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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to UIHCPNA in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    Hello! I will be getting VSG on 12/18/18 by Dr Maytorena in Mexico. Scared, excited but SO ready for this!
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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to kx2ax5 in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    While I appreciate support I’ve decided I am the ONLY person who will use this tool to succeed or to fail. I am the one who has gotten myself to this point (obesity and all the things that come with it), no one forced me to eat crappy or not exercise. So yes, if my family gives me good jobs along the way, ultimately I have to support me and be my biggest cheerleader and also my biggest critic.
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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to Jean9 in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    I have only told a handful of people. No one at work except the hr manager cause I had to see if this surgery was a clause in our insurance. I to feel kind of embarrassed about having the surgery. It's like I failed and its led me to have to have surgery. Idk I know I'm doing this for the right reasons so that's all that matters I guess.

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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to VSGDavid in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Day 6 of my 10 day pre-op diet. 4 more full days of liquid before I go NPO at midnight the night before surgery! Liquid has been a real challenge for me in the evenings. Coming home from work and smelling the dinner my wife has prepared is really hard. (I have 4 kids, there really isn't an option not to have smells in the house) Not much longer! This will be totally worth it.
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  6. Congrats!
    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to SwanWLS in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    December 13th! ☺️ I start the pre-op diet this Thursday
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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to batty_vsg in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Hm. I asked my surgeon about my anti-depressant and he asked about how big the tablet was. I gave him an estimate (it's a very tiny pill) and he said due to the size, it should be okay to take. I don't really have any other choice, it's definitely something that I have to take.
    In my opinion, they do not suggest pills during initial post-surgery because your stomach is healing and there is limited space. I've never heard of not taking birth control prior to the surgery. Is it possible for you to ask your Nurse if its okay since the pills are generally small?
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    Newyearnewme2019 got a reaction from Neenaof4 in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    YEs!!! I also have my surgery on December 12, 2018, with BariatricpalMX
  9. Congrats!
    Newyearnewme2019 got a reaction from Beta98 in Any December sleevers here??   
    I am also December 12, 2018, with Dr Illan. Nervous and excited at the same time.
  10. Congrats!
    Newyearnewme2019 got a reaction from Neenaof4 in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    YEs!!! I also have my surgery on December 12, 2018, with BariatricpalMX
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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to Losebig in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    I had my surgery exactly a year before you 12/12/17. Hopefully it's a lucky date. Almost a year out looking back it was an amazing life changing decision. I was just over 300 lbs to start and by June (6 months) had lost just under 100 lbs and was running miles at a time, biking etc. since then I've been trying to maintain around 200 and struggling a bit to not keep losing (a high class problem). Good luck, great things are to come and in a year you will feel totally different!
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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to Yenli in Any December sleevers here??   
    April, I just booked my gastric sleeve for December 19. I am going to Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas as I am self pay. It will be Happy Holidays with our new sleeves! We'll start the new year creating a new us!
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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to aseret in Any December sleevers here??   
    My Boy friend and I are doing a couples sleeve together on December 12th In Tiajauna Mexico we are also self pay. I honestly think I am dreading the pre op diet more than anything....but the thought of being slimmer and healthier this time next year I know will make it all worth it. Best wishes to you all.

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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to Annefree in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    December 11th 🎉
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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to Waithĩra Mwangi in Anyone scheduled for December yet?   
    12th December 2018 (12/12/18), a day that will change my life forever.

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    Newyearnewme2019 reacted to Alex Brecher in Premier Protein – Not Premier for Bariatric Patients!   
    The jury went to work on Premier Protein, and the verdict is in – almost literally. Premier Protein is in trouble for its misleading label claims on its Protein Shakes. Not only that, but the shakes may not be all they’re cracked up to be when it comes to helping you lose weight. Here is the story.

    Legal Trouble for Premier Protein

    Premier Protein sells all kinds of protein shakes. The ones whose labels state that they have 30 grams of protein per serving are the ones in the settlement. Analysis has found that they have 26 to 29 grams. The flavors that are in the settlement are vanilla, chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, banana & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Mixed berry, Organic Chocolate, Organic Vanilla, and Caramel.

    While the company is not admitting wrongdoing or ceasing the sale of these products, there is a class action settlement. You may be eligible for a cash payout if you purchased any of the misleading shakes in the past 7 years, since 2011. Pre-op or post-op, you need to know how much protein is in your shakes.

    Not Best for Bariatric Patients

    Every gram of protein counts, but the deception in amount of protein per serving is not the only problem. Even if you are willing to overlook the shortfall in the amount of protein, Premier Protein has a problem with type of protein.

    Read the ingredients carefully, and you will see that less than 1% of the product is “whey protein concentrate.” whey protein is the type of protein that you should be looking for because it absorbs more quickly than casein. Whey protein has been shown to increase weight loss and body fat loss in bariatric surgery patients.

    Another glance at the list of ingredients of Premier Protein shows that “milk protein concentrate” and “casein” are the major sources of protein. Casein is slow-acting. If you had a bariatric surgery type, such as gastric bypass, that interferes with absorption, you may not get all the benefits from casein.

    What’s Better?

    We know that you need a protein supplement, so what can you find that has the amount and type of protein you need and the great taste that will encourage you to take care of your needs? BariatricPal Protein One gets our vote.
    27 grams of whey protein. 28 Vitamins and minerals. Great-tasting French Vanilla, Cinnamon Swirl, and Double Chocolate Fudge. It has a few more advantages over Premier Protein.
    Over twice as much dietary Fiber for fullness and digestive health. Choose from convenient single-serving packets or multi-serving tubs. Comes in powder so you can add Water or your favorite beverage. Has an “unflavored” option so you can add it to anything, from Soup to smoothies.< /span> When it comes to bariatric products, quality counts. Any purchase you make should be from a trusted source because there are a lot of poor-quality or misleading products out there. The few grams of difference between Premier Protein’s claims and reality may not be a lot, but along with the poor choice of casein instead of whey as the main protein source, you might want to seek another source for your protein. Look for a trusted vendor and name brand as you make your choice. What you put in your body really does matter.

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