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  1. Hi! Sorry about my writing/grammar, English is not my first language. I had a sleeve gastrectomy done on April 25 2015. Things went wrong after surgery, I couldn't drink enough fluids, I couldn't´t sleep and I regurgitated every and all the night. I ended up in the ER on may 10, and on may 13 my bariatric surgeon did a Mini Gastric Bypass. I´m a few days post-op but I feel much better, I can tolerate Clear liquids and my progress is steady an headed to recovery. Well, I just wanted to introduce myself to the group, I have been studying a lot about the MGB, I´m an M.D. so I think it helps. I have a couple questions for the experts: 1.-Sleeve gastrectomy + MGB = better results? 2.-What do you think about juicing....I´m thinking about buying a Nutribullet and use it for Breakfast
  2. Manuel Lopez Ganoza

    Gastric Sleeve to MGB in 18 days

    Hi MariaVSG!! Thank you for your comment and wishes. Compared to the pain I had the first 12 hours after VSG, the MGB was a walk in the park. I think I have mentioned it before, I 'm an M.D. (Psychiatrist) and I think I took the decision of having a VSG to soon. I'm convinced the MGB it´s a better procedure (at least for me). Be prepared to have more gas then expected, forget about the GERD and constipation. Everything will be alright!!
  3. Manuel Lopez Ganoza

    RNY or Mini Gastric Bypass?

    I had an MGB done as a revision surgery after a failed sleeve gastrectomy. So far (2 months out) I'm doing very good and I'm really happy with the procedure. My main concern with the MGB is GAS. Really bad, bad, bad GAS problem. I have red in a MGB dedicated forum about it and as far I know there is nothing you can do. If there is someone that can help....please jump in!
  4. Manuel Lopez Ganoza

    Which vitamins are you taking?

    That's exactly my problem, he said that we would talk about Vitamins in the next appointment, and it's 3 weeks away. He only said to take a multivitamin, but I see most WLS patients taking multiple vitamins and I guess I get anxious.
  5. Manuel Lopez Ganoza

    Gastric Sleeve to MGB in 18 days

    Dr, ponce de Leon was my surgeon. He really is one of the greatest!!!
  6. Manuel Lopez Ganoza

    Gastric Sleeve to MGB in 18 days

    You are a real source of knowledge Thank you so much!
  7. Manuel Lopez Ganoza

    Gastric Sleeve to MGB in 18 days

    Thank you very much for your reply, lots of good ideas and tips. How much fluid/food can a MGB patient hold? Wright now I'm on a clear liquid diet, and I'm trying lo learn on my own about my future diet. My surgeon was excellent, but his support staff (nutritionist, etc) are not.

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