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  1. byebyefat

    Sleeve done 15 September 15

    I suffer from bloating from time to time but more often then before
  2. byebyefat

    Stuck at a certain wieght

    You will be stuck on the same weight sometimes for days , weeks and months . It is called a stall
  3. Does he have any regrets , im tuned in lol
  4. byebyefat

    African American Sleevers

    Im 14 month post op and i eat hot sauce on majority of everything I eat and love spicey and cajuan food and have problems with either nor the hot saice
  5. byebyefat

    One Pound Weight Loss :-(

    Hello , hows everything going ? Any update
  6. byebyefat

    Vent session

    I completely understand , I had to do the same thing , Im now one year post op And I would do it all over again , congratulations on your upcoming surgery and best wishes
  7. byebyefat

    Update: 9 months post op

    How is your progress going , your such an inspiration
  8. byebyefat

    Breast reduction

    No Im not injured and never been , I was so confused when she said Physical therapy lol, she said I needed 3 reccomendations , I got one from my family dr , one from her and One will be from phyiscal therapy , I google and you tubed it , I guess its fairly common but Thank you very much for your input and best wishes ,
  9. byebyefat

    Breast reduction

    Im one year post op and my breast only went down 1 cup size and I dont know what type of physical therapy , thats why I asked lol
  10. Today I went to the drs for a consult for a breast reduction, the Dr said I was perfect candidate for the reduction but with the type of insurance I have , I would have to have 3 months of physical therapy , my question is , did anyone have to do physical therapy , if so what do you have to do while there ? Thanks in advance
  11. I started drinking more water and I think thats what helped
  12. Im a lil over one year out and didnt lose no weight in 2 months and then today i got on the scale first time in a week and I lost 4 pounds
  13. byebyefat


    I take gummy multi vitamins the generic ones from target and Im a year post op and my levels have always been awesome , best wishes
  14. Best wishes, you both will do amazing ????
  15. byebyefat

    Liquid diet

    My liquid diet , had grits and oatmeal too , best wishes

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