severe range, this was 8 years ago. Now, 5 months after gastric bypass, my CPAP pressure went from 18 to 13, I am at 5 episodes an hour average. My MD thinks I will always need it, as my brother and Dad, neither overweight, both have/had severe sleep apnea (my Dad's was never treated, his heart was likely damaged as a result, died at 91). I, like DJMOHR, am so used to the CPAP, it and sleep are very closely linked. I am 100# down, but likely even at goal weight (another 80#) will still need the CPAP. We will see!
  24. VDB

    Head Rolls/Folds

    Major rolls for me prior to surgery in April. Now, five months post by-pass and 100# down, the rolls are almost gone.... I won't have any at my goal weight....bye bye neck rolls.....
  25. VDB

    Anyone into mountain bikes ?

    What kind did you buy?