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  1. One of the most common reasons for ED is being very obese, which has certainly been true for me. My question for those who have lost a lot of weight and who had ED -- did it get better?
  2. Close to two years out. Just had another big blood test and all is normal again. Diabetes almost done, edema almost gone, mobility and balance are back, high blood pressure 100% gone, huge overall health benefits! I have not lost as much as desired, but since I have not been this light since 15 years old (66 now), I am not complaining. My question is around pain relievers. Working a small farm, sometimes I can get a bit hurt. I need an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, but my bariatric PA says never again due to the danger of ulcers. She would like me to be on a proton inhibitor long term to protect against ulcers, but my regular MD does not think so due to long term side effects. She also says that ulcers are very dangerous for gastric bypass patients, and that I will get them if I use ibuprofen. Tylenol is all that I can use, and don't use it because it does zero for me. Zero! Anyone dealing with this? Any good advice?
  3. Thanks Diva -- great advice. I will check on Tramadol with my MD.
  4. Thanks JM, you are always helpful. This really helps. I am going to focus on injury avoidance (being in even better shape).....and no NSAIDS....
  5. Good luck! I had gastric bypass, but overall the surgery itself went very well, and in a couple of weeks was up and about. Congratulations on getting to this point. I know from experience that is a huge step. I wish I had done it many years ago, but fear kept me from jumping in. This site is great support. I don't post as much now almost two years out but during the first six months in particular it was very helpful. For me, great results although did not lose as much in the quick weight loss period as I had hoped, what I did lose (not complaining!) took away 90% of my health issues -- diabetes, edema, mobility loss, joint pain, high blood pressure, bad blood fats -- some, like blood fats, high blood pressure are 100% gone. I am slowly losing with good portion and content control, it is now up to me and not the surgery alone, but it is so much easier now thanks to the surgical intervention And, timing with getting married is great. We are 36+ years married, but both of us wish I had done this much earlier. Also, good on you for dealing with the emotional side, many don't do that and ultimately gain it back. You will never ever regret this huge step....way to go!
  6. VDB

    Hair Loss

    Hi, even with mondo amounts of Protein my bushy head of great hair fell out in large amounts from 4 to 7 months. I just gave myself a buzz cut. It grew back, although a little thinner but still quite the silver mane. I have some sags but overall not bad. My wife of decades does not care, why should I? No more surgery for me! I do have more neck wattle turkey neck than I want, but just grew my beard longer...
  7. VDB

    Too Much Too Fast? Kinda Freaked out!

    Hi there, I have my 18 mos check up with Bariatric this week. One thing as others such as James M. (he is a great resource) have said -- this is a pretty normal curve. I lost 100# in the same time but it was normal. My maintenance phase started while still overweight, but the loss I did have basically improved my health and life span projections by a huge amount (90% reduction on Type 2 Diabetes; 95% reduction in edema; greatly improved mobiity; stable neuropathy (surgery did not fix it, but kept it from getting any worse); now almost perfect blood fats. I agree with others about Protein. In retrospect, I ate too many carbs during the 6-12 month time. However, the other thing you mention is depression and adjustment. I had this in spades. After 50 years fat, I just could not adjust to this new body, it seemed very abnormal. I was depressed alot and although such good improved health, it took me until just recently for this new bod to seem ok... I am now starting to have a self image that is not hugely fat. For example, I would always avoid booths at restaurants. For the first time, the other day, when the wait staff asked Booth or Table, I said Booth! Also, I don't really mind the loose skin. I did grow a longer beard to cover the saggy neck a bit (sorry ladies that option is rarely available to you), but if it bothers you you can fix that eventually.
  8. VDB

    Finally approved

    Way to go Texas! Wahoo! Next week I have the final follow up appt (18 mos) and my life has been changed forever, have not regained a pound, and have been transformed physically.
  9. VDB

    Newbie with Surgery Date

    As a guy 18 months out, I echo Ignatius...Welcome to the beginning of a better life. That may sound maudlin, but it's true. Tuesday will be here before you know it, and then gone with the wind... I can't tell you what this has done for me. At 65, one heart attack, diabetes, I was facing lack of mobility and early death. My weight, which went to over 450 at it's highest, was lower for a year (430) but I knew it would go back and that 500 was waiting. I can't express how much my weight kept me from life enjoyment with my kids, all grown now. Now -- functionally, almost no diabetes symptoms, all blood readings perfect, I can get up off the floor without supports, I have always been able to run my small farm and do my professional life, but it was with enormous effort. Now, little effort. I can prune my orchard without stress. I can walk my dog without any heavy breathing. And on and on. Still have 30# to go, but due to the small pouch size, you really can't eat much, and I am pretty good about all the habits now --- Water, Protein, slow eating, etc. I lose a little bit each month. Those habits are ingrained at 18 months and I don't even have to think. Still working on meshing my actual size with my mental picture of myself as a fat guy. It is better, but I guess 50+ years of self image will not go away overnight. Still have challenges with sugar, but so much better. I never overeat as I do not want to stretch the stomach out. I avoid fizzy drinks for the same reason. I can go into any restaurant and eat, just make choices for small appetizers because I simply can't begin to finish an entree. At home, we now eat pretty normally only with much less carbs. My wife is skinny, so she already had great habits. My goal for this year is not to think about my size -- just go with the flow of health, focus on joy, and MOVE! You have done the right thing. Unbelievable things await.
  10. VDB

    3 Year Update

    Thanks for this, very thorough and inspirational. After 18 months, I have experienced dramatically better health and after my rapid weight loss period, keep steadily losing a bit each month primarily because my portions are small, I drink lots of Water, and keep my low fat Protein up. Way to go. I am not one of those who has become a totally normal weight but am thrilled with a BMI of 32, down from way over 50. The way it is going, I will eventually drop under 30 and lower.
  11. VDB

    NSV's that no one talks about?

    OK SK101, you started this.... at 18 months out: Asswiping is much easier actually thinking about not just wearing dark underwear! HA! Always wore clothes too tight but now wear them looser for comfort, never worry about shrinking them in the dryer I fit in all chairs now, even those little booths at the diner, what a relief not to check out the seating before deciding to dine out... My huge 2010 SUV and giant 1999 Pickup truck both now seen really massive whereas before they seemed to shrink every year My fat legs used to keep the boys from getting crushed now always reaching down in public or private and adjusting (hey, I am an old man I can get away with it) I can see my penis when I pee, rather than rely on faith that it was still there. Ok that is enough TMI for now....
  12. VDB

    Suit - Sport Coat

    I was never a clothes horse but had a bunch of very nice clothes. I put an ad on our local Facebook community page and found a 4xl/5xl tall guy who due to his finances really needed clothes and could never afford surgery like I had... now I am comfortably in xl/2xlt, buy all my clothes other than socks, underwear and shoes on ebay or thift stores, and now have the best wardrobe ever....
  13. At one and a half years out, still slowly losing on 1000-1300 cal day. I lost a huge amount in 7 months, then slowed. Honestly I am much more comfortable with slower loss, but very glad that I got the big chunk gone right away. At 1 1/2 years, finally getting comfortable in my new body, even though I have a bit to go.
  14. VDB

    Suit - Sport Coat

    I buy everything I wear for my shrinking body on EBAY or at thrift stores. For high quality stuff, EBAY is the best, and having gone through many sizes in my path to tiny-ness (I am 6'4", never tiny!) I buy ahead of need. What I love about EBAY is the sheer amount of uncommon sizes available... I am now a 2xlt and find great stuff. I now have grey dress slacks or navy, and wear a wool sportcoat with them. I have two sport coats, one grey houndstooth and one navy blazer. The blazer is Hart Shaffner and Marx... the two slacks and the two sportcoats total cost less than $125. This makes me dressy enough for my gigs... and I have the next size slacks and the next size sport coats on hangers waiting for the next phase.
  15. VDB

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    Hi there, I had ipe as well. It was painful as you know, and furosimide etc only gave me temporary relief. I had to wear size 19 extra extra wide Shoes when normally I wear 17 or 18 wide. Main problem was mobility -- I could see the wheelchair or walker coming... now totally gone. I am 40# from goal but right now am on a lunch break from painting my very large house, using ladders etc. That says it all, and I feel good...
  16. VDB

    Approved and SCARED

    Ditto on what all the guys said. I am looking in the mirror at a guy who is relatively slim, healthy, no high bp, no diabetes, no massive swelling, mobility is back! I can now hike, garden, live. 15 months out. Go for it, it is essential.
  17. VDB

    Running Shoes for Big Feet

    Hi there, you tiny foot guy you! Congrats on the progress! I am a 18 EW. I go to the New Balance website and order directly. They have a wide range of running/athletic shoes in varying prices. I have found that due to still being a big guy, the higher priced ones are by far the best for me. Darn. But, many of the NB are made in the US, I also like Dunham shoes (also made by NB) which really are made for big guys, not just little guy shoes stretched out.
  18. Forgot to say that now I can find clothing in Goodwill stores and other thrift stores, and in addition to EBAY, have the best wardrobe I have ever had in my life. My skinny wife has always been a big thrift store/second hand clothing buyer but at 4xl/5x/ could never ever find anything. Now, with 1xl/2xlt sizes for me, I can cherry pick some really nice clothing that gets lots of complements AND NEVER HAVE TO SHOP KINGSIZE OR CASUAL MALE EVER AGAIN!!!! What crappy pooriy made overpriced garbage those clothes were.
  19. VDB

    Starting to research the process

    The bariatric clinic I used for my RNY no longer does the lap band due to long term problems with that technology, so that alone indicates the need to get multiple opinions on lap band. Many on this site loved it but many have had to get the band removed and sleeve/RNY or other options done. Here is "old guy" advice. Get something done. I did not have any obesity related obvious medical problems until I was almost 55, then they started, mobility, diabetes, edema, heart problems, etc. I waited. Glad I had something done, because at 65 years old all those things are either 90% better or gone, but boy do I wish I had done this at your age. I do mourn the loss of activities for some of those decades -- the hikes I did not go on, the restaurants I could not go to because all they had was booths, the times my kids wanted to do major sports and I couldn't. Now, I can do those things with grandkids, so life is good.....
  20. VDB

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    Amazing progress, guys! I am still losing albeit slowly, started at 422 but had been as high as 450 two months before the surgery, right at about 285 now. Not sure where this will end up, I expect to be at my goal of 260 by my two years post-gastric bypass date in April 2017. It is slow but sure now, and in reality the very rapid weight loss was rather debiliating for me, I prefer this slow and steady and getting all of my food and exercise habits cleaned up and habitual. Not complaining, the fast weight loss was part of the plan and the surgery, but that period lasted 6-7 months for me, then slowed. I do know all of my co-morbidities are virtually gone, my blood fats perfect, diabetes 95% better, blood pressure actually low, edema gone, still have sleep apnea but it is likely genetic in my case, and movement is so easy now. Still dealing with body image -- in my head, still a big fat guy. At times, I need to pick something up off the floor and reach for a grabber, even though now, all I have to do is bend over and pick it up, no problem. I can weed the garden just by bending over and pulling the weed...but in my head, my first response is that I can't. I saw myself in a reflection on the front porch glass, and did a double take, yes, that is me now.....but everyone says that we gradually get our brains turned around to match the new reality of fat no more. I am almost 6'4" with a huge frame, size 8 1/4 head and size 18EW feet, and am always going to be a very huge guy, but no seat belt extension on planes, no problem with mid size SUV, no problems with booths at restaurants, and I even get in and out of the bath tub without trouble.... I do like this new guy.
  21. I now weigh about 290 after over 130# loss and just bought my first smart phone (low tech old timer who loved his flip phone) and found it has a step monitor. Can anyone share their goals of steps per day? I also swim, do heavy gardening, and some treadmill time. THANKS!
  22. In six months, went from 56 waist to 46, then in the next six months down to a 42. I went from size 18EW shoes to 17W. Hat size from 8 1/4 to 8, not so much of a fat head. I seem to be ever so slowly dropping inches but will likely be 40 waist permanently and 2xlt in shirts, 48xl in coats.... however, have to look ok for work and civic duties so have purchased whole ward robes on EBAY -- I find everything there, except buy new all socks and underwear, of course. In general, with careful shopping, I save 80% over new, and have a very nice set of clothes. I highly recommend EBAY for finding men's clothes. Womens are pretty expensive on EBAY but most guys (not me) don't like to clothes shop on EBAY, so prices are better.
  23. VDB

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    David is right -- it will go away...I just bought my first flat front instead of pleated wool slacks, ever.... and they look great.
  24. VDB

    What the F**K Up with the Constipation!

    I have a routine since almost day one post surgery (bypass), a few dried prunes and a handful of dried apple slices every day, and 100 oz of water a day, every time I forget, I get constipated. Seems to work for me...
  25. VDB

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    Very much an individual decision -- but we do have solid data that says low single digits of morbidly obese people ever maintain long term weight loss.... certainly true for me, as a 65 year old I wish I had done this when I went over 400 in my 40's. The WLS (posts on BP indicate both sleeve and bypass are effective -- most surgeons no longer do the band) is my helping friend that took out virtually all disease (diabetes, BP, edema, etc)....

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