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  1. Good morning everyone! I'm about a year and 5 months post op RNY and I just got a Fitbit and am looking for people to keep each other motivated. I'm leaving my email address if you would like to add me and others can add theirs if they would like some friendly motivation too! Here is my email: FTroublebubbles@gmail.com Looking forward to some good competition and fun!
  2. Hi Everyone! I scheduled my surgery yesterday for May 27th, Yay! But, my doctor told me he doesn't require a 2 week liquid diet...just a 3 day liquid diet. How many days do you have to do a liquid diet prior to surgery? I see so many saying they have to do the 2 weeks...I asked why only 3 days and he said he doesn't want to torture me before surgery but do just enough to clear my system. I'm wondering if 3 days will be enough? Thoughts?
  3. I'm so happy everyone is doing better! Whoo hoo may peeps! I'm doing better too! Finally busted that stall after 2 and a half weeks! My doc doesn't have protein requirements which I find odd so I was only getting 20-30grams a day. I tried upping my protein, water, and calories a day and it worked! Finally! Yes! Lost another 5 pounds in the last 5 days bringing the weight lost since surgery to 18 pounds! Yay!
  4. Lol, I also upped my calories, protein, and water intake and busted my stall too! Yay!
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    I've been at a stall since about a week after surgery and now it's been 12 days since the stall started and I still haven't lost anything. How long have your stalls lasted? I'm starting to lose hope here. Super depressed the scale won't move.
  6. I feel your pain! I haven't lost anything in 2 weeks. I lost 13 pounds in the first week post op. I am now 3 weeks, almost 4 weeks post op. The scale hates me. I don't get what I'm doing wrong either so if you get some info please fill me in cause I'm getting really depressed about all this.
  7. Not in my book it's not. Walking isn't enough.
  8. Doc said I couldn't exercise until 6 weeks post op so all I'm allowed to do right now is walk.
  9. Right there with you! I had RNY done one May 27th and lost 13 pounds the first week. But I've been stalled for 2 weeks straight now. I feel the same way. Why did I have this surgery done if I'm not going to lose anything?! I am a little over 3 weeks post op.
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    My Fitness Pal

    I had RNY on May 27th. I also have my fitness pal! Add me! Mwarner28
  11. My doc stopped my protein shakes at 2 weeks post op but he has no protein requirements either. No protein shakes is fine with me. I don't much care for them.
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    I actually have a lot of energy, I walk everyday, get all my fluids, but I'm lucky if I'm even able to get in 500 calories a day. I track EVERYRHING! It's just SUPER frustrating!
  13. Hooray !!!! So awesome. Whatever your doing just keep it up. ????Thank you ❤️ I hope you are doing better!!?Thanks Salonboi. I am doing better. It's gets easier. Still a work in progress but easier. ???? Ain't that the truth!!!! I'm noticing that I'm getting less and less head hunger pains, and am having to remember to eat phase. I'm still getting my 70+ grams of protein in and 64oz of water, but mainly from my protein shakes. I got sick off my beloved chicken, and am to scared to try again to soon. I'm doing apt of cheese and salads with veggies... I'm feeling like I'm fu*@@ing up my diet for some reason by being this way... Like I'm failing at getting proper nutrition. But things taste so different, and haven't gone back to normal yet, so I'm still limited on what I like. I know it'll change.... So no worries ???? I feel like I'm on the Atkins diet right now lol.Right there with ya salonboi! Still at a stall and I feeling I'm screwing everything up because the stupid scale isn't moving! Ah! Definitely feeling like I'm failing somehow. Day 12 of this stall... :-(
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    @@TLW I feel the same way. This stall is driving me NUTS! I also think my body just needs time to adjust but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.
  15. RNYGal


    @@TLW I have been in a stall since I hit 10 days post op. Today makes day ten of my stall... I'm hoping it ends sometime soon.
  16. It was around the 3 week mark and lasted 2 weeks for me. Each week for me after surgery was a new progression of diet. So soft food phase for me started stall. You just can't worry it's not gonna work, cause its gonna do what it is designed to do. We're hardly able to much, so our bodies are trying to pull a starvation mode thingy, and saying hey, we're not getting enough, let's hold onto everything. And if you are doing all of your water plus protein, you will start losing again. I bumped up my calories naturally, and that snapped my stall. But it was because I felt hungry, and wanted a bit more. Not a forced type situation.. It's scary knowing everyday, our honeymoon phase end is approaching, and yes it's still a ways off, but when you follow rule to the "T" we're like WTH.. Why am I not losing faster. But getting caught up in the numbers game is maddening. I knew the surgery wasn't gonna make it all come off in a month or two, but everyone said it just melts off. And for some that is true, and others it's not. And unfortunately that's just the way a person is built right!? But essentially, it goes back to not comparing yourself to any other persons journey with WLS. We all, as you know, are unique and have different health factors that determine our progress. I wish you continued success. ????????????❤️ Thanks Salonboi. I needed that. We all do expect the weight to just melt off. As frustrating as it is to not see the scale move, I know it will. Patience is not something I'm known for but I guess now is as good a time as any to really try and learn it.
  17. Hi Bobbi! My journey has been very similar to yours. I had surgery on May 27,2015 and I haven't had any issues. I feel wonderful. My first weigh in with my surgeon was 264, day of surgery I was 251 and I'm on post of day 17 and I'm at 238. My only complaint is I've been the same weight for over a week now so I'm just trying to be patient and remind myself that my body is still in shock and healing after surgery. Have you hit a stall yet?
  18. But so soon? At only 16 days post op, I didn't think there would be a stall until at least week 3? The scale stopped moving shortly after my first week post op....
  19. How long did everyone stall for the first time.... I'm 16 days post op and I haven't lost a thing in over a week... I'm getting really frustrated and a bit depressed... Ever since I started pureed foods the weight loss has stopped. Help?
  20. I called and spoke with my surgeon because I've been pretty short of breath while I was out the last few days. Apparently it's normal. I also asked about my weight. (Haven't lost anything in 3 days) and he said to NOT weigh myself at all... He said if I absolutely have to weigh myself to do so only once a week but he really discourages it. So i think I might have my husband hide my scale. It's driving me nuts not seeing the scale move.
  21. Out of curiosity, how much did you lose the first 3 weeks post op? And how often did you weigh yourself. I think I might be getting a little obsessed with the scales.
  22. Yes, yes it does! By far one of the hardest things I've had to do. But I need to keep in mind that when I came home I was 270 and now I'm 242 so I just need to keep focused. It's just hard when you have to cook for everyone else and watch them eat.
  23. So, I need to vent/complain for a minute. I am so ridiculously sick of liquids. I'm hungry, miserable, and it sucks that I have to cook for my family and I have to watch them eat. I'm a week and a day out. Sunday needs to hurry up so I can at least have yogurt and some mashed potatoes. Sry I just needed to B**&& for a min. Ugh.
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    Protein Bars

    Groupon is selling cases of quest bars of 12 for $25
  25. I use WaterYourBody... You can set how many Oz or ml or whatever you're measuring and it sends me reminders when I haven't been getting my fluids in.

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