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  1. Paul Hufnagl

    Getting off cpap..?

    i was diagnosed with seveare sleep apnea (bipap level 22/17) since i have lost 70 pounds since diagnosed in january. i have set my bipap to auto and then read the results on sleepyhead.com (you can watch a youtube video on the lankeyleft channel to figure it out.) the read out tells me if i had any periods of apnea. i think i'm at a mild level of 10 now.
  2. Paul Hufnagl

    Stalls after surgery

    I am currently on a stall myself stuck at 279 for a week now. I always stall at this weight when I have tried to lose weight in the past. I plan on maybe doing a juice fast for a day or two to get below this set point. good luck with yours.
  3. Paul Hufnagl

    Hernia and sleeve

    not only am i a nurse but also a post sleeve patient ( 5 weeks). you might find that with the weight loss, you may not have any problems with gerd any more. If the surgeon found it and didn't repair it maybe it wasn't that bad. my surgeon repaired my umbilical hernia but i didn't have a hiatal hernia. This does not have to be on the consent for surgery because it's considered an incidental find. i would say don't worry about it until it becomes something to worry about. just follow your diet and go slow.
  4. Paul Hufnagl

    Any Early August Sleevers?!?!

    sleeved on august 1 so almost 4 weeks post op.....so far so good.
  5. Hello to all my fellow sleevers. I just had surgery on 08/01/2019. a little about myself i'm 51, single and live in anahieim california. I'm a RN on a surgical floor and have been around bariatric patients for about 14 years. the surgeon was finally glad to get his hands and scalpel on me. today is the last day of liquids.....finally. I love the support and the advice these forums provide.
  6. Paul Hufnagl

    Starting Purees today!

    I start my puree in the morning can't wait to have a scrambled egg!!! will be doing the ricotta bake also. how much of dr. v's green smoothie do you make and drink at one time?
  7. does any one know a good online food tracker or journal ?