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  1. Need the opinion of those who are planning or have planned to start a family with a bariatric procedure.. my spouse currently has RNY that was done in 2015 but she has regained about 100 plus pounds out of the 155 pounds she dropped after getting RNY. Now she wants to start a family but i don’t know of it is safe or unsafe to plan for pregnancy now that she has regained all the weight. Would it be better for her to get a revision done to correct the weight and then plan pregnancy or should we have a baby and then do a revision? My overall concern is my spouse’s well being and i know how obesity plays a major role in pregnancies and the high risk it carries which can be very harmful for a unborn baby. Any advise would be appreciated as i am at a crossroads but don’t know what to do.
  2. I am 7 months out from a revision sleeve to bypass. For the past week or so i been feeling very tired and see myself falling asleep. Automatically i thought of vitamin levels but don’t know if that is what may be causing me feeling like this. Any help would be thankful as I don’t know what may be causing me feeling like this. Also i feel somewhat disoriented and my brain feels like is foggy as i sometimes have thoughts take longer to process or come thru.
  3. 4 months post op revision from sleeve to bypass. Been experiencing this pain when i swallow along with feeling like there is something stuck on my throat. It is ongoing all day around. Also feel some discomfort upper part of the chest right under my throat. Anyone has experience similar please help. Don’t know if is some reflux or what could it be but it has just been soo discomforting these past 10 days.
  4. 3 months post-op from sleeve to bypass.. For a week already i have been experiencing upset stomach on anything that goes into my stomach. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. I feel tired and exhausted also. don't know if this is just a temporary thing or something bigger (gastritis or colitis). Also with it I been experience some GERD and this weird feeling of having something stuck on my throat that just won't go down. I have taken acid med (nexium 40mg) and don't feel much relief or difference. I really don't have much appetite but i know i must eat and when i do i get an upset stomach. Some nausea but No diarrhea or vomiting soo far. anyone has gone thru this same experience? I have contacted my surgeon but to my luck he is out this entire week and won't be back until the week after.
  5. I left a message with the nurse manager.all of the physicians are out for the entire week. Have to wait for them to return. I was not prescribed omeprazole after surgery. Just feel little concerned about this and hope it is not an underlying problem.
  6. Is been now 3 months post-op from sleeve to bypass and for the past week i been dealing with bad GERD.. feel like my throat is on fire and i have discomfort on the area just below my throat. Also when i swallow it feels like something is stuck. Dont know if this is just a temporary thing happening or something really of much concern. Contacted my surgeon but he is away for a week and will return the following week. I know bypass is supposed to make GERD much better to deal with but i am just concerned and frustrated with this uncomfortable feeling.. any help would be appreciated!!!
  7. I am 1.5 months post-op
  8. I finally reached solids stage. Felt like forever to get here but i am glad i get to try out food to see what i can tolerate and what i can't. Now that i am here in solids it feels weird in the sense that I feel like i don't have gastric bypass surgery. I say this because food is going down well and have not had my first dumping syndrome event yet. Im struggling with how much food should i be eating. According to the paperwork of the nutritionist they recommend about one cup of food per meal. Don't know if that is alot to eat or is it normal. Also i feel less hunger and have to force myself to eat because i don't feel hunger.. also when it comes to drinking liquids now all is going down very normal which i guess is a good thing. Any feedback would be appreciated..
  9. I understand your fear but trust me when i say do not be afraid of gastric bypass. There is a reason why gastric bypass is the gold standard out of all bariatric procedures.. i also like you have had all 3 procedures. Lapband placed in 2007. (284 down to 190)... Revision to Sleeve on 2015 ( 240 down to 177)... and just one month ago had a revision from sleeve to gastric bypass. (211 pounds at day of surgery and currently i am down to 186).. I also am on the same boat as you regarding weight reduction. I did gain about 30 pounds but i had a combination of gerd plus hiatal hernia and also that my sleeve pouch stretched. I can say that a month after having bypass surgery it feels good. Like i feel that i dont even have anything done on me internally. I am currently finally on the solids stage and all is going well and no reflux at all which i am relieved. Soo just go for it and get the relief you desperately need for your GERD.
  10. Is it normal to have some weight gain after one month of surgery? I just want to ask if this is a normal thing ocurring to me. I will transition to solids finally tomorrow and dont know if that will help with the weight gain. I was doing fine while on liquids and for the majority of pureed. Just feel bloated and my chest feels very tendered which dont know if that is something normal for men. Thank you..
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    My surgeon suggested miralax to take. Miralax takes time to be effective. He also suggested dulcolax suppositories if it gets really bad. Right now i am doing miralax and it takes 2-3 days to work but it creates alot of gas for me and too much rumblings in my stomach. Also if needed an enema would help also.
  12. In 2 days i will be entering solids stage. What is there to expect now in this stage? Any advise is appreciated. Nervous about it because i dont know how my body will react or how i am going to feel when i eat or how full will i be getting? Right now i can easily tolerate almost 6oz of pureed foods which i dont know if its normal or not. Also will the weight loss start again now on solids as it has stalled a bit under the pureed stage.
  13. I have done oatmeal with low carb high protein milk. Then add a scoop of either flavored protein or unflavored.. You can also do a mix of beans, mild cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, a touch of light sour cream and even add some chipotle sauce to add a little kick.. also do chicken with sourcream and some chipotle. I understand you completely as i was also getting fed up eating the same things over and over
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    Gastric Sleeve to gastric bypass

    I had my original sleeve back in may 2015.. just had revision from sleeve to bypass on august 1.. have dropped 22 pounds so far. I also had the revision to bypass for GERD and also due to sleeve pouch stretching causing weight gain. I finally start solids in 2 days and looking towards seeing how my body reacts. Soo far i have tolerated everything i have consumed but everyone warns me of the first dumping symdrome attack i will experience eventually. Is been just over a month and i don't feel like i have a bypass. Puree and liquids go thru like nothing and do not know if this is normal or is the way is just supposed to be. I hear many stories of people who also say the same until they get to solids. My weight loss has sorta stalled right now but i have confidence once solids stage kicks in thing will pick up.. the sleeve is sorta like hit or miss and it all depends on each individual. Some people are a success and do not suffer from any symptoms or issues like GERD and have been able to maintain the weight loss very well. On the other hand now i am seeing that the sleeve is becoming sorta like when many people were getting their lap-band removed because of complications. The number of patients getting sleeve revisions is climbing. But goodluck to you on this journey and hope that you can finally have relief from your GERD
  15. In Houston, TX... Robotics is a standard form of performing bariatric procedures. Along with robotics they also perform single incision procedure thru the belly button.

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