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  1. Shrimp, fish cheese and chicken. Shrimp is very high in Protein and I love it. Win Win
  2. judyoz


    Every plan is different, follow yours. My number one Protein drink is chocolate Premier. Love this stuff, taste like chocolat milk. I alway purchase premixed, never powder. Good Luck!
  3. I would only carry a few things like, cheese sticks, almonds ect... You will be able to find things to eat tailgaiting and at resturants. I have no problem finding something to eat wherever I go. Just don't eat the bread.
  4. judyoz

    Pics without the plastics

    Why don't you search on line for some pictures, I know I will not be showing any pictures (but maybe that is just me)
  5. judyoz


    Go to a pharmacy and get adhedsive remover. If they do not have it call your doctor or local medical supply store.
  6. judyoz


    Are you taking any new medications? New soaps, lotions, foods? Sounds like it may be allergic reaction.
  7. judyoz

    Bariatric recipe apps

    Eggface is very good.
  8. Yes call today see what they want to do. If it is a simple cold, you should be fine by Monday.
  9. judyoz

    Smoking before surgery

    Three weeks smoke free should not be detectable. You should be fine for surgery physically, but you may cough more than a normal person, post op.
  10. I did not try Pasta until about 2.1/2 months out, no issues for me. It will fill you up quick and like said before, no Protein in carbs.
  11. judyoz


    I have 2-3 cups everyday! No issues. I started drinking coffee at 4 weeks out.
  12. judyoz

    How to bring it up?

    My PCP was the one that told me to have WLS.
  13. judyoz

    Miss my straw ...

    I was given a straw in the hospital.
  14. judyoz

    Unsupportive partner

    Honestly, I would be more worried about HOW he is talking to you than if he supports you WLS. Nobody deserves to be spoken to that way, especially by a partner.
  15. judyoz


    I eat almonds. I also will eat a saltine with PB on it.
  16. WOW is right, congrats. You must feel so much better!
  17. judyoz

    Question for everyone

    Two days here as well but, I was not using narcotics.
  18. judyoz

    Alcoholic beverages

    Having a drink every once in a while is not cheating, it is what some of us like to do.
  19. I would have it done. You will be fine to drive. And I agree, you are going to be that much healthier when the twins arrive. Good luck!
  20. Give yourself some time, it will get better.
  21. She should be reported right away.
  22. judyoz

    Alcoholic beverages

    I can drink beer without any problems. Also maybe vodka and Water with one of those SF flavorings in it. I see a lot of people do that when we go out! Just remember, it will hit you differently after being sleeved. So take it easy.
  23. I did not read all the responses so bear with me. If I were you, I would not tell anyone. You can always decide later to tell people. Those you do tell, make sure they will abide by your wishes. Just my two cents worth.
  24. judyoz

    I Don't Know What to Eat! Help!

    Gordons frozen grilled Cod,tilapia and salmon are very good. All cooked just reheat, 2 servings per box. Some Frozen meatballs are precooked also, I love these. I make several burgers on the grill and freeze them. I add cheese and have a great Protein meal. I also bake the whole bag of skinless boneless chicken breast or tenders, again freeze what you want. Wonderful to just thaw in fridge to make dinner or chicken salad. Best of luck to you

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